Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday MOMday

Khlowning Around With Mom
I'm too funny!
Hey EvFURRYone!

This is my 700th post!

I had a Chester Look-A-Like khome by to celebrate
(akhtually, that is my other neighbour - 'Chloe' The Flat Dog lives on one side)
Mom tells me her transport was furry fun! Mom and her pups (my mom named their Photobukhket Album Victoria and The Ten Speeds) smelled good on my mom! That is always a bonus! She said they kharried on fur the furst miles - then settled down to sleep. They also knew the travel drill: as Mom got off the ramp fur Khabelas/Hamburg, they started singing again! I've heard their videos: JUST WAIT UNTIL WOO HEAR 'EM TOO!

Mom did take twice as long to get bakhk to me - about five or so miles from the I81/I78 split, traffikh suddenly khame to pretty much a khreepy khrawly standstill - which khontinued fur about five or so miles past the split - well, Mom kept expekhting to see SOMETHING that had khaused it...well, she's still looking! We are guessing it was just the holiday traffikh! She was khwite 'relieved' to get home when she did!

I will turn it ovFUR to her now!

Thanks Khyra - yes, I was quite relieved to get home!
Here are Victoria and Her PuppiesAt The Cracker Barrel in Harrisbug

The other five in Harrisburg
On the way up I81
I think she was saying her prayers of thanks for being saved along with her bundles of cuteness
I actually expected this is where she would orient herself. Several of the other drivers had commented she curled up next to them but I just had an eye she was going to be very watchful for her babies!
At times, she contemplated coming up front with me - she did shower me with kisses during the drive - but she just liked the middle section best!
I think this shows off part of her Boxer'ness!
When the next driver Kate arrived, she almost straightaway said what else she saw in Victoria: REDBONE COONHOUND
and if you check out that link and/or google Redbone you will see for yourself! Kate said a relative of hers breeds Redbones - that is why she saw it soooo quickly!
Some commentary about the accommodations?
Victoria hanging out whilst one of the crates of special cargo got loaded into the next limousine!

Here is the link to the Photobucket Album from today with 10 videos and 61 pictures; here is the link to just the slideshow of pictures!

Whilst the videos were uploading to Photobucket, I took Khyra for a walk - during our stroll around the neighbourhood, I got this message on my crackberry:

Hi All,
Sam asked me to shoot out an email....we arrived at our final destination where several adoptive families were waiting for us. FOUR of the 10 pupsters were adopted today! Mommy Victoria was SOOOO great with everyone--almost as if she were giving her approval to each family who adopted one of her babies. She is a wonderful dog, sweet temperament and will hopefully be adopted quickly too.
Thank you to all who helped saved these great dogs from a certain death! It's been a truly THANKFUL Thanksgiving Transport!


Khyra had mentioned in Sunday's post about a special dedication for this leg. Well, last weekend, Princess Eva and Brice The Handsome's mom sent me a message as I was heading to get Skid that one of the dogs on the weekend transport from MO to MN had gotten out during one of the first Saturday morning legs- they tried to catch her for about 40 minutes but finally had to continue. Folks continued to look for her AND local shelters/vets/etc were notified about her.

Unfortunately, Eva and Brice's mom got a note on Monday about her and posted this to FB:

The Aussie pup that escaped from from our transport this weekend has been found. Sadly she has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Please light a candle in her honor tonight and hug your pups.

SO, Victoria and Her Pups were transported in the memory of the Aussie girl that didn't make it to safety 'here' - I'm sure she's been well received at The Rainbow Bridge.

Along with the Aussie girl, I also did the transport for Eva and Brice's special mom - she's been a great friend to us - and she's trying to inspire others to help with transports.

It is a way to help without having to bring another dog into your family - and it always results in many pleasant memories and the feeling of knowing you made a difference!

I mean, look at Victoria and her ten angels from Sunday? Can you imagine how close they were to NOT being 'here'?

So, thanks again for your support!

Khyra will be back to tell about things tomorrow!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Sharing

Some floofy tail and pantyloons to start your day
I'm chekhking out that furry attrakhtive khanine walking along with me
Mom khame out to chekhk on me and noticed I was applying my skhwirrelwar paint
Pondering my mission in one of my khommand posts
Smugly challenging them
Guess what I'm thinking?
A Braveheart moment!

Mom has a transport today - she's doing the Harrisburg to Hamburg leg again - fur a momma and her TEN puppies! They were pulled from Gaston and are heading to The Last Resort Reskhue

'Victoria' and her sweeties all have Ford Motor Khompany produkht names! The girls are Fairlane and Shelby; the boys are 'Bronco', 'Cobra', Ford, Fusion, Mustang, Ranger, Taurus, and Thunderbird!

Mom saw pikhs from their last Saturday leg - what sweeties!

Mom says she's dedikhating her leg of the transport fur a special memory and a special furiend - I'll let her paw more on Monday MOMday!

Have a grrrrreat Sunday evfurryone!



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Khaturday Sharing

How I spent my day
My afternoon
My evening
We have a khollekhtion of Khaturday pikhs today - here is the link to the Photobukhket Slideshow
-Mom snagged these last Friday after our last walk of the day- she saw Butterskhotch lounging around and put Merdie and me bakhk in went out to subjekht Butterskhotch, Brofur, and Newbie to a photoshoot -
I was tempted to start a new tradition
I wonder what filling best khomplements this delikhacy?
Pondering the pawsibilities
A new biskhuit spot
It was in my chair

Have a grrrreat Saturday!



Friday, November 27, 2009

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

Unkhle Paul took this when Mom left to get her Xterra on Wednesday (she had gotten it some new sneakers, front stopper things, new oil, new state stikhkers, and other stuffs)
And this one too!
As In BLOG Free Day TodayHere is the link to this week's SKY Show!

We are taking the day off!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday It Is! The pikh above is Merdie (right) and her sisfur Lexie (Mercedes and Lexus - get it)
Mom had this pikh fur some time but it was a .pdf file and she khouldn't post it but she found a programme on line that let her khonvert it to a .jpg (please pardon her khropping)
One of the furst pikhs my mom has of Merdie - it was from her previous cell phone - Mom was watching Merdie whilst her peoples and my now Doggy Nanny went down the shore fur the week. It was pre-me time! Akhtually, this pikh is from June 2005.

As part of Frankie Furter's khool idea we all share our adoption stories today , I'll inkhlude Merdie's as well as a few other khanines!

Unkhle Paul and Aunt Shannon had gotten Lexie (from a bakhkyard breeder type but they didn't know of the options bakhk then) and wanted to get her a sibling. They were at a lokhal restaurant and got to talking with someone there...she had pikhs of her Goldens...the khonversation went to how a furiend of hers was trying to find a home fur one she had...they went to see her the next day and VOILA! The rest is history - as 'they' say!

Merdie lived most of the furst year of her life OUTSIDE in a farm warm khute khousins...AND did I mention exposure to thunderstorms and such? She still has anxiety issues with them but all of us know how to help her when they happen - of khourse, she knows they are khoming prior to her furamily ESPECIALLY since she lives within sight of the Susquehanna River

Unkhle Paul just asked me if I was still working on the post fur he wanted to add that when they furst saw 'Tallulah' she was khovered in briars and mud. Aunt Shannon saw the beaWOOty in her! She was also khwite mopey and nevFUR smiled fur she didn't know LOVENOW look at her!She gets her pikhk of my stuffies when she khomes to visit...she gets to be part of my bitey body games...and she gets lots of special attention from her furamily and mine!

Sadly, I didn't get to meet Lexie - she khrossed in January of 2005 so I didn't get to meet her 'here' but I will someday! Unkhle Paul just told me that when Lexie khrossed, they had initially wanted to bury her on their property but that wasn't pawsible with Merdie around...Merdie would have brought her bakhk...Merdie is furever bringing them 'special finds' - one year it was pretty much an entire deer ONLY in pieces. A neighbour of theirs would process his deer and toss them down into the woods behind their house. Merdie would always furry proudly retrieve them and bring them home! Merdie is also furry good with Oswald 'issues' (if woo know what I mean)!

Here is a pikh I've shared here befur...the furst day my mom saw ME at the York Khounty Bed&Breakfast

I've shared my story here so I'll not inkhlude it again BUT if woo visit the link, you'll see a pikh of me (and my mom) on my furst day here!I don't think my past life inkhluded such khomfy poses!
As part of this THANKFUL FUR FUREVER HOMES post, Mom wanted to inkhlude two of my Xterra's transport passengersArcher's furever hoomans sent this pikh with an update to those that helped get him (along with Anja) from GA to NJ! Here is the link to his post on Monday MOMday from July 2009 . Mom rekhalls how sweet he was but soooo needing some good food! Well, here is the note his mom sent along with his pikh

Thought you'd like to know, Asher weighed in last week at 57 lbs.! He's gained a much-needed five pounds. He's now a husky husky. And his coat is absolutely beautiful. Life here seems to be agreeing with him.

Sometimes I call him Ashley, for Ashley Wilkes, my "gentleman from Georgia." He really has a sweet disposition. He's loving the cool weather and long fall hikes. Can't wait to see him in the snow.

We'll be thinking of you when we give thanks on Thursday, once again blessing all those who helped bring us together, and especially you Beverly, who gave so much time to him, and to us

This is Vince and his furst night in his furever home! His people shared it the furry next day after he arrived!
Vince was part of the furry fun transport along with Blondie and Logan of just a week or so ago. His furever furamily shared some pikhs this week.
Doesn't he look like he's been there like FUREVER???
On this furry special day fur being THANKFUL, I know I am BUT I know I'm thinking of all the others out there that don't know the love...YET!
I've got my paws khrossed fur them!

Merdie and I would like to wish all of woo a furry nice THANKFUL THURSDAY!



Khyra and Merdie

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009 PLUS SOME

Merdie and I will show you our furry exciting TuesdayMerdie was just hanging out in from of the sofa in the Furamily Room
Then moved to the porch with the khool khangaroo Ginger Jasper had sent me!

Mom was working on waking up and chekhking our Googlie Readerie thingie when
There was a pop and all went dark save fur the laptop and the khrakhkberry
We noticed the utility pole at the NW edge of the yard was flaming!
Mom khalled MetEd whilst The Doggy Nanny khalled 9-1-1

They had to monitor it
More monitoring
The street in front of the house
I was helping. I akhtually greeted each of them pawsonally with Siberian khysses (and told them to please help us get power bakhk ASAP so my mom didn't start twitching)
More flames!
I made the pussywillow bush my khommand post
Kept them in my sights
Met Ed arrived (there were three trukhks by the time it was all said and done)
Then the fun began as they had to evaluate the situation. I wonder if they played Rokhk, Paper, Scissors to see which of them got to khlimb up there!
Way up there
Having determined they had the situation under khontrol, I went to nap
So did Merdie
Mom kept her eyes on 'em
When I heard her shrieks of WAHOO we have The Internet bakhk, I khame down and went to khall this job khomplete!

Mom shot a short video of some of the fun - THAT IS HERE!!! - please keep in mind when she khaptured some of the goings on in the yard, we had NOOOOO idea how long it would take to restore the power!


However will our furiends be able to make it without their WALKIN' WEDNESDAY fix?!? Well, fear not, HERE IT IS!!!


Khyra and Merdie

PeeEssWoo: Mom and I had just started to visit the Tuesday blogs when we lost power so we are truly we've said before, we'll visit but we might not get the opportunity to leave khomments...and we SOOO hope woo understand!

We'll see woo here tomorrow fur our THANSKGIVING post!