Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday Telling

The first look of the day found Lady PF and
Lord PF hanging at The PF Palace -
No doubt checking out our icky weather -
A sun shot later -
Now for telling about her SUNday - with The Toys -

Expressing her opinion of the golf - I had switched to be ready for The Evening News - 
Willow reminds me that although her tailed was 'docked' I should make sure to capture ALL of her -
A wee bit better BUT still missing a wee bit!

We did get out for our AM walk - and then the breakfast khlub of stuff - on to some just hanging on the sofa time until it was time to head to The Groomer - on the way back to The Khottage, I did hit MyGiant then so it won't be on today's ROTE - but today will be a Willow venture - as I mentioned yesterday - some places to hit before the month ends or I head back to The GKP - 

And of course, I have to check on BobTheKhat!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Monday MOMSday

SUNday AM from The PF Palace -

Lady PF -
In the afternoon, Lord PF took to his point -
After getting my license picture taken, I stopped for some bulbs AND couldn't NOT treat myself to some soft pretzels!
From MyGiant -

and when leaving the parking lot, I was tailing another KhrossTrek -

Last Fall, Auntie Di and Khousin Emmy had some decorative gourds and pumpkins out - well, I had shared this here - her 'pumpkin' patch - 
The furst harvest - and there are more hidden in there -
Auntie Di brought us two - we have plans to make them a birthday surprise for a neighbor pal!
When we went to Forge Hill last week for apples and corn, I treated myself to the wee cherry pie for my first birthday foodable - so yummy!
The Nice Nancy Lady gave me this card for my birthday - along with a giftcard to be able to 'check on Bob' -
Auntie Di came to visit on SUNday - we exchanged some fruits and snacks and vegetables - and she gifted me with some Kohls wearables!  Willow was once again beyond thrilled to see her Auntie Di!
And Facebook shared this with me on Saturday - yes, Rainbow Bridge Day with NAK - a shot from TEN years ago - her pussywillow bush/tree at TADN's - 

Willow and I celebrated this last August SUNday with our trip to Sheetz for the paperZ - then our Khondo Route walk - and kibble & khoffee - and SUNday morning television - nice time with all day to have to go nowhere!

Today will be The Groomer for me - but Willow will get her morning stroll weather pawmitting - I am thinking we'll make Tuesday a 'venture' day - I've got a list of stuff to do before the month ends - TSC being one of them - can't pass up the birthday offer on my TSC 'card' -

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

SUNday Sharing

I didn't get to spot any Lady OR Lord PF - and although I didn't get to see the outside from 620am until 640 pm, I'm guessing it was an overkhasty day - 
So this past Wednesday, Thre KhrossTrek make its way to DILLSBURG to see this sweetie again - 
Eyeing her lunch as she headed East from DesMoines Iowa to meet her new brother -
Sweet Olivia!
And RITA - has Jill calls her - at first, I didn't expect I would get to see Olivia as Jill was going to drive in via automobile - but the more she thought about all the logi$tic$, it was a prudent choice to reach PA with Rita! -
The Nice Jill Lady wanted to provide lunch for those of us coming - and asked about Bobcat Creamery - so I had a pick up of six tuna sub specials before heading to Dillsburg - yummy tasty and the staff at BobKhat were thrilled with the order - and the origins of it!
PLUS, one of the other humans joining us had brought along some very tasty and healthy snacks - so much fun!

Worn out - or is that warm out worn out - after all The Humans took turns doting on all of 'em in the icky sticky air, they were ready to nap - of course, being TRUE Siberians, water bowls are digging splashing pools - NAK LOVED to do that - what started INNOCENTLY as just getting a drink turned in to SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH -
When I left to return to Willow and The Khottage, Jill hadn't quite mae up her mind - but when she did, she sent this as well as tagged us on Facebook - although he's still looking for his khall name - Jill has gotten plenty of GREAT ideas on FB - I suggested Dill for his birth town of DILLsBURG! - I'll keep you posted -
UPDATE - Let the records show - he shall be known as BENNY!  The Nice Jill Lady khalled that out on FB after I assembled THIS!
We know of a certain GOLDEN RETRIEVER - aka Khousin B - Bentley - Benny that wags in solidarity!

NAK and The Nice Jill Lady sharing some snoofin' time back then!  And THIS POST FROM THE ARCHIVES shows the FURST time we got meet Jill - and NAT and NAMP! - it also shows some of NAK's dreami NAS!
So many pawesome humans - and KHANINES!

Today will be our usual SUNday of Sheetz- and a walk - and then LOTS of nothing time -

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Saturday Sharing

The rains hadn't dampened The PF Palace but I drove home to The Khottage in PLENTY of it - so NO WALK FOR US -
Scenes from Willow's TOYland -

The Nice Nancy Lady from Thursday's GOTCHA DAY meal - at The Conewago Inn

I really need to get my picture size dialed in LARGER - another thing for THE LIST -
Nancy had a very nice fried seafood platter - and I chose TRIPLE Marsala - shrimp beef and chicken - 
Both of us selected the lemon khurd CHEESEKHAKE - which was topped with BLUEberries! - it was BEYOND tasty!
Kate The Sheltie From The Mitten State's furry talented mom made this for me - it was waiting in the mailbox when I got back from dinner - THANKS SO MUCH DAWN and Princess Katie -

I have SO much more to sort out from the past several days but right now I need to decompress - The GKP was effing relentless and I need to wind down - AND FINISH MY TRIPLE MARSALA!

Yes - one more shift - and I am BEYOND ready - PERIOD!

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!