Saturday, March 29, 2008

Four On The 15th Floor

This afternoon, one of the parents got off the khlutch whilst my mom was watching the live feed - video NOT food - and she saw there are now FOUR eggs under there! We've not been able to khatch a good shot of 'em from the still kham shots - so woo will have to take my woo fur it!
If you want to have some fun AND pass some time, check out the site
There is a link to the media player live feed - it is always fun to LISTEN as the shot shows one of them on the khlutch yet the other arrives and kharries on like KHRAZY!
On Thursday, this was added to the info part of the page:
There are now three eggs in the nest. The adults will begin brooding for increasingly longer periods of time as the clutch grows. When the clutch is complete, most likely at four to five eggs, brooding will be continuous. The male and female share brooding duties; the male will sit 30 to 40 percent of the entire time it takes to hatch the full clutch.
It truly is a shared parenting!
We'll keep trying to get a shot of the eggs BUT this will have to hold woo over!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Sniffing The AO4!!!
More Inspekhtion
Making sure NONE of the AO4 were hiding somewhere! I kept hoping she'd inkhlude at least ONE of 'em - I wanted to be able to wrap The Deeve up and send him to my bestest MalGalPal
The bag and a furry nice TankWoo Khard

A few weeks ago MaPaw Reskhue had an aukhion on Ebay. The Supreme Bi-ped Khommander of The AO6 khreated and khrafted a furry lovely bag!

Well, my mom fell in love with it AND decided she wanted to help the khanines AND add a furry unique bag to OUR khollekhtion. Well, I kikhked in some of my khybble $$$ and she gave up some of her AGJ $$$$. We ended up being the lukhky winners of a KZK ORIGINAL!

It arrived last Friday - I chekhked it out fur it inkhluded a bag of AO4 FLUFF&STUFF! I got to take in all their khalmness, redness, and frekhkleness!

My mom has yet to fill the Ram-a-Lamb - she wants to keep it nice for a bit longer! She was sooo furry tikhkled fur it inkhluded so many special touches! The Deeve did a darn good job with it - no wonder my bestest MalGalPal is so sweet on him!

We feel furry fortunate AND we are furry happy to have helped some furry deserving khanines!

Tank woo fur sharing the fur with ME!



PeeEss: I would have posted sooner BUT we are so EGGcited about the PF's - and so want to share them with all of woo!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trois Oeufs

The parents finally got off the khlutch for us to see how they are progressing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Update to Egg Update

Sometime after 6pm or so Monday evening

Egg Update

Mom snagged this shot from the FalkhonKham Monday afternoon. Here is an update about when Momma PF popped it out:
Just after 7 AM on Saturday, March 22nd, the first egg of the 2008 season was delivered before hundreds of onlookers via live stream Web video. Typically, the female lays an egg at one to two day intervals. To learn more about what can be expected in the days ahead, viewers can refer to falcon postings dating back to late 2001
Ekhko said Shyla wanted to know if it was girl PF since the egg was a pretty pink! Well, 50/50 chance! Ha roo rooo ROOOO!
PeeEss: Should be more eggs khoming this week! I've asked my mom to keep her eyes on the skhrape fur us!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Spotted Da Bunny!

Please exkhuse the khwuality of the pikh - I saw the khreature hiding amongst my toys SO I grabbed my mom's cell phone before it khould hop away!
The little twitchy nose khritter is wearing a kharrot - YUM!
Them's good eats!
Hoppy Easter To All My Pals!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Sign Of Spring!

LOOKIE what Mom just noticed!
Plus, the live feed started this past Thursday!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sibe-rella's Transition Khontinues!


On this furst weekend of spring, I wanted to take the opportunity to share our faFURite princess FLURRY!

It is almost diffikhult to believe she is the same forlorn khreature her mom fell in love with all those miles ago!





Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Adieu Sasha

A furiend left us on Tuesday - please see the wonderful tributes her mom and dad left for her on her blog

We know we only have our humans for a short time so we try to khram in all the funtimes we khan - it surely sounds like Sasha done us proud!

Run free my fur-iend - I'll khatch woo some day - North of The Rainbow Bridge!

Hugz&Khysses to those left to kharry on her legacy: Isis, Ray, Karen, and Erikh -

You deserve so much khredit for letting her go despite the pain you knew it would khause you -

Khyra & Phyll

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrikhk's Day

And a day when even Siberians are Irish!
Here is an Irish site for the A(dult)G(rape)J(uice) fans!
Kholleen Khyra O'Wise
PeeEss: Chekhk this out if YOU want an Irish Name - My mom made mine up but
and I became Sinead O'Doherty

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guests From Khanada

Last time, my furiends from Khanada sent me a really khool gift
of an Alberta Khlipper !
Wonderful Snow!!!
A month later, all they sent me were
these stupid feathered poopin' machines!
Mom was mean and wouldn't let me go out and play with them! I raced from window to window; door to door trying to figure out how I khould show them some good old Amerikhan-Siberian hospitality!
Foiled by the lack of opposable thumbs to work that knob thing!
Happy Almost Spring All!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Geography Lesson

Say HOWLo to my furiend TOGO!
He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chekhk out their temperatures!
Khan woo say HOLY HOT HUSKIES!?!
When I furst enkhountered Togo from his blog
and saw where he lived, I khlawed him a pee-mail and asked how the hekhk he did it. He was nice enough to khlaw me bakhk and said
"I'm a third generation warm-weather husky, so I'm more used to the weather than my grandparents were. It gets hot here so much so even my mommy melts, that's why she keeps me indoors all the time. I get garden time and walks early in the morning or after the sun has expired - you won't catch me in direct hot sunlight! Some local husky owners keep their precious in air-conditioned kennels. My hoomans are saving to build me one , in the meantime the cool marble floor is a great place to cool myself off. I get a lot of ice treats."
Please visit his blog and say hey, Khyra sent me!
He's khwuite the fella - chekhk out some of his sleeping poses! Ha roo roo ROO!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Rest My Khase

We all know what I say and how I feel about those EVIL khritters khats!
Well, I saw further proof today!
We are innocent - they are the khulprits!