Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009

Khooler Pastures and PatiosEnjoying the khoolness
And out she khame
Time fur rolling!
And posing
And resting!
Walkin' Wednesday Time AgainFrom The Trail
These shots were along about the halfway point
Since it is Walkin' Wednesday, I've inkhluded some shots from The Tails on The Trail!

I also asked Mom to khapture a SPECIAL WALKIN' WEDNESDAY fur this week with Merdie!

Here are the furst three videos of the akhtual hike along The Trail last Saturday:

One - this is as we gathered and started the walk;

Two - I began to pikhk up speed;

Three - and khontinue!

I thought I'd share some of the other breeds we saw there
Sweetie Froggie Style
Here is a video that inkhludes ME meeting WOODROW!!!Sweetie and a Boston TerrierShiba InuA BouvierAnother shot of the BouvierA mix with awesome paw skillsA furry nice pup!Bernese Mountain Dog with an assortment of SheltiesBlakhk GSDA PointerA Sheltie PrincessBMD FroggieDoggieMore of our Sheltie and BMD pals! Here is a video with them too
This video also inkhludes a Boston Terrier (with DOOFUS dot) and a Yellow Lab saying hi along with Jakhk, Moon, and Leika!More of the BMDJakhk saying hi to the BMDA Pug and a Khorgskie? Or is that Husgi?

I also saw a Khorgi, a Golden Retriever, a Blakhk Lab, and a Papillon. You'll be able to see some of them in the videos.

I'll be sharing more of the videos tomorrow...along with some more pikhs!



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Telling

SoAfter Merdie's people khame fur her, this is how I spent the rest of my evening! I showed them the post we did fur Merdie! They also loved her pink dragon! She greeted them with it!
Time with my tree
The air was soooo pleasant!
Just enjoying Fall!
There goes another leaf!
Now fur some more memories from Saturday: THE ICE KHREAM EATING KHONTEST!
Jakhk and his mom waiting
Me wishing fur
Here are two videos from that tasty treat



TwoI wanted to eat the dish too!

I got a khool tote bag with lots of treats and surprises in it fur my finish!Jakhk was finishing and enjoying his - if woo want to see HIM in akhtion, please chekhk this out

******On the way down we saw this sign AND lukhkily on the way bakhk we were stopped at the light so we khould snag a pikhture fur Honey's Dad AND Handsome Titus!

****** Mom in August 1965Unkhle Steve and Mom in August 1966


I'll share some more of the fun from Saturday's great day tomorrow!




PeeEssWoo: I'd like to tell woo about a blogging pal who would like to meet more furiends...please go visit Sunny - she's a khutie PLUS she just got a khool pool!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday MOMandMeDay

Monday Mom AND Me DayHere is how it started out - this is about a mile from the house
More nice kholours
This a bit blury but woo get the idea! MY B&B (aka York Khounty SPCA) is just to the right at that traffikh light
On I-83 to hit The Turnpike
Khome on Mom
Khrossing the river at Harrisburg
Harrisburg International Airport is on the left side of the river in this pikh; TMI is just to the right
One of the many settled in pikhs - how do woo like the towel my favourite Belgian Tervurens from MN sent me!
The turn in to the park! I knew where we were!
The first pikh taken outside of The Xterra - I had to 'read' the welkhome message!
Since Mom took over 250 pikhtures and videos, we've been trying to figure the best way to share evfurrything! We decided to make it a multi-day post.
Since today is normally MOMday, I thought we'd share some moms!
Sweetie and her mom - and me of khourse

Sweetie and her mom on a portion of the hike
Leika and her mom
Jakhk's mom, Jakhk, and The NY Bully Brats' Mom
Jakhk and his mom! He was sekhond runner up in The Plukhk Off
Some sky
More sky
Doofus Face Time
Cinnabar and his mom
Jakhk's Mom, Jakhk, and me with their prize fur the third highest pledge total!
Jakhk and his mom
Jakhk doing khoy
Me giving Jakhk's mom all the khysses all of woo passed along to help with Star's khrossing
On the way bakhk
I had so much fun!
As soon as we got home, I wanted to go out and sit under MY TREE! I mean, I had been away from it ALL DAY - PLUS, it was RAINING!
Again, THANKS TO ALL OF WOO fur the support!

As we pawed earlier in the post, we'll be featuring various aspekhts of the day as the week goes on.

If woo would like to look at all the pikhs and videos taken that day, here are the links fur them:

PIKHS on Photobukhket

VIDEOS on Photobukhket

(Mom might not have had a chance to review/tag 'em all yet but woo are welkhomed to look - woo will see more of them as the week goes along)
I was exhausted Saturday evening - SOOOOO tired that when we went to bed just after midnight, I akhtually fell so soundly asleep ON THE BED that I neglekhted to move to the floor when Mom got in! She was soooo happy that I stayed with her fur a while. I furget when it is I got down but it was probably about halfway through the night.

We stayed in bed until about 9:30 or so...then I took up statue duty out in the DAMP DAMP yard!She took more but I told her to just pikhk oneThis is pretty representative of my Sunday afternoon too!

On a more serious note, late Saturday evening we saw the post about Domi's impending end and immediately went to paw some khomforting words.

Many of us were khwtie touched by her and her mission here...Skhout and Freyja had a furry lovely did Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

If woo had not yet met Domi, please take a moment or two to read about her and see the therapy she provided us befur khrossing!

Tank woo Domi - woo are khwite the special soul and spirit!