Monday, July 31, 2023

Monday MOMSday

PF Palace in The AM -
And in the PM -
79 and fair - just before 630pm - OH SO NICE after the ick ick ick we've had -
I've decided to share MY 'venture for LOBSTAH on Saturday 🦞
Cousins Maine Lobster moored itself at Liquid Hero Brewery - which is just outside York's minor league's baseball stadium -
The event started at 1pm - so that is when I headed in - a 10-15 minute drive south on George Street into Yory City - I got right on line - although I wish I had gotten an adult beverage first but - the line moved along well - and I might have been there for < 30 minutes - probably 25ish -
I had already taken a look at the offerings via their app - but I took this picture to make some friends - out in LasVegasNV totes jelly!
With bag in hand, I made my way back to The KhrossTrek - 

Then back up George Street - North to Manchester I go!
I'm enjoying the BLUEberrySoda now -
with LOBSTAH Tots
Maine LOBSTAH roll 
KhanineKhoins and LOBSTAH bisque which I had on SUNday!
I  will be honest and reveal that when I opened the lid for these LOBSTAH tots, I made noises and said GOOD WORDS - I was blown away -
After eating much of the LOBSTAH tots, I moved along to the MAINE LOBSTAH roll - yep, oh my!
And when I did have my LOBSTAH bisque, I did pay TheDogTax - she did get more than this but photo purposes 😇
Now for the bittersweet part of JULY 31 -
Today would have been TADN's 86th birthday -

I will always treasure this picture - when Mom had broken her hip - and was in Rehab for recovery and all, they were kind enough to bring her out to the entrance so NAK could see her DoggyNanny - yes, they had missed each other - but now I'm picturing them together - in their chairs - with fuzz exchanged for treats and more khysses!

I had quite The SofaShift fun - thanks to Comatosecast - not long before switching from my HP laptop to my Dell work one, Comatosecast lost it - and when I checked the app, it indicated I was off line due to an outage in the area that was being repaired - but when I checked their outage map, it said I was all good - no outages here - so I did all the unplug replug shutdown back on khrap - and had actually packed up the Dell - and was resigned to work AT The GKP - but I finally gave it ONE MORE TIME - and success -

I will be hitting my local VZW store on Friday for their Wireless - they provide a 30day trial and all - and if all works as well as my contact Greg says it does and has, I'm telling Comatosecast to - well - the word starts with PH - and has an UCK at the end - itself -

Happy LAST day of JULY! 

and YES, how DID we get to AUGUST???

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Sunday, July 30, 2023

SUNday Sharing

The PF Palace - no residents spotted when I checked -
88 and partly cloudy at 5pm -
Now to continue with FrEYEday's 'venture - my Dawn's soups - 
which were FrEYEday's evening foodables -

Imagine that!
The Puppy says MINE MINE MINE!

I stuggled with my sweet choice - finally deciding on the BLUEberry cheesekhake bar - but my other potential option never left my mind - soooo stay tuned!
BobTheKhat's Olde English for lunch!

Willow's lunch -

Creamy chicken tortellin - YUM!
Creamy Chicken Rice - YUMMY!
Whilst on our Saturday AM 'venture, we stopped at LegUpFarmers Market on the way back from Kerri's - and I couldn't help but think of my OTHER FrEYEday sweet potential -
But then I remembered TODAY is National Cheesecake Day - so welcome home Peach Cobbler CheeseKHake!
As I got back in The KhrossTrek with it, Dawn headed to her car for something - I told her I fought it but had to come back for some!

We had a very interesting 24+ hours - shortly after 730pm FrEYEday, the electricity sputtered a dozen plus times trying hard to stay connected - but alas - it couldn't - so we were powerless until 12mn - luckily, the storms had dropped the temperatures a bit so we didn't completely melt - I pulled the screens back down in the front and back doors and opened 'em up - and lit a candle in the kitchen so we could maneuver around - 

Saturday mornng we went for our Hazel box - and worked in the few other stops we referenced -


I'm not sure in which order we'll tell of our fun but rest assured - WE WILL!

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!
PeeEssWoo: How did it get to be SUNday again so soon?
 *SIGH* SofaShiftTime 

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Saturday Sharing

PF Palace AM -
And PM -
94 and partly cloudy approaching 530pm -
I kept getting 'the look' as I had some GKP stuff to wrap up before we 'ventured - but once I had, the first order was called in -
Her usual apekhrap khrazy for her KhrossTrek time -

Stop #1 - 
Picking up TWO soups - and some DogTaxToast!
I phoned BobTheKhat before we left this spot and headed back on George Street 2-1/2 miles -

Picking up our lunch from BobTheKhat - so nice to go in and multiple people say Phyllis is here - I joked is that like Elvis is in The Building -
It was nice that the girl ringing up my order said she liked my name - she really hadn't ever known any Phyllis's - I told her the story of how I became Phyllis -
Back for the last segment of today's 'venture - I had told all at BobTheKhat's we were combing all our errands into one run - of course, no one blamed us one bit -

No worries Willow - well do another 'venture today -
One more light then we'll be back at The Khottage -

It was a day of some rest and some stuff on the list - did a bit of weeding when Willow was out after her breakfast - and did some Willow brushing - I trimmed and cooked some green beans - for salads and Willow snacks - cleaned out the veggie bin - 

Today we'll go for our August Hazel box - with a few stops along the way - and I may do a short 'venture of my own in the early afternoon - I can't fight this LOBSTAH ROLL khraving anymore - even though it's HOT AND HUMID, I do believe I'll be hitting CousinsMaineLobSTAH at LiquidHero -

Of course, there are foodable pics from our FrEYEday tasty stuffs - which we'll share here - but to hold you over 
Just wait until you see her enjoy her bit of Olde English - my BobTheKhat lunch item!

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!