Monday, October 31, 2022

Monday MOMSday

Lord PF playing Pee-a-BOO!

Even he didn;t want to stand in all the 'debris' as he prepped his breakfast -
Lady PF took her spot in the afternoon -
Yep - temperature roller coaster continues -
It was back to Moonlight Cafe for Auntie Di's Birthday celebration - I had asked where she wanted to go - and she chose it - and I invited The Nice Nancy Lady to join us -
Nancy had enjoyed the Veggie Pomodoro so much on my celebration, she chose it again -
Di went with the Shrimp Champagne - which I HAD ALMOST selected - 
but decided to go with the BUTTERNUT SQUASH ravioli special -
And dessert of Tiramisu - with three spoons!

Khousin E

Willow and I had sent this one -

And I got 'the look' upon returning to The Khottage -

As always, it was all so tasty - I have a good portion left to enjoy later today as it is too late to eat it after getting this post in place - AND it was nice to spend time with Nancy and The Birthday Di!

Willow says  it will be okay with her it I use some of Tuesday post for things I want to share - as long as she is 'compensated ' - which we KNOW she will be -

Happy Last Day Of WOOtober EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

SUNday Sharing

A frosty start -
It was a beautiful SUNny Saturday - ablaze with Autumn's best kholors -

Lord PF stopped by his point in the late afternoon early evening -
My morning screenshot disappeared - it was 35 when we got up - 8am'ish - and just look at those rollercoaster temps -
Yes, Willow was excited when we headed for her 'venture -
That backend is WIGGLIN' away =

Off for our last visit with BobTheKhat for 2022 -
Yes - Arianna strong - 

From the parking lot - made me think of NAL -

The KhrossTrek was watching to make sure their payment was coming -
Pumpkin French Toast with cinnamon sugar BUTTER!
DogTax payment -
When we first arrived, this collection bag was overflowing for her - it was emptied during our stay - there was such a sense of sadness - AND SUPPORT - in the restaurant - one little girl came in with a construction paper picture she had done for her -
I told The Nice Nancy Lady about the incident - and showed her Arianna's picture - and she let me know Saturday night her pastor had put Arianna on their prayer list-
Here to pay up?!?
Dog Tax Time!

Yes - Arianna strong!!!
As Willow thought of her pal - we did ask about her - and Shane our other usual server said it will be a long road back for her - 

We came back to The Khottage - and 'might have' done some napping - until it was time for me to prep for the afternoon's BIRTHDAY DATE with Auntie Di - and The Nice Nancy Lady - pictures of THAT tomorrow -

Of course, the day had a certain OMD THE PHILLIES WON pheel to it -
and as I put this post in place we are getting our baseball mojo together -

AND YES, back to The GKP Khouch Khampus today - Willow's been 'working' on that!

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Saturday Sharing

Lord PF starting his FrEYEday - on point - at The PF Palace -

Lady PF in 'her' spot -
And in a bit, her OTHER spot -

Nice weather for late October -
'venture time - but a solo MomVenture - to Monro for some new oil for The KhrossTrek - then to Kohls - to use some Kohls khash - then to . . .

My 'winnings' - I got one hard and one soft TACO!
I termed it my 'winnings' for The Owner had posted this pic - and invited captions - and the best one would win - well, she let her daughter pick the winner - which was my 'That Taco Bell Dog ain't got nothing on me! -
I had had also gotten a taco salad to go - and this was my food monitor - and yes, she did get some taco chips -
I had gotten some khorn and black beans as well - and had a few forkfuls whilst heating up my taco meat for the salad -  I had invited Auntie Di to come along as she's still trying to find some tasty Mexican foodables - I'll be back and take her next time -
Yes Willow - YOU will have YOUR 'venture today - it's BobTheKhat's last day - and it will be a very emotional visit - we'll explain here tomorrow - and hope to get a positive update on a very sad event that happened earlier this week - 
Our breakfast with BobTheKhat waitress from this summer - and now she's fighting for her life at Hershey Medical Center after being hit getting to her schoolbus - Arianna always asked about Willow - and even would come out to The KhrossTrek to see her - she had a GSD of her own - 

As we always say, one just never knows - so one has to make sure to tell all how much you care -

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!