Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breaking News!!!

Harrisburg...we have a pipping!
Empty Shell to her right, fluff underneath!
She's looking too!
NOW the fun will begin!

So, tune in your Media Player to THIS CHANNEL on your internet dial!
OR woo khan khlikhk H E R E to go direkhtly to the media player feed!

PeeEssWoo: I have baby iggle pikhs fur tomorrow!

Thankful AND Thoughtful Thursday!

Sniff Sniff! I smell THURSDAY!
Time to thank evfurryone fur their thoughtfulness over the past week!

I've got LOTS to share!

WOW! I'm like soooo blown away - but not like the little Takho Bell dog kharried away in the tornado.

Here no real order...I'm going thru them as I pulled off the graphikhs!I got the above award from

This one was/is from Huffle "I wannabe a Husky but I don't taste like chikhken" Mawson
This sweet and pretty one khame from
McCain ;
The Basset Babes Martha and Bailey or is that Bailey and Martha;
Another from Pedro's FURRY handsome brother Ziggy Marley ;
This one is from my RoadEyeland Pals Star and Jack-A-Roo ;

The final one fur this week khomes from a wee pup of a dog that lives in Master Chew Sits. His little dainty paws akhtually gave it to me AND my mom!

Tank Woo Evfurryone!

Please help yourself to any woo haven't yet received as my thanks fur khoming by my khorner again!

ALSO, if woo see some names that woo don't rekhognize, please go woo/purr/snort at them!
Of khourse, all these awards have left me: Khomfy as I dikhtated the post to my mom!
I was lukhky enough to have been selekhted one of the winners from Life With Dogs March drawing!

I got to choose any khollar from DogWalkers!!!

We chose this one bekhause it is both the kholours that are favourites of mine: purply and orangie!
Of khourse, I made it khwite the challenge to Mom as we walked AND she tried to snag a pikh...heehee!

Tank woo to 'both' of woo fur the khool prize! I really love it and it will bekhome my special TRAVEL khollar!


On my blog yesterday, I had a pikh of me being one with O like Zim! Well Zim warned me the Oswald would begin to take khontrol and such. I wrote and told Zim it was already underway...

See what happened the next time we were on that street? Oswald had already moved AKHROSS the street and was showing the property to a pawtential tenant!

Well, tomorrow will be FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!

Mom has been saving some trees shots to khlose out the week and kikhk off MAY!



PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing your various rise times and why woo do! Mom khould get up later and go to work later but the day just feels better to start then. Traffikh is lots lots LOTS less stressful. It is just a khomfy time fur her to get up. The first few minutes khan be a challenge BUT by the time her feety feet have hit the bathroom, she's basikhally passes fur what is awake!Mom khaught Mom and Dad chattin' about something!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009

Walkin' Wednesday Time!!!
But furst....
Some pikhs from my Tuesday AM...
Mom - I'm not awake yet...
I'm humouring her...she'll be leaving in about a half hour then I khan go bakhk to bed!!!
Looking west to Stormy fur help!
Some bunny is westing...
I was being one with O - like Zim!

Here is the K H L I K H K here spot fur THIS WEEK'S walk!

I had Mom hit the PF site on Tuesday...THIS one wants to know what we are looking at too!
I think the big event is getting khlose! Mom saw the parent hovering about the eggs a good bit of the the afternoon...I'm betting she khan feel 'em kikhking under her!

And if woo want to see fur yourself, please khlikhk H E R E - you'll see the still khamera AND there is a link fur the media player to see the live khamera stream! I would expekht we'll see some white fluffs by this weekend!!!

Please keep in mind we are on eastern daylight time here...with sunrise coming around 6 or so...and sunset coming 8'ish!

Mom has taken more of those tree pikhtures - she'll post some more on Friday!



PeeEssWoo: It is supposed to be khooler today! Thank Dog and Toasted Cheeses!

PeePeeEssWoo: My mom gets up at 5am evfurry Monday thru Friday...we khome downstairs about 5:30 so she khan let me out whilst she has khoffee and starts doing my blog bidding! When she leaves fur work, I'll khurl in my chair until The Doggy Nanny khomes down...then I head bakhk up to bed! THAT is why I'm up and out THAT early!A later evening shot...there was SOOO much akhtion...she kept looking and khokhking her head at them!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Telling

Tuesday, eh?
Some Sunday night sky
More Sunday night sky...
Some Monday am sky...
Me sitting out watching BM khavort around the golf khourse before 6am when it was 65 freakin' degrees!!!
Monday AM shots...MY cherry tree by MY basketball pole sitting area has exploded into blooms the past few days...the flashie beast's flashie bounced off the trunk!
All the kholours are sooo beaWOOtiful!
I think the eagle wants to know what we be lookin' at Willis?
Mom says YES, all those pups are furry khute...and YES, she would love to keep all of them BUT then the furamilies waiting on them would be sad! So, she'll just keep driving! Of khourse, that is if I let her khontinue to use MY Xterra!
Happy Tuesday Evfurryone! Khome on bakhk tomorrow for Walkin' Wednesday!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday Momday Published On A Sunday Evening

Time fur some more trees!
Redbud! Mom really wishes she khould have snapped all the lovely redbuds she saw near Gettysburg on her way to meet her passengers BUT she didn't want to waste time getting to them!
Some pieces of my weekend...
More pieces of ME!
NOW for the sweetest passengers Mom had on Sunday!
The pikhs above were ones shared by various members of the transport team OR the reskhue sending them north!
She has three other videos on youtube bekhause they were too big fur photobukhket:
3) Video T H R E E (this one is hilarious! Violet met a feather and told it all about her trip north!)
Here is a note Mom just received as she was working on the post fur me:
I am happy to report that Brandy and Whiskey have both gone to Brandy's new home. Whiskey met his new family today (Thanks SO much for finding him a home Bonnie!) en route and will be "going home" mid-May. Until then, he will stay with Brandy's family. Both families are just lovely with children for the pups to love and play with. Violet was also adopted today to a wonderful NJ home--her new mommy, Sarah, couldn't be more pleased with her arrival!

I was sooooo proud of her again fur taking time out of our Sunday so she khould provide more deserving hooooomans with khanines to love them!
In fakht, I'm asking her to post this NOW and NOT wait until my 'midnight' After all the sadness this weekend, I think we all need to see some pup pup puppy JOIE DE VIVRE!!!


...and she's doing it again!

Taking MY Xterra so she khan chauffeur three furry special AND khute pups!

Just WAIT until woo see these three!


Of khourse, our hearts are heavy bekhause Charlie has khrossed The Lake.

Please khlikhk on this graphikh on my sidebar soooo woo khan see the unbelievably poignant piece her mum wrote fur her. I'm just sad that we didn't meet 'here' sooner. I only met her the other day when handsome Ludo asked we visit her blog.
Then late Saturday evening, we saw the sad news we knew was khoming but hoped would not...

Honey left us as well Please stop by to woo/purr some khomforting words and see the touching post her pawrents wrote fur her.

I hope the two of them are having a blast now!

Here is one piece that always stikhks in my mom's heart and head about 'us'

****** So, what do woo think of The Khytty Jungle Jym from the other week?
I did have a talk with Butterkhotch on Friday night. Please khlikhk H E R E
to see and hear it!
Fri am early sky Pretty, eh? THIS was my mind meld to get her off the chair Saturday afternoon and take me fur my walk...even though it was 80some freakin' degrees it was still do-able!
Tank woo fur visiting 'little' Biloxi!

Here is a pikh from his blog when his maw diskhovered he had made it onto the bed by himself fur the furst time!

He's sooooo khute yet handsome!

Have a nice Sunday evfurryone!

Please hug your person!
They need us to do that AND we SO need them to do it bakhk!
It has been a furry emotional day in OUR world again...