Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Telling

 From Monday morning -

 She really seems khonfused about the time of year!

 Princess Harlow Pink and Monty Magenta ;-)

 Hey - woo would be pooped too if woo were as busy as I've been - I'll tell woo more about that on Thursday!
 On our SUNday walk, we saw this wee puppy in the neighbor's yard -
 Baby Jay!

 He/She was still there when we khame bakhk -

 Testing out those wings!
Mom made a video as we returned - THEN she took me inside whilst she freshened up my snakhk pals food and water - she took the water bowl ovFUR to TBJ to see if she/he wanted some - not this time -

We wish the pikhs were better fur the little one was so khute - it reminded Mom of the TBJ we had several years ago - she even babbled about it in the video - here was THAT one - and here is THAT post with pikhs from almost three years ago - we did some Gooooooogling Monday night to find them - she did realize when she saw these pikhtures she had mixed up her babybirds - the 2011 BlueJay was difFURent than the one with the weird paw!

We hopse woo enjoy our Tuesday telling!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday MOMandMEday

 Furst off - SUNday morning -

 and evening -
 Now fur the tale of our fun!
 Hurry up!!
 I'm going to leave without woo!!!

 Ready to roll - where we going Mom???
 Wow - did they khome a long way fur ice khream - those snakhkie pals of mine in ORIE-GAWN said that is Sedgwick County - which is where Wichita is - we asked if that is where Kevin Bakhon's wife khame from - AND believe it or not, as we finished our trip about an hour or so later, this khar passed us on Route 30 as we waited fur the light to start the last five minutes to home!

 Oh yummers!!!

 As you'll hear Mom say in THIS VIDEO, when she put down the tasty treat to turn on the video, I snagged the khup and took it to one of the tailgunner spots -

 Going fur the last bit in the bottom!

 Now fur some of Mom's waffle khup
 How's THAT fur tongue akhtion!?!

 Thanks Mom - this was FUN!
 Bakhk at home
 Mission Akhkhomplished - blurry version!
 Now fur some KhrakhkerBerry selfies from Handel's
 Helping to khlean Mom's face
Tasty this time too!

We had a perfekht MOMandMEday - a walk - some ROTE - and ICE KHREAM!!!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!