Friday, July 31, 2009


Furst some more flowers...
We noticed on our Wednesday sweat - I mean walk - there are some that looked to be khrimsom (no khlover). We'll try fur some of them next time!
I was wondering if this would be a khool enough pressie fur the special BIRTHDAY girl?
(I think woo khan khlikhk to bigify and see the yellow zoomie)HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOGGY NANNY!!!
A special birthday portrait!
Mom took a pikh of a pikh of The Doggy Nanny and Fred!

Today is The Doggy Nanny's Birthday! To find out all the things that happened the year the stork left her, woo khan khlikhk H E R E

I have The Doggy Nanny to thank fur this blog and fur knowing all of WOO!

She was the one that told my mom she khould have one of her Siberians...of khourse, the ex didn't think breaking up 'The Pakhk' was a good thing to do.

Mom didn't furget The Doggy Nanny had said she khould have a 'dog' - and as some of woo know, Mom looked at the York Khounty Bed & Breakfast (aka SPCA). She saw one interesting 'dog' on their website and went to see her. She was gone but I was there!

The rest is history!

Mom didn't get a 'dog' - she got a SIBERIAN!

Hugz&Khysses To The Bestest Doggy Nanny!

Khyra and The Doggy Nanny's Oldest Human Pup

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanking and Trikhking

Thankng Auntie Di fur putting my toys away
I mean, she DID get them out!
Thanking Chekhkers fur the furry furry khool award!
Fur those of that don't know this khlever and fun khanine, go CHEKHK him out!
This one khame from the furry beaWOOtiful ABBY!
Abby is also 'intrigued' by skhwirrels!
Be sure woo stop by and say HI to her too!
Here is a short video - with SPECIAL guest!
Playing Hide & Seek under the pussywillow bush that Auntie Di always misses when it blooms and she's burning alive in the desert spring heat!
Do woo see me?
Posing and Panting
Looking out!
Happy ALMOST Friday evfurryone!
Tomorrow will be a special Friday Free Fur All!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welkhome AND Walking Wednesday!

I welkhomed Auntie Di and Jim bakhk to Pawsylvania!
Auntie Di took some pikhs...
Really, it was 7-28-09...she didn't set her khamera date thingie yet...
And this one too...since she has the same brand of khamera as Mom's flashie beast, we khould shake her pikhs out onto my laptop! Mom khwikhkly pikhked a few to share!
From my walk Monday night...the hyde-drange-yah's are sooo pretty!
These were the khlouds that khame along with us on our walk!
White and puffy...
Puffy and white...
With some blue...
Blue, white, and puffy...
After work Tuesday...
More after work...
Auntie Di got all my toys out...
And we played...
I think she liked the bunny toy!
Taking it all in!
Then Merdie's boys khame Merdie though...
I went to keep an eye on 'em!
Showing off their summer khlour!

It was soooo nice to see Auntie Di! Befur Mom got home from work, Auntie Di kept sending Mom tm's about how much I liked to play and how energetikh I was!

I wonder what her point was?

Mom and I did show Auntie Di Pakho and Milo's new daughter/sisfur/puppy MAYA - she went Ahhhhhhhh and Awwwwwwwww TOO!!!



PeeEssWoo: Auntie Di says please don't notice her airplane hair...they left The Blast Furnace Known As Phoenix (GO PHILLIES!) and phlew to Philadelphia ovfur night...then phlew to Harrisburg where Auntie Di and Mom's dad pikhed them up...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Telling and Tagged!

I'm Tuesday Telling...
I've been spending time thinking what I'll do to impress Auntie Di...
The paw khrossing should be good...
And a khoy look or two...
Of khourse, I khan't go wrong with the deep pondering look...
I'll break out a bottle of something...
And toast to her fur khoming!
I mean, why would she want to leave T H I S to khome to T H I S ? ? ?
Now Mom will be doing some telling since she was T A G G E D
I'm supposed to share TEN things about me
1) Growing up, I went through a phase of wanting to become a nun and/or teacher (okay, quit your snickering on the former)...
2) Then I wanted to be a dentist since I hated the dentist and thought I could be the kind of dentist people wouldn't mind going to...
3) I seriously considered a Physician's Assistant Programme at St Francis College in Loretto...was accepted into the programme but...
4) I'll be 50 in 29 days AND on that day we also will celebrate Khyra's THIRD Gotchaversary!
5) I'm the eldest of four...we alternated girl boy girl boy...all born on Wednesday's...all progressively later in the day...
6) York is the fourth town/city I've lived in...all the places were in Pennsylvania...
7) The only foreign country besides Canada I've been to is England...

8) I don't like melons...

9) I've owned a Ford Pinto, a Mercury LN7, a Pontiac Fiero, an Alfa Milano, another Alfa (164), a FordExplorer Sport, another Ford Explorer Sport, and now a Nissan Xterra...

10) Khyra is the bestest daughter I khould ask fur (HEY, I THINK KHYRA SNUCK IN HERE)!
I'll tag any other Blog Moms that would like to do this one!
Speaking of is mine...with my brother Steve...
This is Auntie Di's first visit to the beach (Myrtle Beach to be exact) in the summer of 1970...of course, she didn't make her entrance until October 28th of that year!
With Diane and Jim coming to town, Khyra and I might not get to comment on everyone's blogs BUT we WILL be reading them!
Of course, tomorrow is WALKIN' WEDNESDAY so Khyra will be back then!
Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner
P.S. Khyra wanted me to mention Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle's PAW PLACEMENT Category!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday MOMday

Monday Again!
I'm resting up bekhause Auntie Di is khoming to visit!!!
NOW, I'll turn it over to Mom so she khan tell woo about Sunday's transport AND share another pawtential passenger in my Xterra....

Khyra's Mom Here...
Heading over to meet ANOTHER Xterra with Fenway, I spotted Hawkie on the utility pole...
Isn't that cool? I'm still kicking myself about a photo opp I missed a month or so ago. The pair was sitting on this one so showed the difference in their size. I was on my way to Harrisburg to meet a tranpsort and I didn't want to stop...everytime I pass these utility poles, I think damn, I should have taken the pikh. These were just outside the development by the barn on the golf course where they keep lots of the equipment.
This is just before we saw the rendezvous spot. I kept telling him we were almost there!
And we had NOOOOOO doubt this was his ride!
Here is the link to his Photobucket album. His new mom and dad were very very nice people! He's going to be one very loved Brittany boy! He's going to have twenty some acres to call his own!
They had a female that crossed last year - I believe Fenway's furever mom said she was 18 years old!
Fenway even got to have some Salmon and Cheddar Happy Hearts! They were a hit with him too!
They even gave me a gift - a very very yummy gift: a large container of freshly picked black raspberries! (I even had to interrupt this drafting of the post to go have some MORE!)
This transport was quite the coordinated affair. It consisted of Casey and Zeus The Boxer (mom and son), Chevy The Brittany, and Fenway. Chevy started in Fayetteville, AK...Casey and Zeus joined the transport in St. Louis, MO...Fenway came up from KY to meet those three in Columbus. THEN the four headed east. When they got to Harrisburg, Casey and Zeus headed to Hartford, CT; Chevy went with his new dad to Perkasie PA. Tammy and Tom happen to live 'here' too so we met closer to York...then Fenway and I headed south to just above the Maryland line so he could meet his furever family and head back to Maryland!
Now, I would like you to meet Vanessa (now known as Maya):
More Wow!
Someone loves the camera!
Mary sent us an email Sunday morning with the first picture...then sent more is Maya's story:
HEY KHYRA....look at who is coming to my house today for The Last Resort ladies....I am going to be temp fostering her for a couple or few days until they either have a home for her, or a spot comes available at one of the boarding places we use down here. I have house full, but no way was I going to turn down TLR. And, this girl was in a gassing shelter in Columbus, NC. The foothills shelter. Isn't she absolutely STUNNING? She's already fully vetted, spayed, etc. She had a pink collar on when she was picked up by Columbus AC, but no one has ever come to claim her. She's only about a year old. So, here is my inauguration into fostering one of these. Khyra, please don't faint. We won't be able to see all those lovely blogs you do if you faint. And speaking of blog, feel free to put her and her story on your blog. Perhaps it will help TLR find her a home very fast.

And when Mary sent the second set of pictures, she shared an update of how she's doing:

I met Patti and got Vanessa, who is now named Maya, and headed off with her to Karen's house, where we walked around the property and she decided she wanted to try to get the little voles in the yard. Funny. She obviously likes other dogs a lot...she had no problem with the beagles or the airedale that Karen and Steve have. I think she was sniffing around for a cat, tho. LOL....After we left Karen's house, we went shopping at PetsMart, where she chose a beautiful red Martingdale (SP?) collar and leash, plus a pretty green fluffy plaid bed...and I couldn't keep her away from the Canine Carry Out Soft Treats. :-)She made friends with lots of doggies, and one black lab 10 month old pup...bigger than she is already...they played around for a while inside the store, then we came home and she's all tucked fact, after I hit send on this, I'm going to go lie down with her and take a nap. She has her own bedroom downstairs with her kennel in it, but we're going to nap on the futon down there. It is very cool downstairs (basement made into living space by former owners) and the best place in the world for a sibe mix.Here are some pics for you to enjoy.Sam, I'm glad you like the name Maya. MB

SO, if anyone would be interested in this stunning girl, please let me know...I'll pass on your information.

I guess this will do it for this Monday MOMday!

Khyra will be back on her khorner tomorrow!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

P.S. Once again, thank for for the kind words about the transports. It is a way we can isn't much but in these trying times, every little bit helps.

One last comment from Merlin's dad after reading Sunday's post:

Merlin has been trying to convince me how extraordinary he is and now he claims this as proof positive! How can I argue?Ken

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Sharing

Sunday Sharing Time!!!
Last Sunday, we shared Grendel with all of woo!
Well, please pawmit me to share
Isn't he a Khorgi khutie!?!
This is Grendel's mom and dad's new khanine! The nice Mary lady from the transports told us a little birdie had told her about a new reskhue khorgi in their lives! Here is Merlin's tail/tale:

The new little guy is a real find. Our vet thinks he is about 3 or 4 yrs. I've named him "Merlin". While Grendel was a Cardigan, Merlin is a Pembroke. He has no known history, as he was taken as a stray (probably dumped).

We asked fur a pikh so we khould share!

Way to go to Merlin's new mom and dad!!!

Reskhues Rokhk!!!

More kholours emerging!
A trifekhta of 'em!
(We think we saw some peach ones taking shape on our walk Friday evening...we'll khatch 'em when we khan!)
Thursday night's pre-rain sky...
Almost skhary but not...
Towards the east...
Another to the east...the furst three were N/NW...
Since yesterday was Saturday, it was biskhuit hiding time...
Living room...with the wall near the end table Cholla The Persian used to get to her khat seat (thus the khlaw marks)
Voila! Biskhuit!
And then some Doga!
Mom will be transporting Fenway The Brittany today.
She'll be lukhky enough to have the leg that takes him to his FUREVER pawrents!
Of khourse, she'll take the flashie beast and get pikhtures!
Happy Sunday Evfurryone!!!
PeeEssWoo: One month and khounting until MY GOTCHA DAY!!!