Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday Telling

 It wasn't raining to start the morning -

 but by a bit after 8am, the showers khame - once upon a time, their parents would wingbrella them!

 Having fun standing on the perchstikhks!
 Whilst The PFs played in the mukhk!

 This is how we worked Mom when she got home from driving Miss Tressa on SUNday -

 Of khourse, she khouldn't deny us - 
 SUNday night 'wine'ding down - 

And despite Monday's on off on off showers, we managed to stare her down fur a walk - WIN!

It was a low key day with a visit and a nap and the already mentioned walk - we got the last of the pumpkin frozen waffles as we had no bread fur toast - then more naps fur us - Mom met Fred fur dinner - 

Life Is Good!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday MOMandMEandHERandHERday

 Not a lot of bird watching on SUNday since Mom left us a bit after 7 to go drive Miss Tressa but...


 A few from Saturday night - oh the fun!

 Off she went - 

 Miss Tressa -

 Harrisburg - pass one -

 We khan see she knows how to use THOSE EYES!
 Sam Adams - time fur the last mile or so!
 Enjoying one last gaze before hitting the road fur NJ - then NY - then CT - then MA - then NH!
 Harrisburg - pass two - Mom did think about getting off to go watch The PF's fur a bit but.....
The Transport's Angels - Puddin and Andy - they got their wings last week - 'they had a khongential degenerative neuropathy - they were dekhlining and had some furry bad skhary moments' -

The Nice Bed&Biskhuit Folks let them go together - Mom says she'll share what was posted with their pikhture fur she khan't try to find the words:

We never know how the next moment is going to change us. What plan God has for us. What adventure or trial will be placed in our paths. With my whole heart, I believe things are placed in our lives to learn and grow, to help us become better humans by making the right choice and by showing compassion and caring. 
 God sent us the twins, and Gertie too... And we are forever changed. We are better as individuals and as husband and wife. They taught us how to smile and find joy in life no matter how many times you get knocked over or fall down on your own.
Our love for Puddin and Andy, is unique to them and personally fulfilling. We are forever blessed. Yesterday was their very special Gotcha Day...they can now run free, no more burden. Adopted by God, who has to be smiling at our special joyful bundles.
We love you Puddin and Andy. Always and forever.

Mom also had TADN to help as well - so it was an extra special day -AND we got pretzel from Wawa! 

Mom did get a short video of Miss Tressa at The Wawa - normally she has more time there but her next driver was there and due to the amount of miles she had to do on SUNday, Mom didn't want to delay her getting bakhk on the road !

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: Please pardon any odd fonts and such fur Mom did khopy and pasting!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

SUNday Sharing

 Most of a family gathering Saturday evening - I'm guessing Lord PF was out getting some popkhorn -

 After Tuesday's ball game, Mom went with Unkhle Paul and their dad to District Thai fur dinner - those are PUMPKIN EMPANADAS -those were shared
Mom got TomKahKai - she's still smiling about it
 Drunken Noodle with SHRIMPS!
 Unkhle Paul got Pineapple rice with KHAT!
 Their dad got KHRISPY DUKHK ka pow -
 Aunti Di insisted on a pikhture -

Mom said it was SOOOOO good - she's going to go bakhk SOON!
 Speaking of Auntie Di...she's gifted us with this trio - furst she sent us the FLUTTERBY - then we got the GEKHKOS!
 I'll be doing this today - 

Holly is probably going to do this -

Mom had a much better day on Saturday - AND we got a walk after dinner!

Mom hit the road furst thing today - she's doing a the Etters to Wawa leg fur a young Brittany named TRESSA -  she hadn't done a transport in like 87 years - she hopes she rekhalls the way :-)

She promised us some soft pretzel from Wawa!

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!