Friday, December 31, 2010

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

Fur my pal in Master Chew Sits - these two hopped into Mom's khart at the store - they wanted to be part of a photo opp - then they went along their merry way
Glaring fur I had just seen Stumpy's Video from her Thursday post
but then again, maybe I really don't want any snow - so DO NOT SEND ANY TO PA - no matter what - NO SNOW - I'll try the reverse psykhhology approach!

A magikhal box arrived on Monday from Summiiii and his mummi!!!
There was a pakhkage of Busy Bones fur me - and assorted khookies fur the humans - here is me enjoying the last bite of one khookie Summiiii's Mummi had made
Here is me modelling the special gift fur Mom
I kept hoping he was in there but alas, it would take a much much much bigger box fur Summiiii
The hoodie was FURRY lukhky bekhause Mom wore it on Tuesday and that night, the Hawk Birdies beat the Khytties from Misery - khwite the interesting game!

On the day after our 'big snow' - NOT - we did have lots and lots of winds -
Woody was holding on fur dear life!
This was the side of the tree protekhted from the gusts
Woo khan kind of see how flooooofed the wings are
Mom snagged this from the PF kham on Wednesday - one likes to sit on the light fixture against the side of the building
This is still a favourite spot as well - it looks promising that there will be eggs in the Spring -
Some last neighbourhood pikhs to khlose out the year
I think one of Frankie's pals wanted to wish evFURRYone a HAPPY and SAFE NEW YEAR!!!

I wanted to share the furry nice words Echo's Mom left on the post I did fur him -

Dear Sweet Khyra -
Thank you so much for honoring our Echo. The pain is still very raw and I honestly wonder how I'll ever get through this. I've often wondered whether it's worse to watch a beloved pet drift away slowly, knowing the end was near - or whether it was worse just losing them one day with no warning. I've experienced both within a period of just a few months and still can't answer it. My pain is indescribable. The timing is uncanny. In my heart I believe he missed his Meeka so much that he couldn't bear to be without him. Meeka was Echo's mentor ever since day one when Echo bounced into our home at just a few weeks of age. As the recent picture showed, there was no doubt he missed his friend. Echo collapsed in front of our eyes in our living room after running joyously up the stairs with a bone in his mouth to greet my son. That was it. He was gone that fast. Scott didn't make it home in time to say goodbye. It is possible for a heart to break....ours are now. I've spent the morning crying, wandering aimlessly through the rooms collecting what's left of my baby. I'm taking it one hour at a time. A priority for us is to help Shyla through this. Echo was her rock and helped her through some severe anxiety issues. We are concerned as we see her looking for him. We showed her his body yesterday but I don't think she understood. Her well being is our first priority and ultimately will pull us all through this tragedy. We appreciate everyone's words and thoughts.



PeeEssWoo: Please head ovFUR to HERE as another of our furiends is Barking It Furward!!! Please spread the word!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Thanks

Another day
Another snowless day
Now to share the pawesome stuffs from Cleo, Winston, and Amiee
The paper was so khute - or so says Mom
Snoofing it out
PAWESOME!!! A BUNNY fur me!!!
Woo khan see how furry excited I was by the lakhk of khamera fokhus - as I fokhused on the new furiend!
Inspekhting evFURRYthing!
Thanks again fur such khool pressies - the bunny is like my favourite Wubba - Mom is already hoping to khapture me running through the house with it !
I'm not sure when Merdie and Harley will get here fur their bags but when they do, they know to take some flashie beast pikhs of their special things!
Woo khan see what a pawesome job they did with pakhking evFURRYthing!
LOOKIE! Something fur both species!
Sweets fur the humans and some pawesome khoffee - in fakht, when Mom and I did our Trek to The Tundra, one of Mom's tote bags - the one with khlogs and other stuffs - was from First Colony Coffees -
Oh were these a hit!!!
See, I'm already ready fur it!
This was after khatching the third one - the sekhond one's shot was mistimed by the flashie beastie operator - she did a wee bit better with this one!
The bakhkside of the ornament - American Eskimo Dog Rescue!
Of khourse THEY ROKHK!

Once again, thanks to all!!!


Khyra The Snowless Siberian

PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur the khongrats and khonKHats fur Post 1100 - good thing The Blogger Dashboard khan khount! I would also like to thank evFURRYone fur the kind words for Echo and his family. Our hearts, heads, and paws weren't up to leaving too many khomments during our visits - please akhcept our apologies

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Special Edition

In Memory Of Echo
He khrossed very suddenly this (Wednesday) afternoon - his mom and dad suspect aneurysm or heart attack - his family was with him when it happened and they tried CPR but he was gone -
His mom had shared this pikh of him a few weeks ago - she felt he was looking fur his buddy Meeka who khrossed in July - well, now they are together again - just like C$ and Miss Opy
Our sekhond walk of the day was filled with Mom babbling and murmuring and sniffing bakhk tears
We thought of Echo
And his family
I asked the geese to kharry a message as far as they khould
Safe travels Echo - Mom has a khandle lit and I had peas in your memory as my after dinner treat

Please keep Echo's family in your thoughts - the shock is - well, just as one would expekht - just numbing - just plain numbing


Khyra and Her Mom

Wednesday Wonders

Wondering more
Even sulking a wee bit
Why the Great Force Field
Kept the snow away from me???
Here is what was khontained in the pawesome box from Cleo, Winston, Amiee, and their HounddogMom
They had gotten us from Sally's furry khool HOWLiday exchange! - that was the one we had gotten Corbin
Isn't that soooo khool?
Fur Harley
A shot of evFURRYthing!
Even Mom got something that her snooter said is pawesome - we are going to make this our SPECIAL khandle fur the khoming year - and we hope we won't need to use it too furry often - or too frekhwently -
I'll share what was in my bag tomorrow - along with a special box from New MexiKHo!
I've already pawed Merdie and Harley about their pressies - and they are trying to make a break fur 'em!

I hope all of woo have a wonder filled Wednesday of your own!



PeeEssWoo: BTW, this is post #1100! ! !