Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Telling

 Mom tried to snag The Eagles but they must have been hiding from our weather - some of the other khamera watchers were khommenting the same thing on the FB page - no one had seen them - trust us to say, the winds up there were INKHREDIBlE - it was almost like watching an amusement park ride as the nest material rolled and rokhked!
 Now fur more of our exciting SUNday -


 Here are the after shots from our visitor!

 Of khourse, I felt khompelled to photobomb Mom's shot !

Holly sleeping it off!

Mom was a slakhker on Monday - although her list said do this get that go there she decided all of THAT khould wait fur today  and we just spent a khomfy khozy day in The Khottage 

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday MOMandMEandHERday

 Mom chekhked throughout the day but The Eagles were otherwise engaged - but this sets the tone fur our weather!
 yep - another foggy one - 
 We've been furgetting to share this one - Mom went to our Giant a bit after khhristmas and got this on a khloseout deal - 
 Just perfekht fur The Khottage Kitchen -
 This was from last week - one of the zillion silly places Holly sleeps in -
although most of her night is spent here -
 Now fur our standard Monday post of our furry exciting Saturday night - here goes -

 even our two new flat toyz were worn out -

We had a nice SUNday - even if there was no SUN - we had visitors - Mom walked to Sheetz fur a paper and a free breakfast sandwich that had been loaded to her Sheetz Khard - AND she got some tator totz AND shared - we helped her do the sheetz - I mean sheets - and then we WALKED!!!  

Thanks fur the kind words for Angels Jack and Moo - I'm pretty sure they mean SOOOO much fur the sad humans missing them SO much!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

SUNday Sharing

Albeit with sadness...
But furst...from Saturday -

Now khomes the sadness - back on September 26, 2009, I received this furry khool LOBSTAH from this handsome hunk from - at the time - Roads Eyeland 

Well FrEYEday night, I heard Mom - and I saw the tears -

Fur some reason, The LOBSTAH had freed itself from The Toy Boxes -

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!   He didn't get his wings Mom - DID HE???

Sadly, he did - furry furry suddenly - FrEYEday late afternoon, his mom asked on FB fur us to think good thoughts - they were headed to the emergency vet - well, as too much time passed, Mom sadly 'knew' - and then Angel Jack's Mom posted - 
 Mom went bakhk thru the Photobukhket from the day we had met - and smiled - yet had that LES event - she LOVES the reflekhtion in the bumper of the khar
I hope his mom will relive my khyss by seeing this one - 

In khase anymore wants to see THAT day - which inkhluded meeting and seeing other pals - HERE IS THE LINK - plus, it happened to be now ANGEL MERDIE'S!!!! Birthday - so there are some shots of her too!

We are so sorry - especially since this happened one month to the day of Jack's sister Moo getting HER Angel Wings -

 He was ALL ABOUT THE PENGUIE!!!  Somehow, it is fitting he got his wings on PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY 
 With MOO!
Now FUREVER with Moo 

UPDATE:  Here is a link to a post fur them from their special FURamily 

Yep...love is FURever!

Make your SUNday special -