Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Words and Walks on Wednesday

Rocky with Amy!!!
Rocky with Bridget!!!!
I met her Friday night and again Saturday morning - it was her Jeep woo saw in the sunrise pikh I had on Sunday's blog - she has GSD's and one of those Belgian Tervurens - she had a Jindo at one time but she khrossed in the past year -
Those four pikhs were sent by the other nice lady Chris that played a furry important part in Rocky's rekhovery - we met her as well Friday night/Saturday morning - she had taken them with her cell and shared them with Rocky's Rescue list at 11:24pm Monday -

Here is a pikh Amy sent from her place around 12:28am Tuesday -
And another - along with one of Amy and Jay's khanines - they have three Sibes and a Mal - if I rekhall khorrekhtly - I had gotten to meet their Rocky in NJ but we didn't get the chance to take any pikhs of him

I am going to khopy out the note Amy sent us explaining how they did khapture our special pal -

Rocky was rescued tonight!!! He went from being alone, scared and hungry this morning to sleeping peacefully in our living room with a fully belly and clean coat.
We got a call at around 5PM that he was in someone's yard. He had run behind their shed. Ironically enough, Andrew and I had just left a flier in their mail box today. Chris was closest, so she arrived first, followed by myself and Bridget. Chris did an amazing job watching Rocky, talking to him and throwing food (which he wouldn't take). We sat there for 2 hours. Bridget and Chris switched places, and a few minutes later, Rocky began to creep towards me at the largest exit. He laid down, and Bridget told me to slowly approach him, so I crawled to him (through a lot of nasty stuff!) sooooo slowly. I was able to extend my arm just enough to touch his nose with one finger, and when I did, I knew we had him. I could feel the relief coming from his body. He let me touch him, and I held onto his collar and slipped a leash on. That was it--we had him!!! We were all crying like babies. We couldn't have done it without Chris' patience and Bridget's direction.

After a few minutes, Rocky ate and drank. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow. We didn't want to traumatize him any further tonight since he's in good shape, just hungry and tired. He is doing well with our pack and loving the attention. I can't believe that he is the same dog I saw a few nights ago. I truly believe that Rocky wanted to be rescued and wanted someone to reach out and touch him. Rocky wants a family to love him and give him the attention that he so deserves. I know he will find that, and until then, he will be with us...though we would love to keep him...but 4 dogs is too much already. :-(

And, finally, I want to thank you all for your prayers, support, tears and love. Rocky has no idea how lucky he is, but I know how lucky he and I both are to have all of you. We truly have an amazing rescue family, and I am humbled by the generosity and love I have felt from each of you.

With love,


******We would love to share these flowers with all those that helped get Rocky home!I khlosed my eyes to make a wish that he gets the home he deserves

Last week I indikhated there wouldn't be a Walkin' Wednesday fur various reasons - WELL, we decided to upload what we had shot - here is the link fur that one -

AND here is the Walkin' Wednesday we had khaptured fur this week's post -

The furst one was filmed when we didn't know Rocky was on the loose - and the sekhond was filmed when we didn't know he was already in protekhtive khustody!

BUT since woo've been deprived of seeing my phloofy self in akhtion - and listening to my mom babble as only she khan do - we decided to give woo a DoubleShotOKhyra - especially since next week is THAT day of the month already!

BTW, khan woo believe this? Here is part of a khomment left by a certain large - ummm - bummed khanine gal from the other part of Pawsylvania

Oh sweet Rocky...he must be so thirsty and tired...perhaps I should pop up there for some rehydration with him? Does he date?

Hey Mango: what do woo think about a battle of the muskhular and ample butts fur Rocky?



PeeEssWoo: If woo would like to see more/learn more about the pawesome work done by Rotts 'n Pups, please chekhk out their website ! ! ! - OR if woo think woo have the perfekht furever home fur Rocky, here is his Petfinder page!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday Triumphant Telling


I don't know the details as I update the post - Mom and I went for our after dinner sweat - I mean walk - when we got back around 7:50, Mom saw this message in her email which had arrived at 7:48:

Amy, Bridget, and Chris were able to catch rocky this afternoon!

More details to come, I just got a quick call myself. Please wait for Amy to contact you. They are still quite busy.

Thank you everyone for your efforts!

Mom started to shake and khry - she khwikhkly khopied out the news to FB and shared the email with special furiends who had been khwite supportive during the ordeal -

Once Mom has the story, she'll post it on Wednesday - we do know he appeared in good shape save fur possibly being dehydrated given what he's put himself through - BOL -

Ironikhally enough, we had rekhorded a Walkin' Wednesday video but now we khan't use THAT one either - but that's okay, we'll get one later today - that is, if my mom has khalmed down by then -

We are going to run the post we had staged prior to reading the pawesome news -

Maybe it was the threat of The Big Guns heading to New Jersey to kikhk his butt that did it:


Khalling in the big guns now!

Tula Monstah has her paws khrossed fur Rocky - she probably wants to kikhk his muskhular butt fur the grief he's khausing!Norwood is still dreaming of a Tula and Rocky Match
There were no Rocky sightings Sunday Night/Monday Morning but his search reskhue rekhovery team is still out in force

******Merdie's Bean and Their Trophy!

They stayed undefeated and won their tournament! This is an iPhone pikh from their pizza party celebration !


I'll be telling 'bout my name on July 4th - if woo haven't yet read about it, please visit Frankie's Post About It!

I finally braved the heat and humidity of Pawsylvania around 11:30am on Monday - I pawmitted Mom to plukhk a bit then bakhk insde I went

MUCH better - the Husky Khool Air Machine Khurrent passes right ovFUR me

Pffffft Mom!

I'm still rekhovering from my weekend!



PeeEssWoo: UPDATE 10:20pm Monday - I'm going to press NOW to spread this news!!!

Monday With Multiple M's

Khoming home from spending Saturday night with my SibeBlings - since Mom hit the road around 6 on Sunday and wasn't expekhting to be bakhk 'til after 3pm or so
I had fun but what a tiring weekend fur me with my trip to New Jersey too!
Maybe I'll tell woo my sekhret soon
Are woo ready fur your Merdie Moments?
"I'm so darn cute, my mom can't stop taking pics of me!"
Merdie decided to open her own khamp - this is Marley The Sheltie - his mom works fur Merdie's Mom and Dad - she went to the shore fur the weekend so Merdie is helping watch him - Auntie Shannon says Marley loves Merdie "but doesn't everyone?"

We replied YEP - just look at all the fans she has on HERE!

I'm going to turn this ovFUR to Mom - I will warn woo: be ready fur lots of pikhs - get khomfy and get a fresh bowl of water or some other beverage!

Thanks Khyra - yes, lots of pictures to share - and quite a few videos in the Photobucket album for Sunday's runs6:10am and ready to hit I83 for my first group of passengersMy first horse transport? I mean, the one on the right has to be a Siberian given the blue eyesOkay, I exaggerated a bit - the horses were parked in the lot of The Waffle House in Hagerstown where I met Tom for Anton and JettJett - she was to have come up a few weeks ago - she was my shotgun copilotShe was a great girl - if I stopped petting her, I got THE PAWYes - now she has a home - one more down - too many more to goPretty happy about it I would say!She checked on Anton from time to time tooWhen we got to Harrisburg, he was wagging away in his crate to come out - and after I dragged him out, he let me know what he thought of it allWhat a beauty!Plotting SOMETHING!He decided to always move JUST as I took his picHe was SO much like his mom Antoinette/Scout - such an infectious personality! You couldn't look at him without smiling!Practicing his model look!*She was tired from her photoshoot!It was pretty warm and humid despite being a bit after 9amSee what I mean???He was proud of himself!And she was happy she'd soon know happiness furever!

This first transport was the one I'd first committed to - it was for The Last Resort Rescue

But then Rotts 'N Pups needed me - their leg fit within the window for me to drive it - especially since it was in honour of Rocky so I said YESRocky had been HERE at The Earthlink/AMP Building just a week before and now - well, we all knowHis poster has been on my dash since I got the flier when we went to New Jersey for his stakeout - and I talked to it as we headed back to The Waffle House - Messy equine eaters - look what they left in the lotAfter I had breakfast at Exit 9, I got back on I81 for Exit 5A and the McDonalds where I first met Rocky last Sunday - here is the pic I still had on my Blackberry - with the flier taken at about the same spot - I also did a video of all the places he had been whilst in Hagerstown before heading to Harrisburg - it was all part of stirring up the energy for Nikki and Ralph to take with them - THAT VIDEO IS HERE - it is part of the Photobucket Album but I also copied the link to here

I was there about twenty minutes or so and my next precious cargo arrived!Nikki and RalphRalph is one of THESE FELLAS Nikki is one of these beauties! So lucky!Deja Vu !Ready to get them back on the road to Allentown from York - we met at Khyra's B&B again since their ride for Allentown live South of YorkMary had received a picture of Nikki so you can see how beautiful she is out of her crate! They were crated for the transport because they are still a bit shy and unsure of themselves - it was felt the transport from GA to NJ in two short days might be a bit too much for them - so for their safety, we were to keep them in their crate - they were absolutely no trouble at all - I talked to them on the way up - telling them how lucky they were - and how I hoped the energy we had brought from Rocky's Hagerstown stop would help him be snagged soon - plus, I called upon all the guardian angels across The Rainbow Bridge to have a talk with him

I combined Sunday's two runs into one Photobucket Album - since it was dedicated to Rocky - I also included all the special people trying to locate him - I also gave Wyatt a special shoutout since he had surprised us with a plastic card I could trade for 'shells' and Xterra juice

Here is the link to the slideshow; and here is the link to the album with the nine videos

Thanks again for all the kind words of support - they've helped all involved with snagging Rocky as well as all associated with rescues!

Khyra will be back tomorrow!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

P.S. We did hit the Mark All As Read Button - I returned to almost 200 items in the GR - I needed for us to start fresh - we'll get back on track soon!