Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Telling and Tagged!

We wanted to take the time to tell evfurryone about Sunday's passengers...Here is the message Mom got late Sunday evening:
April was adopted this evening to a lovely NJ family! They fell in love at first sight. Sounds like she was Ms. Outgoing on the trip too--thanks to a lot of training by Helen--her transformation has been amazing.

Princess Pea is with a wonderful foster family--she couldn't ask for more, and she has 4 huskies to guide and love her.

Squirrel was adopted to a family in PA. Judy reported that they were so thrilled with her that they were in tears.
Isn't that grrrreat news?
I'm sure woo remember the transport Mom did three weeks fur Jakhk and Jill. Mom asked about them the other week...here is a pupdate on them:
Just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know that Jack & Jill are doing very well. They had a good car ride to our house (fell asleep w/in two mins.) and when we arrived home, they checked out the inside of the house and then explored their big yard, too! They love the yard and ran like crazy all weekend - mainly after each other . . . Jill tackles Jack then Jack tackles Jill and the fun goes on and on! They really do love each other. If we take one out w/o the other, the one inside sits by the sliding glass door and whimpers until he/she in reunited. Very cute. They've had some visitors, too - my sisters, sis-in-law, nieces & nephews and my parents - everyone can't get over how cute they are and Jack & Jill are loving the attention and TLC. We have noticed that they do get tired after playing so even when our families have come to visit, if they're tired, they just go into their little corner of the family room (which they've claimed as theirs ) and take a nap. We are so happy to have found them on petfinder.com and are very grateful that Irina, both of you and the entire group rescued them and took care of them until we could give them a "forever home". We're looking forward to many fun years with our adorable pups!
Here is a pikture at their new home!
Here is an update from the Peregrine site about the eggs:

3/30/2009 :: Four Eggs in the Nest!There are now four eggs in the nest. The fourth egg was probably laid sometime over the weekend. Incubation will be continuous from this point until the eggs hatch. The adult male will assume a portion of the incubation duties. The eggs should begin to hatch in about four and a half weeks. By Mother’s Day, all will have hatched. For the adults, the boredom of incubation will change to the intensity of day-long hunting flights to satisfy the demands of the new brood of eyases. DEP appreciates email comments from viewers; especially those reporting the date and time of day eggs are laid, when eggs hatch etc. To submit comments via email, click on “Contact Falcon Cam Webmaster” at the bottom right hand side of the Falcon Page.
Now, I'll turn this over to Mom...she's got a tag to do!
Nessa's mom tagged Khyra's mom to do this tag:
Game depends on which letter starts your name....

01. What is your name? Phyllis. The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.
02. A four letter word? Pool
03. Girl name: Paula
04. Boy name: Paul
05. Occupation: Pastry Chef
06. Color: PURPLE of khourse!
07. Piece of clothing: Pants
08. Food: Pie
09. Item in the bathroom: Plunger
10. Place/City: Philadelphia
11.A reason for being late: Pinned down by Khyra
12. Something you’d yell: Pikhk up the phone
13. Movie: Pinocchio
14. Something you can drink: Pinot Noir
15. Band: Pink Floyd
16. Animal: Panda
17. Street name: Pine Street
18. Car: Pinto
19. Song: Pocket of a Clown
20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Polo
If woo don't know Nessa, please stop by her blog and say hello! She is a breed we don't see much here in the states...HOVAWART...
If anyone else would like to do this tag, please khonsider yourself tagged!
Khyra says to remind woo to stop bakhk tomorrow...it is THAT furst Wednesday of the month! We know what that means! NO APRIL FOOLING EITHER!
Khyra and Her Mom

Monday, March 30, 2009



Well, the transport went furry well!

Mom got to go by the building where the PFs live...and she saw them both sitting on the ledge...their skhape is below the orange kholoured flashing...
We've been chekhking to see if the egg khount has inkhreased but we've not khaught him/her off the nest prior to this post...
Again, look below the orange flashing...
Now to meet two of the three pups...
Princess Pea

Since Mom was gone much of the day, we are really behind in getting 'things' done - please furgive us if we don't get to your blogs...we'll try BUT...and to expedite things, she's put all of the pikhs from Sunday in a Photobukhket Album...there are six videos of the pups...the pikhs from today...and a video of a hailstorm that hit our area shortly after we got bakhk...there had been tornado warnings/watches but we eskhaped THAT happening here!

While she was doing some of the laundry, she looked out in the yard and then khame out with the flashie beast...*




I hope all had a great and safe weekend!



PeeEssWoo: I want to thank Petey fur the pawesome weekend we all had! Isn't Ben just soooo furry HANDSOME in his tux? I'm not sure I'll ever take this dress off!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

High Five Sunday and Then Some!

Furst off, Ari and I would like to thank evfurryone fur the inkhredibly khool response to Saturday's post! Her mom and my mom pawed each other a few notes on Saturday! Her mom told my mom something Ari neglekhted to tell me prior to our interwoo! My mom asked how the reception had gone...WELL, here is what Ari's mom wrote:
Last night was wonderful. Ari chose to yodel at several moments during the reading, which I hope only added to the evening! :)
Now to MORE khool things! I'm part of High Five Sunday
Please go on over to Zoolatry to see US!
Saturday Resting!
Khrossing my paws that the transport Mom will be doing later today goes well! She will be taking the khamera! Woo will NOT believe the name of one of her passengers...woo ready??? She is a puppy named SKHWIRREL!!! RutRoh!
Mom will share details of the other pups tomorrow!
PLUS, on her return trip, she'll be within three minutes of the building where the PF's are SO she'll go by fur a visit and see if she khan't get some pikhs of them!!! She went up to see them last year or the year before. She khan't rekhall BUT she said it was totally pawesome to see them sitting at the skhrape!
Some hyacinth!
Some more
And some really odd DAFFYodil KHATS! Woo khan bigify them if woo want!
Mom and I were away from the laptop fur a good bit of Saturday afternoon so we didn't get a chance to chekhk on the PF egg khount. When we did get a chance to khount, there was still only three of them. We'll chekhk later today!
A furry khute and growing new pal of mine Behr Behr tagged me fur a Four by Four...meaning fourth folder fourth pikh...WELL, khooly enough, it helps address a khwestion raised by Byron y Xinver
with regards to the timing of the egg laying. Several years ago, Mom PF surprised us all with another egg AFTER it was thought the khlutch was khomplete. He eventually hatched but woo khould always tell which one he was. He ran the risk of being pushed out of the food line - but the parents were very good about doing all they khould to keep him in bird chow!
I hope that helps answer the khwestion!
Since my mom is doing a transport today, it is khwite appropriate fur me to introduce woo to a furry special khanine L E X I
Woo probably remember me sharing poor Destiny's story...well, Lexi has found her furever home with Destiny's special mom! Please share some love and woos with her!
One last thing...bekhause of the transport, I'm not going to have time to do a furry good job of reviewing Thor's blog fur Travis BUT I think my pal Mason Dixie took the woos right out of my smiling mouth! She khommented on a trait I would have mentioned! GREAT JOB Mason Dixie!

Have a great rest of your weekend evfurryone!
PeeEssWoo: BTW, Mom WILL be going to work again this week...so I'll be spared her getting under my paws!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Special Guest Saturday!!!

It is finally here!
I've been furtunate enough to get an interwoo with a furry famous 'writer'
I know many of woo know Ari and her humom Kathryn!
Fur those of woo that don't, please khlikhk H E R E fur the link to her blog.
Anyway, Ari has pawmitted her hoomans to be inkhluded in many adventures in their beaWOOtiful state of MAINE!
Ari's mom is a professor at Unity Khollege which had a book launch on Friday night for this furry special literary labour of love!
Well, immediately following the reception, Ari and I got together to kikhk off her tour to spread the woo's about HER book!
A young Ari above!
And Ari - (after graduation from SZK Skhhool of Photo Studies) and her mom below!
We chatted about many things - she showed me the window she uses to watch fur all the wildlife that khomes by her khorner of the khountry. I will admit I was a bit disappointed in that it was dark so I khouldn't see the magnificent view! As a regular reader of Ari's blog, I know she has many khool khritters at which to gaze!

And now khomes the special part...Ari has pawmitted ME to share an excerpt FROM THE BOOK!!! Khan woo believe it??? The book's chapters are the months of the year. Since we are khlosing in on the end of March, Ari thought March would be khwite appropriate

. . . . Ari dances crazily around my feet, stopping only to chew on my fingers when I try to lace up my hiking boots. Just shy of four months old, Ari is small—about fiftee pounds—and her proportions remain infant-round. One of her ears stands up wolfishly; the other flops over like the RCA dog’s. None of this, however, makes her any less of an opponent when it comes to getting things done. Ari’s teeth are still the temporary ones allotted to baby animals—jagged little numbers that pierce the skin with little effort. They hurt. A lot. As she bites at my hands, I pick her up and set her on the floor near the kitchen table, wrongly thinking that she will stay seated there. She doesn’t, of course. Instead, she springs up again and beats me back to where my other boot rests, eager to continue complicating my attempts at getting dressed and tumbling over our other shoes in the process.

I try reasoning with her and am rewarded with a play-growl and more pouncing. I suggest that this is not helpful. She gives an even bigger, goofier gurgle: Come on, silly! We’re having a ton of fun, right?

“You may be, but I’m not,” I correct aloud, as if to cure the puppy of her naiveté. My response rouses Greg in his office upstairs. His voice wafts down, asking playfully if everything is okay. I assure him that it is—I am in perfect control. My voice belies this assertion. It also prompts Ari to offer an even bigger play-growl, then to topple over onto her back like a clumsy bug. She looks first alarmed and then pleased with this inadvertent floor show, and soon tries it again for the amusement of us both before ducking for cover under a chair.

Like just about any mammalian toddler, this baby dog is nothing short of a rolling ball of contradictions. She vacillates between fierce and terrified with a speed that would dizzy an Olympic Ping-Pong player. Also like other kids her age, she clowns and tests limits and seeks maternal security all in a single instant. Her attention span is limited to a few bursting seconds; her confidence is as much predicated on mine as it is anything else. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, then, that biting shoelaces, clamoring to go outside, and flopping onto the foyer tile are all equally interesting to her right now.

Further complicating her child-like tendencies is Ari’s life before moving into our house. Animal behaviorists tell us that a puppy’s cognition begins in the womb and reaches its first crucial peak at around twelve weeks. What happens along the way has a lot to do with how that dog views—and responds to—the world. Puppies birthed by mothers under a fair amount of stress can exhibit more timidity and emotionality. Those who spend their first weeks without a lot of human contact can grow to be fearful or at least unsure of humans and what they want. Both factors can affect things like trainability, ease of entering domestic life, and ability to bond with a caregiver.

From what we know of Ari’s life at the shelter, her early days were far from a doggy Head Start program. Prior to our arrival, she had never left the four-foot-by-four-foot enclosure that was home to her litter. Once they were weaned from their mom, the only contact they had with other creatures was their time together as siblings and the occasional attention of an overworked shelter employee. They had never been inside a house or on any surface other than concrete, nor had they been given the space to distinguish between where they slept and where they pooped. Factor in the DNA of her two primitive-breed parents (both of whom were under plenty of shelter-induced stress during conception and pregnancy), and what we have is something a whole lot like a feral dog on our hands.

Does this affect our feelings about Ari? Only insofar as it makes us want to love her all the more. We want to give Ari the kind of affection and security she should have had from the moment she was born. We would probably want this for any animal who had endured such an experience, but it doesn’t hurt that this particular one is beyond adorable in just about everything she does. Like other infant dogs, Ari is a perfect example of Mother Nature’s warranty program: She is just too cute in her boxiness, her floppy ear, her curious blue eyes to elicit a reaction other than love, particularly at times like this, when she wags a little puppy tail from under the nearby chair. Momentarily suspending my project to get my hiking boots laced, I reach down and stroke her tawny coat—more fleece than fur—and am rewarded with a warm lick of my palm. Sheer bliss

(From Adventures with Ari: A Puppy, A Leash, and Our Year Outdoors by Kathryn Miles. Skyhorse Publishing, 2009).

I think Ari's entertaining me took a toll on her - or was it khonsuming the soupsikhle?

All I khan say is WOW! But don't take it from me....chekhk out THIS REVIEW

So, now that you've read what Ari shared with me...and the great review, I think woo owe yourself a khopy!

Would you like a khopy of your furry own??? Please khlikhk H E R E

Mom and I were extremely flattered and happy to have had the opportunity to introduce the BLOGosphere to Ari's Adventures!
Tank Woo Furry Much!
Khyra and Her Mom Phyll

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tres Eggoes!

Mom and Dad must have gone out fur breakfast...probably NOT having eggs!
One of Mom's arkhived eagle pikhs!

Flyday Friday

Well, my mom kept trying to get a pikh of the three eggs BUT due to our damp and khool weather, Mom and Dad weren't leaving the kids unattended! I'm hoping that later today (when the sun khomes out) she'll go stretch her wings a bit!
Here was a shot from Thursday night!
Mom thinks she might still have a pikh on her work pc that shows the difFURence in eyass size/etc due to hatchling khooking time! Several years ago, Mom PF laid an egg almost a week or so after they thought she had khompleted her khlutch. Woo khould always tell the runt - but he was a little skhrapper!
So, here are some scenes from Princess RainKhloud's Thursday afternoon...
As soon as Mom khame home and let me out, I took up my statue pawsition...
I didn't khare it was RAINING!
YES, I know I'm getting wet! YES, I know my khoat is absorbing moisture like a sponge!
YES, I know woo will wipe my paws befur woo let me in! I DON'T KHARE! This is SOOOOO worth it!!!
Over the years, Mom has always enjoyed watching a bald eagle khamera from Wooshington State! It was on some nice hoomans property...and there were three difFURent khameras on them 24/7...Mom has many of those pikhs on her work khomputer...I've asked to share some of them with woo.
That nest is no longer akhtive...that is something eagles are known to do...they will abandon a nest after some years at it...the hooman experts spekhulate it is their way of maintaining a healthy home...as for eagles' nests...they are HUGE!!! This shot doesn't really khonvey that furry well but trust me!
Here are two links to another akhtive eagle nest - the furst link is fur the site and the sekhond one is fur the khamera
When Mom hit it on Wednesday, she saw a nice lunch of fish being khonsumed!
Woo khan also use either of the two links to get to other akhtive khameras fur Wooshington State!
Have a great Friday! Please be safe this weekend!
I'm sooooo excited! I just hope she'll share the recipe fur the soupsikhle she had this week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

And I Khaught It!!!

Lookie What We Khaught Today!!!
As I told Gus, timing is evfurrything when it khomes to getting lukhky with pikhs!

3/26/2009 :: Third Egg!The third egg was delivered at exactly 11:48 AM, today, March 26th 2009. From this point on, incubation activity will be more frequent and of longer duration. This "hard wired" behavioral strategy helps to ensure that as the young birds grow and develop, hatchlings from the first and second eggs will not be much larger and more aggressive than the others. If the first and second egg were incubated from the beginning, the nestlings would develop faster and be much larger putting the others at a disadvantage.

Thankful AND Thoughtful Thursday!

Time to be thankful fur thoughtfulness!
I'm thankful for getting to watch the geese!
Woo should be able to bigify the pikh to see them!
I got a pakhkage!
More snoofing necessary!
Yummy Stuffs!
Tank Woo!
So FURRY thoughtful of woo! They pawed inside "We would have sent the cutie (sic) on the cover (sic) but he wasn't cooperating (sic) either! Woof ya, Eva & Brice
I khan't wait!
See! Remember a certain post earlier this week? About a certain pup that had to replace something with HIS ALLOWANCE???
Not only did I get YUMMY animal parts...I got BRICE FLUFF!!!
His momma wrote my momma that Princess Eva didn't have enough to send this time BUT HANDSOME BRICE was blowing khoat!
After dinner, Mom opened the pakhkage...Fred helped me pose! I always give him my paw...either to shake or High Five! I must be LEFTpawed!
Gauging the best way to munch it!
Getting to know it!
HA! Sooooo furry tasty!
Nom Nom Nom Nom!
Tank woo to my bestest Belgian Tervurens furiends AND their special momma!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009

Is that Walkin' Wednesday I smell?
Good Nose! If woo khlikhk H E R E woo khan see it too!
Some pikhs of me watching... Ever ready fur anything!
That LOOKS in my direkhtion!
Ah yes! Sunny AND Spring!
Life is good!
My little furiend Rosie
wondered what would khome out of the eggs...well, here are some pikhs Mom had on her work khomputer from last year!
That was one of the furst mornings we khould see a hatchling had happened!
This was a few days later!
And we had a proud parent shot!
My pal handsome pal Titus wondered it THAT was one of the Butterskhotch Morsels with my mom...WELL, that was the family's furst khat Ruffin. The pikh was from the early 80's!
AND one of my furry furst PF watchers from past years was this furry handsome fella and his special momma
He expressed khoncern fur the warming of the nest due to our temperatures here in the east...well, 'Mom' has it khovered

Fur those that wonder, we'll probably see some hatching take place around Mother's Day...the loose rule of thumb on the PF season is they begin to khourt and woo each other 'round Valentine's Day...then the furst eggs khome once spring has sprung or so...they hatch 'round Mother's Day...the the little ones start learning to fly 'round Father's Day!