Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walkin' Wednesday 2012

 Off fur a Sunday trikhk or treat walk?

 I'm watching fur those khytty goblins!

These pikhtures were all taken Sunday afternoon - as was THIS WEEK'S WALKIN' WEDNESDAY video - Mom and I put Tuesday and Wednesday's post in place Monday morning since we didn't know if the skhwirrels would be able to keep the power wheel spinning during Sandy

Happy HOWLoween EvFURRYone!

Trikhks and Treats,
PeeEssWoo: I'll share some of our Sandy pikhs - and a video - on Thursday

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Telling

 It is a special day
 My BIG GUY turns SIX!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Summiiiiii 

His mummi hasn't updated his blog in like 87 years but here it is
 Whilst Mom unloaded The Zen-terra on Sunday, she let me watch her and fur Sandy

 I wonder if Sandy has a brown eye?


But on a day I should be feeling happiiiiii, I was sad to learn that my OTHER handsome Malamute Pal Suka left us - his K pawed us late Monday morning to say he had passed away early Monday morning - we were so hoping St Jude - The Patron Saint of Lost Khauses - khould help him - but he was needed North of The Rainbow Bridge - I'm hoping he'll help HOWL-away Sandy!

Mom realizes I must have known as I wanted to spend khwite a bit of time out in the yard last night and early this morning - I was snoofing fur Suka's spirit - now he's free of the tether - and the bum heart - and he won't need to endure those 100+ Kansas temps again!

Run Free My Handsome 'Murray' - see woo one day!
Now fur pikhs of the happy khanine furamilies
 Jay in Allentown - at The Wawa - with his mom

 And dad
 At home - where he is now BOSTON - or BAWWWSton per Dexter's DOH
 Michael with his dad and mom
 Just up from his nap - he is now Eli
 Duke and his family
Jinx - now known as Clover - and her mom!

I think it looks to have been khwite a SIXcessful transport!!!!!!

As I paw this together - just after 8am on Monday - it is rainy and breezy and getting breezier by the minute  - I've been doing my best Princess Rainkhloud Siberian Sponge work - when Mom lets me out, I work on soaking up Sandy's stuff!

Stay Safe!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday MOMday

Auntie Di's Angel Sierra 
 Auntie Di wanted to thank everyone for the wishes

Angel Sophie - Khyra shared Reufus's post about her on Sunday

 This ChiaPom got to stay with the foster family
 They adopted her right away - here she is missing her siblings
 I was bummed when I started out just after 10am as it was raining already

 These are only three of the three ZILLION support vehicles headed North on I81 - I also saw flatbeds with generators and other stuffs - 
 Jay waited in The Zen-terra whilst we gathered up their luggage and supplies
 I used the football to distract his shark teeth!
 PAWSylvania did welcome them with a break in the rain!
 Even The Keebler Elves were relocating!
 Nice color!
 Yep, he was THAT khute!

 On my way to Hagerstown I had noticed this field so I made sure to be ready on the way to Harrisburg
 So cool!

 The sky as we exited I81
 The look whilst at the light - yep, THAT KHUTE!
 Michael - now Eli - and Jay 
Michael had gotten to be shotgun with Betsy from Harrisonburg VA to Hagerstown - 
 Bentley's FROOOOTBATS with Duke - these two will get to remain friends as their moms are friends!
 Harrisburg - couldn't decide - so I've used all three

Khyra snoooooofing their messages!!!!!!

What a great day albeit with the unknown of what Sandy will be 'treating' us to in the coming days - 

Here is the link to the PHOTOBUCKET - lots of pics although most are of Shotgun Jay - and seven videos so you can see all the cuteness!

Another weekend that shows how RESCUES ROCK - and as you'll see in the videos, Jay even found a rescue ROCK - I thought about letting him take it with him BUT thought it would be cooler to keep it near the tree they all visit week after week!

If you are in the path of Sandy's visit to East Coast, we hope you stay safe and will come through without any adverse complications 

I've got pictures of the happy families to share - hopefully HERE tomorrow - if Sandy teams up with the cable and electric companies, we may not be able to post as usual - but we'll get something up via the khrakhkberry!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner
P.S. Just as I finished this post, I saw Jay will now be called - ready Norwood, Tula, and Dexter??? BOSTON!