Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Telling

Of wings and tears

 Now time to tell about more wings
 I'll let Mom take the keyboard - so she khan tell all of woo about more wings and tears
 Khousin Ab got her wings Monday morning - she's been having more bad than good days - and on Saturday Diane made an appointment for the vet to check her out - and see if there was anything going on or anything of help for her - well, Diane sent me a text saying she had lost 20# since her last check up - and then called to say things weren't looking good - the vet feared there was a tumor on her spleen which would eventually rupture - and we all know THAT is not a good way to go - so with many tears, hugz, and khysses, Abby got her wings - 
 Here are assorted shots I had on the ThinkPad
 Diane even donated the Help Em Up harness to the vets' office - they were thrilled to have it - 

 I'm sure Angel Sierra was THRILLED to have her sister back - Sierra got her wings way too early - Diane had to let her go after Sierra battled an autoimmune disorder 

 From the time Ab had some tumors removed - good margins and all - so she did get to go on and live a great life -

A rainbow from one of Khousin Ab's weekends up in Prescott - I would expect some of her ashes will go under the tree where some of Angel Sierra's reside -

Diane and her friend R found the dog we knew as Abby whilst they were hiking - they placed ads and such trying to find her humans - someone just HAD to be looking for her but now we can only guess she was dumped by some unhuman - their loss and Diane's gain -

She had a good life - getting to be a mid-teenager is something not many canines get to achieve - 


And yes, we are once again reminded

It's not forever...it's just...for now

Wear your wing with brown eyed girl pride - find Angels Sierra, Lexie, and MERDIE!!! and be healthy again!

Hugz&Khysses to Diane and Jim

Thanks for giving her the gift we owe them when the time comes -

Although Abby was not spelled like Abbey Road, I did check out the tracks from that release and found one which might just become her song - it has always been a running joke that Phoenix is The Great Blast Furnace - so why not this tune!?! - and this one has some INKHREDIBLE images 

Please go hug your pup and YES, even your KHAT

Khyra and Phyll

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday MOMandMEday

 Woo guessed it - we got snow!!!

 Akhtually, we had snow - sneet - snow - freezing rain - snow - rain - evfurrything but lokhusts as Mom likes to say
We nevfur did khatch The PF's during our chekhking on 'em times -
 Now fur one of those KhrakhkBerry only posts

 Mom FINALLY snagged me doing something that makes her snikhker -
 rubbin' 'round the bush!

 I've khalled this the WALK ME LAZY WOMAN STARE DOWN
 I was SOOOO subtle 'bout the reminder but as all of woo know
 MFT ALWAYS gets her walk!
 My snow khatcher spot

 Looking fur some green khats and yams to celebrate 
Dr Seuss Day!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

Oh the places woo will go!