Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sharing

I've been meaning to share this one
My Unkhle Steve and his furamily gave Mom and me this khutie
fur khristmas
Sorry this pikh is blurry but sometimes one khan't get good help!

I mean, we wanted to share THIS ONE yesterday on KhatSurday but SOMEMOM furgot!

Woo really need to add it to your GooglieReaderieThingie! It is khwite a hoot!
I strongly urge woo read The Kitty City Gazette!
I'm still ankle deep in khytty litter as I sort through all the entries fur MANGO MINSTER 2010!
I had more help from Butterskhotch and Brofur after my furst walk on Friday - please chekhk THIS OUT!!!
I would like to thank them fur their assistance in keeping me on my toes!

Don't furget to head ovFUR to MANGO MINSTER 2010 so woo khan vote fur your choices!

It will SOOOOO be the happenin' place to be this week!

I don't have to share the Xterra this weekend...Mom had a transport leg to do BUT the 'weather' khaused it to be postponed since the trek was from Oak Ridge TN to Hagerstown MD on Saturday with Mom due to hit the road furst thing Sunday AM to khontinue the journey to NJ. Mom will share a pikh tomorrow.

I hope all of woo that got some SNOW have enjoyed being One With The White!



PeeEssWoo: If woo hear skhreams khoming from Master Chew Sits this week, it is only Mango's DOH! Please stay khalm!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday KhatSurday

I took up residence on the other side of the tree
So I khould see things from a difFURent purrrrrspekhtive
All in my efFURts to get ready fur THE JUDGING
Prepping some more
Butterskhotch agreed to help me with my judging skills fur Mango Minster 2010
I bribed her with a new rug/mat
The storm we had Sunday night/Monday morning did a number on the newspaper khot she and Brofur shared
Mom took this one from the stash in the house that fall in the KHATegory of 'we aren't using them but we haven't diskharded them yet'
She khlaimed it pretty khwikhkly that day
She showed me some pawtential khytty trikhks
Showed her flexibility
And let my mom take several pikhs fur me to use so I know where to put my paws when I'm judging
All impurrrrtant nape of the nekhk
Then the khoy and smug look of akhkhomplishment

Mom has some other shots (along with these) from Butterskhotch and Brofur here on this Photobukhket Slideshow

I had several khount test ants submit examples of their talents

Example One is a video


Example Two is an art exhibit one has planned

I wanted to thank all that entered the furry special KhatDogGroup!

I've enjoyed getting to meet all of you! I've been snoofing around your blogs so I khould see if woo had what it took to represent the KD Group fur a possible Best In Show win at Mango Minster 2010!



Judge Khat Dog Group Mango Mintser 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

What's left of my snowmound!
Mom's furst installment of stikhk harvest

Some of these are LONG ones - she's letting them dry out so she khan divide them into small sekhtions
My eye and ear
And my eyes on Mom
I've been spending time khollekhting my thoughts fur judging my group fur Mango Minster 2010
My snooter is spinning in delight!
Here is one of the wonderful scenes we saw on Monday!
It is inkhluded - along with many others - in THIS WEEK'S PHOTOBUKHKET SKY PIKH SLIDESHOW

There are several more pikhs of the rainbow in the beginning of it. Mom suggests you watch it in order fur all the shots were from Monday's sky progression. Often times, she only had to reorient the flashie beatie 90degrees to khapture a khompletely difFURent look!

Shortly after Mom and I put this post together, we were chekhking out Googlie Readerie Thingie and saw some furry sad news.

Deetzy's Brofur Sharkie has left us - I know many of woo have already been there by 'now' but please stop by if woo haven't

The Doggy Nanny and Fred arrived in Florieduh around 330pm Thursday - something about 70 degrees and I would love it there ! I had Mom paw bakhk a text telling them how many good wishes they had gotten 'here'!



PeeEssWoo: Mom says right now, her #10 is any job - not just one that makes her happy

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thinking Thoughtful Thursday

I'm thinking
I should share some Doga
As The Doggy Nanny and Fred
Got ready to hit the The Road
A khyss fur lukhk
Safe Travels!
The Doggy Nanny and Fred hit the road at 8:06am Wednesday! They arrived in Florence South Kharolina around 5:30pm and are heading to Leesburg Florieduh ThursdayAM.
They'll spend a few days with furiends befur they head to the Anna Marie Island area fur the month of FebWOOary!
When March arrives, they'll return to Leesburg to spend some time with those furiends again and then start heading bakhk to me!
I wonder how much they'll miss me?
I know their wardrobe will remind them of my special khwalities!
I wonder why THAT is?
Our furry talented and purry furry furiends at Zoolatry pawed this along to me!
Mom and I would like to thank woo furry much!
Your talents nevFUR cease to amaze us!
Mom was furry surprised, happy, and honoured to receive this one
From The Pawesome Lab Lady
I will let Mom paw her part of this now:

1) Khyra
2) Family
3) Walking with Khyra
4) Blogging
5) The friends I've met because of Khyra!
6) Spending time with special friends
7) Good Wine -Beers - Vodkas
8) Good Music
9) Good Foods
10) A Job I Enjoy

I'm hope to cover #1 thru #9 today!

Sadly, #10 is not in the plan right now although it had been for many many years. I need to have that one back in my life soon.

All of you know our way of handling these awards/tags!

SO, you would like to snag it and cover it, please please do because YOU are part of my ten things!


Khyra and Phyll

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walkin' Wednesday 2010

With some watchin'
Mom took these last week
Two from inside the house
Two from outside
Just chillin' at my tree
Look what happened to my tree and my yard Monday morning
We had khwite the storm khome through ovFUR night
The day was a non-stop battle of weather systems. At one point, Mom khould tell the sun was trying to win and as she looked out ovFUR my hills she saw this khomplete rainbow!
She got a few shots of it that she'll inkhlude in my Sky Pikhs this Friday - which will be all pikhs from Monday. The rainbow's kholours were not very instense fur the sun was not furry strong but it was still enough to produce this!
Mom harvested several trash khans of stikhks - still more to go - she rekhlaimed some spouting that blew off but fur the most part we khame through okay. When we got out fur our walk late Monday afternoon, we saw some had lost a bit more than some limbs
This is on the next street
Khwite the mini-pond under the now exposed rootball. We also saw several houses that lost khwite a portion of their roof's shingles.

Due to the wind snapping some powerlines along Interstate 83, a portion of the road was khlosed fur about four hours so they khould get the live wires off the road. There was khwite a bit of flooding - with the potential fur more - along various sekhtions of The 'Susquehanna' River and its tributaries.

Here is a link to a slideshow posted by one of our lokhal television stations - viewers are able to submit their pikhtures - khwite a variety of nasty events - it makes us feel furry furtunate we did not experience anything more than we did!


It does inkhlude a special guest walker! We made sure to khapture this week's walk whilst Khousin Merdie was here!

Unkhle Paul appreciated all the greetings here (and on FB)!

I shared all of your theories about the trash redistribution incident with The Doggy Nanny. Since she and Fred are headed South today - returning in early/mid March - I've told her I'll protekht things from any nasty khritters that somehow manage to get in a sort through 'stuff'!

I'll see all of woo here tomorrow!



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Telling

Happy Birthday To Unkhle Paul aka Merdie's Dad!
(khaptured Monday PM at TGIF's with Jaden and Brandon)
The Birthday Boy with Auntie Di at The Philadelphia Zoo in 198something
******Earlier this month, The Doggy Nanny found this when she went upstairs
Of khourse, I was innocently minding my chair!
I wanted to share that with Busy Buttons in Illinois - she's had some fun of her own organising and sorting what she's been finding in the magikh wastebaskets!
Akhtually, this box was a khollekhtion of items The Doggy Nanny had removed from the bedrooms used whilst my Unkhle Steve and his family were here ovFUR the howlidays. She had used this box to gather them and left them at the top of the stairs. There were more items but fur the sake of the flashie beastie shot, Mom shot from this angle!
I really khan't pass up the opportunity to chekhk out stuff in trash thingies! I don't eat them - well I do munch on khandies I find - I just redistribute!

Mom and I are going to pawticipate in this again this year!

Chekhk out the khool pin woo get fur signing up and khompleting your minutes!

There is still plenty of time to sign up - it is fur a great khause too!



The last thing to tell about is how freakin' happy I am to get out of THE BEASTIE KHOSTUME I've been subjekhted to fur tooooooooo freakin' long!

I know many of woo had been khoncerned that I just didn't seem like myself!

I wasn't the sweet floofy tailed Khyra - I had turned into a pushy loud shreakie skhreamie beastie lakie THING!

Please furgive me fur anything rude and inappropriate I may have pawed or yapped/woo'ed fur the past several weeks!

Mom wanted to remind evFURRYone of Edda and Jen's Blogathon again!

I was going to share some more of my biskhuit hunting lokhations but this was already getting long - I'll share them later this week - maybe on Sunday! Since Merdie is gone, I've returned to keeping Mom on her hu-mom paws!

Please be sure to khome bakhk fur Walkin' Wednesday!



PeeEssWoo: Mom wanted me to also paw along that Brownie should be khoming North the furst weekend in February along with Sol -Spike's brofur!

Neither of them have furever homes yet but they hope to have foster homes until furever ones khan be found! Mom might even have another Sibe inkhluded among her passenger manifest!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday MOMday

But furst a few words from Merdie and me
Merdie Sunday AM
Me Sunday AM
SO? I like sitting out here
And Merdie likes being khomfy here!
I'll wait fur the golfers (a few twosomes and foursomes did khome past befur the mist then rain arrived)
Merdie and I will turn the khorner bakhk ovFUR to Mom now so she khan share some of those MOMday things!

Thanks Merdie and Khyra! I appreciate you permitting me to take The Xterra to Hagerstown for two very special boysFinbarBanditFinbarFinbarBanditBanditBanditTwo pawesome fellas!FinbarBandit

I'm including two pics of a passenger that DIDN'T get to make the tripBrownieHer adoption up 'here' fell through so she didn't get to come up. I wanted you to see what a gorgeous piece of CHOCOLAB she is!

Finbar and Bandit were transported North for Husky Savers in the Rochester NY area. That was the organisation that provided the safe haven for Lukina, Cedric, and Fagan a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I mentioned the stories for these two Sibe Boys. Well, Finbar's previous unhumans fractured one of his skull bones at one point. It was the kind of break that required natural healing and the vet that treated him said he's fine. I can so attest for that! He was a joy to be around! He had a real zest for life and was always smiling. He napped most of his leg with me (as you'll see by his pictures) but Mary his first driver from yesterday said he was very very interested in watching everything they passed.

It was great he was such a sweetie because his travelling companion Bandit was an owner surrender who was quite unsure of what was happening. Everyone that had him on Day 1 all felt so badly for him. He looked so scared and it just broke their hearts to see him like that.

The Boys were lucky enough to get to do their overnight in the Roanoke VA - so they got to spend time at Casa De Dalmatian - their overnight hostess commented how sweet they both were and that Bandit seemed to be drawn to a ten year old in her house. It seemed to calm him and help begin to bring him around.

Anytime I read the descriptions of Bandit I was reminded of my most special passenger EVER: LASKA! He started his trek like a shell shocked soldier and by the time he got to PA, he seemed to find himself AND his pride again!

Bandit will too once he knows he's safe and can understand what is going on. He was a very gentle and kissy soul. He'll thrive when stability is reintroduced to his life.

Bandit had come with a crate but for my leg - and some of the previous legs - I let the two of them find their comfy spots in The Xterra. As you'll see by the Photobucket pics, that was pretty much stretched out next to each other.

I so wish these three pups the best of furever lives!

They deserve better and I was glad to be able to help.

Here is their Photobucket Slideshow AND here is their Photobucket Album that includes FIVE videos. You'll see by the name of the album and hear it in one of the videos that we did this leg for Ziggy Marley!

Thanks for keeping us safe on Sunday so I could help get these boys to their homes in New York too!

Here is a portion of an email the transport coordinator sent us late Sunday evening

I just talked with John and Kim. Finbar and Bandit have arrived with John safe and sound!! I know they slept a lot on the rides today, and I think they're a little wound up now, having gotten to their destination where some other gorgeous huskies are!

Many thanks to all of you for being part of this rescue effort. Two more beautiful huskies are going to find wonderful, forever loving homes through Kim's Husky Saver's rescue.

Thank you for the driving, the pictures, the videos, the time, gas, and above all, your love for the animals in need.


One last Monday MOMday thing to share. One of Khyra's KHAT friends Edda Puss and her mom will be blogging for Haiti this coming weekend. Please check out

Jen's Blog

for details - including why she is doing and what she plans to do during the event!

The 'normal khanine' will be back here tomorrow!

Once again, thanks for supporting our efforts. We can all make a difference if we try!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

P.S. Merdie's people came for her Sunday evening but we'll try to get her back again SOON!