Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flurry Update!!

HOWLo All!
I haven't updated you on Flurry for awhile SO here goes!
I'd say she's doing furry furry well!
And her brother Aja couldn't be happier since he now has a SibeSib playpal!
You khan chekhk out more about our special fur-iend on her Dogster page
Here is a note from her mom
I put some photos side by side so you can see the amazing transformation that is happening here. :)

The left column is 1-26 - the right column is 2-21

She is becoming a real beauty :) A siberian Cinderella.

Isn't it Grrrrrreat to see what LOVE khan do???
Please all give your humans a special khyss in honour of Miss Flurry's MOST SPECIAL MOM!
Now to go give mine a special khlawing!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Khourting Has Started!

Since we live in PA, my mom is khwite into watching the Peregrine Falkhons that have nested for khwite a number of years on The Rachel Kharson Office Building - they have khwite a story to tell - I've added a link to the Falkhon Kham which is
The website is very informative - if my mom remembers khorrekhtly, two years ago, her mate didn't return - she wait and waited for him - lukhkily, a younger falkhon flapped by and khourted her - and they've mated successfully since that first year - they stay around Harrisburg all year - plenty of tasty bits to hunt and snakhk on - but now is the time of year that he tries to lure and woo her again - Mom happened to hit the site today and khaught them both hanging and beginning to prep the skhrape - SO, please add THIS site to your places to visit each day - woo will love it when the chikhks hatch and go from little fluffy puffs to BEEWOOTIFUL birds - and learn all those lessons parents teach their kidz! My mom says you will NOT be disappointed!
She'll keep her eyes on the nest this season and post some khool pikhs!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fuzzy Valentine's Day!

To ALL my Valentines

Khanine, Khat, or Human

BUT an extra big shout out goes to a certain sweet Sibe in Washington and a certain handsome fella in Iowa!

Wags&Wuv to All!

PeeEss: Hey, I'm allowed to choose one Sibe and one Mal - nothing wrong with THAT!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'M(E) IT!

As I mentioned in my last post, my fur-iend Ari and her mom Kate - from ME - tagged me as IT
Since then, my pals in Kansas
So, we need to reveal SEVEN 'khwirky' things about us.
So, here goes:
  1. I'm one of the few Sibes that doesn't go bonkers over ice khubes - khan't say I khare for them.
  2. I LOVE hot khoffee BUT the tea has to be khold!
  3. I used to be named Whitney. Khome on, what kind of name is that FUR A SIBE? It's a nice name fur a biped or a museum; maybe even a khat...BUT A SIBE???
  4. I had a khool ass song written for me by a special friend a few weeks after we met.
  5. I khan't woo. Perhaps, true to the nature of a Sibe, I'm simply choosing NOT TO!
  6. I like to work - a lot - if they would let me, I'd work every day but they make me take the weekend off.
  7. I'm my mom's 7th Sibe - but the furst one that is all hers! We share her birthday AND my Gotcha Day as I was a gift to herself. Akhutually the pikh above is from the furst day she spotted me and I khaptured her heart! Truth be known, growing up she always wanted a buff kholoured khokhker spaniel which she would name Chamois BUT somewhere along the way she saw the LIGHT!
It has been suggested/mentioned that NOW I should TAG others - but I'm going to pass THIS time! Many of my other doggy friends have already been tagged by their pals/my pals!
We did take turns revealing 'things' - and we shared #7!
Thanks fur your patience! NOW, to get to the awards I've been slakhking on rekhognizing! That will be the NEXT one!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm Hoping

...that the khute face will buy ME some time to get my sekhretary BAKHK with this blogging thing! She's gotten 'busy' with 'other' things. Meanwhile, I've got even MORE awards to address AND my MAINE pals Ari and Kate have tagged us to be IT.
Please be patient a little while longer!

I'll take matters into my own paws if she doesn't khome around SOON!Wags&Wuv,Khyra