Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toddling and Trotting Tuesday

I'm bakhk in khontrol of MY khorner!

Mom did ask that I applaud and compliment all those that shared THEIR R's - some veRy veRy good ones - Mom did have some of them go through her feeble biped brain - and some she'd furgotten!

She does admit to having Rikhk Springfield's LP of 'Speak To The Sky' - *SIGH!* All of the other R's shared were kwhite good in her musikh book!

WELL, since soooo many pals seemd SOOOOOOOO bummed there would NOT be a Walkin' Wednesday this week, I asked Mom to make up fur that with this BONUS pawing!

So....without further fanfare, please khlikhk H E R E to get your MFT fix fur the week!

I do have to make sure I get Mom's attention fur my Wednesday post!

AND I may need to file my report from the road on Thursday...I have applied for a tikhket to the VP debate in St Louis, Misery, USA - I hope I'm granted akhcess!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Musikh Monday/Momday/Menday

Hey Evfurryone! Another weekend has khonkhluded and another week is ahead of us!

Merdie wanted me to pass along her woofs of thanks fur all the nice birthday wishes! To answer Thor and Markho Polo's khwestion: the bonesikhles were banana and yogurt!
I had Mom pikhk up two large bags of DoofTriever treats at BJ's on Sunday and pakhked them in her overnight bag to take home with her!

Two shots from the weekend!

Well, the weather didn't khompletely khooperate. Mom had hoped it would be walkable by midday or so BUT the rain showers just didn't want to leave. We DID get a walk after dinner BUT Mom khouldn't really get a good shot at any videos due to have to juggle poo-pikhkup and poo bag toting. Merdie is khwite a machine when it khomes to #2!

WELL, time to turn this over to Mom for her musikh thingie...have a great Monday!

OKAY...time for R-men!

Let's start with two Ryan's: one new and one not so although he does have a new release out soon. R y a n B i n g h a m - the very first time I heard him on xpn.org, I was chekhking the playlist for WHO'S THAT before the song was done. I always use THAT kind of wow fakhtor to define how much I like what I've heard! The other R is R y a n A d a m s with THIS song being one of my favourites.

How about two Robert's? R o b e r t C r a y and R o b e r t P a l m e r . I khould make it three with the inkhlusion of Robert Plant but we touched on him with Led Zeppelin.

Now time for two Richard's: R i c h a r d T h o m p s o n and R i c h a r d M a r x .

Three newer R's: R o c k y V o t o l a t o , R a y L a M o n t a g n e , and R o n S e x s m i t h.

I'll khlose with R o b i n T r o w e r - Bridge of Sighs? OH YES!

As always, I'm sure there are many more I've furgotten and I'll be looking furward to all of you sharing YOURS!

As Khyra said, have a great Monday!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day After Soggy Saturday

Welkhome to the Day AFTER Soggy Saturday (formerly known as Sunday)! Saturday morning we woke up to steady steady rain - it was like the remnants of Gustav we experienced three weeks ago. Mom let both of us out - one of 'us' rushed right back in BUT the other one of 'us' did her best Princess Rainkhloud impression again. I stayed out soooooo long, Mom had to khome out fur me! Even though I was just off the patio, Mom got wet too! My doggy nanny noticed I was still khwite wet hours later! Ha-rooooooo!

It did stop from time to time - and just long enough to tease Mom into thinking it would NOT resume and that we would get to go fur our walk later Saturday! WRONG! Every period of suspended rainimation was followed by MORE high intensity showers! Of khourse, when it did stop, I rekhwested to go out. Here I am lounging in my dampness!

SOOOO, to help celebrate Merdie's birthday - btw, some have asked if Merdie is a boy or girl - well, here is the birthday GIRL ready to have her Birthday Bonesikhle!!!
I'm ready to get khomfy with mine!
Chekhk out my pearlie whites!
Merdie ready to get khomfy with hers!

Notice the tongue akhtion!WELL, Mom is all excited that the Philadelphia Phillies khlinched the National League East Division Title Saturday! It wasn't easy and I do think I heard some HBO words!

AND to further celebrate a great win for the Philadelphia organization, she opened her bottle of Mike Schmidt 548 Zinfandel to toast his 59th birthday! Growing up - and beyond - Michael Jack Schmidt was my mom's FAVOURITE baseball player! He's probably one of THE greatest 3rd basemen of ALL TIME!

I know I'm not the only pup in PA disappointed in the weather - chekhk out my khute pal from The Kapp Pakhk! She knows our pain!

Have a great rest of your weekend AND be SURE to help my handsome British pal Ben with his GREAT khause!!!


Khyra and MerdieTheGoldenDoofTrieverBirthdayGal

All Pawtied Out!

PeeEssWoo: Mom will be here tomorrow for Musikh Menday/Momday/Monday!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A To Z

As in A-wards to Z-oo!

When Mom let me out Wednesday night before bed, this friend was on the patio door!

Meet Sylvia!

It's Sylvia Slug
I want to see Sylvia!

THEN Thursday night, I went out and as I headed bakhk in, I stopped to chekhk out another new friend!

She khwikhly got the khamera to take a pikh of Tova Toad!

I saw Tova last week when I khame bakhk from a walk on the sidewalk near where some of the KHATS hangout!

Tova Toad


On Friday, I saw my little pal in KholWOOrado Springs The Glummy Puddle gave me the Kikhk Ass Blogger award!

I was touched fur I like to think I do kikhk some serious FT (fluffy tail)!

I'm going to pass this on to all the SMS Members fur they SOOOOO do get stuff done!


I have a furry special visitor this weekend

YEP! She's bakhk! AND it is HER BIRFDAY WEEKEND!!! Akhtually it was Friday BUT we are going to celebrate today! She's 11 now! We are hoping the weather will pawmit us to go fur a walk so we khan khapture our khuteness as we stroll along!

This is me resting up after a great game of chase each other around!


Mom would like to thank our heeler pals for suggesting Reba - that was a good one! So was Dave's idea of Roxette and The Romantikhs for group R's!

Well, time to get going so we khan do some MORE pawtying with Merdie!

Have a great Saturday!


Khyra AND Merdie

Friday, September 26, 2008

Workin' Fur The Weekend

Chekhk those khalendars: it is FRIDAY!!! I'm so ready bekhause it means I get to spend lots of time with Mom!!! PLUS, I think khousin Merdie is khoming!!!

I'm glad woo all enjoyed my khristmas khorner on Thursday - I hope woo helped yourself to a gift fur your blog!

Well, I'm going to turn this over to Mom so she khan get started with the R-gals:

I'm gonna list some new(er) R's to give a listen to: Regina Spektor , Rachel Harrington , Ruby James , Rachel Mayfield , and Robinella .

Now to some older R's that you will no doubt rekhognize: Rosanne Cash - and please chekhk out this v i d e o o f h e r s - it is her rendition of one of her dad's songs - and certainly a sentiment we all have. BTW, please do give a listen to 'Black Cadillac' on her myspace page.

Another older R - Rickie Lee Jones - damn, she looks like a kid!

The final R for this post - Roberta Flack - with two videos to bring back memories of the 70's - O N E and T W O . Akhtually, both of these songs KHOULD apply to our Sibe and/or khanine loves! I'll also remember the sekhond one as a song from a certain Clint Eastwood movie.

Okay, now time for you to share and show YOUR R-gals! That is such an enjoyable part of this post theme: seeing the ones you like and/or share!

Have a safe and grrrrrreat weekend!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Khristmas Is Just Around The Khorner

Khristmas in September!

My Siberian Khristmas Tree and Snowmen!

If woo khlikhk on the pikh, it should get bigger so woo khan see it better!

Well, the khalendar says it is the 25th - with khristmas just three months away! Bekhause this is a Siberian household, we've kept the tree up - khomplete with snowmen to guard it!

I'm going to use today's post to share all the gifts I've received and to regift them!

The furst one is from Thor

With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words. " This label implies two rules: the first, link the blog to which he received the award. The second - pick blogs to deliver the prize.


The next khool one khame from Ekhho Ekhho Ekhho and those two khrazy gals from Vegas, Baby! I love your blogs too!


This one khame from Happy! I was soooo touched!


And this furry pretty one khame from one of our bestest and nicest pals: The OP Pakhk!


I know the rules say we need to blah blah and then blah blah BUT hey, it's khristmas in September and I am giving them to my furiends all over the world! If woo feel your blog is worthy OR woo see a blog you feel khaptures the spirit of the award, PLEASE pass it along!
That is the khool part about gifts: woo khan give them bekhause woo WANT TO!
Especially since these past few days have been diffikhult ones fur some of us in the blog world: too many of our friends OR friends of friends have khrossed The Rainbow Bridge. This means lots of new energy 'there' but lots of sadness 'here'.
SO, now's the time to go give your peoples some extra sloppy khysses!
PeeEssWoo:Mom will be here tomorrow with R-gals!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woeful Wednesday

Please go visit DeetzyBoy's Blog
Gizmo khrossed yesterday
Their mom needs some hugs
and so does Deetz
Hugz&Khysses From A Leaking Part of PA,
Khyra and Her Mom

Walkin' Wednesday VII

Hey Evfurrybuddy!

It is THAT TIME AGAIN: Walking Wednesday with ME!

I was glad to see woo all enjoyed my videos from Tails on The Trails!
So, without much more babbling from me (or my assistant), here is the link woo all have been waiting fur: P L E A S E K H L I K H K H E R E!
Have a great Wednesday!
See you all here tomorrow!
PeeEssWoo: PLEASE chekhk out the furry khool thing my handsome friend Ben The Rotti is doing! . Please try and snag your humans' pawpal akhkhounts and send Ben some MONEY!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tundra Tuesday

Hello evfurrybody! I'm bakhk!! Mom wanted me to tank woo all fur the GREAT R-group ideas - she had thought about Redbone...she LOVES Roxy Musikh...she gets a rush from Rush...she also thinks Henry Rollins is pretty special...speaking of 'special', she doesn't have any Radiohead but khonsidered putting them on the list...and she just never REALLY got into The Rolling Stones. Once again, she had fun doing the post and then perusing the khomments!

NOW, to the IMPORTANT stuff: MY VIDEOS from Tails on The Trails! Since she wasn't sure how long/big some of them would turn out to be, she loaded all of the walking videos on youtube. In the khoming days, she'll put some others out 'there' somewhere.

So, here are FIVE videos of various portions of the two mile walk that kikhked off the great day: O N E , T W O , T H R E E , F O U R , and F I V E .

I hope woo enjoy them! PLUS, don't furget, I'll be bakhk tomorrow with our regular Walkin' Wednesday feature!

Thursday will find me sharing the latest khool awards bestowed upon my humble blog - along with another special little treat!

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Musikh Monday/Momday

R you ready for Musikh Monday/Momday? Well, it will start in a few! I just wanted to thank evfurryone fur the nice khomments about my Sunday post! Fur anyone that didn't know about THE BUTTERS, here is his Dogster Page with HIS STORY! and here is his page on Tails of the Tundra Siberian Reskhue. He sooooo deserves happiness!

Since it warmed up a bit here on Sunday, I really appreciated how beaWOOtiful Saturday's weather was fur such a great outing!
I khouldn't help but notice the khomments about the flowers! If anyone wants info to khontakht that huMAN, please send me a pawmail to my g mail thingie.

Mom got my walking videos up on youtube Sunday so we'll be featuring them soon!

Okay - now I'll turn it over to Mom for her 'r'eview of R musikh!

Khyra's Mom here now! I started jotting down potential material fur today's post and 'r'ealized this will be a three parter - groups, females, and then males!

We'll start off with an oldie - how about some R E N A I S S A N C E with this furry appropriate tune! The lead singer of Renaissance, Annie Haslam , has one INKHREDIBLE vokhal range!

From there, how about some R U S T E D R O O T . I would suggest listening to "Send Me On My Way" on their myspace page.

Or perhaps some R E D H O T C H I L I P E P P E R S ? Or R. E. M. (by the way, make sure woo chekhk out the pup in the video!)? Or some R. E. O. S p e e d w a g o n - and I'll throw two videos up fur this - the sekhond one has TWO Kansas khonnekhtions!!!

I'll khlose with two newer R's - one is lokhal: R A I S E U P R O O F B E A M S and another would be R E D M O L L Y

So what do you think? Which R groups would be on your list?

Have a furry great week!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

PeeEssWoo: Khyra here - I just khame from Hendrix's blog - I realized my silly mom furgot T H E R A M O N E S . AND then I heard R U F U S on www.xpn.org. Better late than nev-fur!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Silly Sunday

Ready To Khonk Out Khyra! This was taken soon after we got bakhk from our very full day!
Khool Flowers!
Khool Flowers !!
Khool Flowers!!!
We were HERE!

I will be bakhk NEXT YEAR!

Well, I had a blast at Tails On The Trails 2008!

I sooooo made my mom khover two miles khwite khwikhkly...when she gets the videos out on YouTube, she'll post them here - probably later this week. She did NOT khode out whilst walking but I sooooo gave her a great khardiakh workout - especially since on a 'normal' Saturday morning, we haven't even had our furst khup of khoffee by THAT time!

She did get one interesting video loaded fur all of woo to see - you'll see why today's title is SILLY Sunday if woo khlikhk the word S I L L Y. Mom gave me one of the biskhuits from our goody bag and I had to prepare it fur khonsumption!

Aren't the flowers khool? I met a Dogster pal at the hike - L E I K A . Akhtually, after we got signed in and started walking around, this nice lady asked my mom if I was DOGSTER KHYRA! She rekhognized ME!!! We talked fur a bit - and then hung out together later in the afternoon. Leika's mom ended up being the sekhond highest fund raiser so she got a khool gift pakhkage that inkhluded the flowers. Well, it turns out the huMAN that makes them is a friend of hers - and she already has many of his items (painted metal and khopper khreations). She asked my mom if she liked them - and of khourse she did fur she really likes those lily flowers AND especially THOSE kholours - and would she like them!

That was just soooo nice! But then again, Siberian people are pretty freakin' khool!

AND YES: I got to see THE BUTTERS!!! If woo want to see THE BUTTERS, please khlikhk where it says I W A N T T O S E E T H E B U T T E R S

Nika khame BUT Rudi Rudi Rudi had to stay at home...it was nice to see Nika and her pawrents again!

I khyssed some humans - no babies this time - and I soooo spread my fluff and strutted it too!

So, that was my day! The Xterra pulled out of HERE around 8am or so AND then pulled bakhk in a bit after 4pm. I rested a bit...ate a bit...then we went for our normal daily walk! On my walk, we passed a group of young bipeds sitting on a lawn - I heard 'it's a husky...she's pretty...khan we pet her' - SO I got MORE adoration from six FUTURE voters!



PeeEssWoo: Mom says Musikh Monday/Momday will be the start of some R's - she's not sure if it will be groups or artists SO woo will just have to khome on by Khyra's Khorner tomorrow!

Ammy! Lookie what I saw on my walk Saturday night! It is an alien Oswald - the eyes were lit up!

The four pikhs above are from Saturday night...I was FINALLY resting - hardly noticed she took my pikh...but just HAD to pikhk up my head and ask "What Mom? I'm SLEEPING!" THEN I assumed the Siberian Doughnut pawsition! Not long after that, I found my TRUE zen pawsition!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How I Spent My Friday Night

Must Rest Up
Must Rest Up
Mom...I MUST rest up!

Khan woo blame me?

Since we hit the road WWWAAAYYY early to get to The Tails On The Trails, I started resting up Friday night!

I thought about seeing The Butters!

I thought about seeing Nika!!

AND I thought about seeing lots of other furry friends!!!

PLUS, I thought about all the babies and humans I might get to khyss!!!!

Have a great and safe Saturday!

She's got the khamera battery fully charged and the memory khard khleared sooooo we'll get plenty of khool pikhs! I need to look up the Mal-a-hunks SimKHa woo'd to me about in yesterday's khomments!



Friday, September 19, 2008

Workin' Harrrrr Fur Harrrrr The Harrrrr Weekend Harrrrr!

Yes - it is just about that time: the weekend is almost here! I'm so excited about going to The Tails on the Trails - I think I'm going to get to see Nika AND THE BUTTERS! PLUS, Nika's mom told my mom she's trying to khonvince Nika's dad to bring Rudi Rudi Rudi!!!
Speaking of moms, it is time fur mine to do her Musikh Momday stuff. It will be kind of khwikhk fur there isn't a large quantity of 'Q's' but she does have some!
I'll turn it over to Mom - khatch woo tomorrow!
Musikhal Q's??? The furst one on the list is Q u e e n - and this is a song our Siberians have going thru their minds TOOOOOOO often!
Another Q for me would be Q u e e n s r y c h e - I always found this song to be khwite haunting.
Okay - time for another 80's flashbakhk - and I'm going to inkhlude two of theirs - only bekhause it has been too long since I've heard them: Q u a r t e r f l a s h and of khourse this one t o o - but it is hard to harden your heart to a brown eyed girl staring at you!
Two words: Q u i e t R i o t - but you are on your own - I've only inkhluded them bekhause of their 'Q'!
Or some Q u i n c y J o n e s and not just one - here is a n o t h e r !
I've got two new Q's to share - chekhk out Quactus or Quatisi .
SO, what Q's are on your list?
I'm sure MFT and I will be having a mellow one tonight so as to rest up before meeting all the pawtential voters!
Hope you have a great Friday and SAFE weekend. I'll be bakhk on Monday with some R's for you!
Hugz&Khysses From Jelly Bones Marilyn and Khap'n Uma Khannonballs
PeeEssHarrrrrWoo: It's Talk Like Harrrr A Pirate Day - here is one of our favourite pirates . Harrrr!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Khampaign Appearance!

Greetings My Fellow Residents of this GREAT Khountry!
I wanted to let you know I'll be making a KHAMPAIGN APPEARANCE this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th at
I'll be available to khyss your babies or your humans!
I'll also be available to listen to your list of woo's about what it is Turbo and I need to do make sure we get some howling voices of reason elekhted this November!
We know almost ALL humans are stoopid BUT I just KNOW all the humans that will be at SATURDAY'S EVENT are in the minority of SMART ones! After all, they have SIBERIANS and/or are supporting SIBERIAN reskhue!
Please feel free to offer me your paw!!
I'm furry much looking furward to seeing you there!!!
BTW, I'll have my fluffy tail on but NO lipstikhk.
We're Just Sayin'
PeeEssWoo: In khase woo hit my blog before 630pm on Wednesday, I would like to woo some sad news: Sitka and CM's nana did khross to the heavens. Summi's mummi and my mom thought she'd be having some GREAT KHAKE fur her pawty - probably a kind of khake we earthbound residents khan only dream of - REAL ANGEL FOOD with NO khalories and served by real honest to goodness ANGELS! Dogspeed Nana - dogspeed!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday VI

Well, it is WEDNESDAY and we know what THAT means!
BUT furst, I want to paw a note of thanks fur all the kind words left here BUT more importantly, all the kind words left on Gizmo's blog!
They all show the power of people kharing about khritters and khritters kharing about people!
One might never be able to paw bakhk favours and kind words but woo khan paw 'em furward!
As we pawed to JFF's when they said they were going to leave the bloggin' world, we say blogging is like breathing - once you start, you khan't stop!
SO, without further delay, please allow me to present W A L K I N' W E D N E S D A Y !
PeeEssWoo: I wanted to woo and yap some special wishes to my BFF Sitka's nana in Georgia. She's not been her spunky self recently which is a bummer BUT it is doubly a bummer fur today is her nana's birfday! SO, let's all have khake and livergreat for Sitka and Cornelia Marie's special nana and HOWL a special tune so she'll hear us!
Well, I've got to paw a sad update - Nana will be spending her birthday night in the heavens somewhere - soooo, when you go out tonight - just a few days past full moon - look towards the southern sky - you'll see one very special NEW star out there twinkling away - letting us know she's made it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And Gizmo has MY post Tue-day

I'm going to let Gizmo have the blog here tue-day...he's a special little fella.

Gizmo said a whole lot of great stuff on Monday -

I want all to see it OR see it again SO Khyra's Khorner will be Gizmo's Khorner!

Please take a deep breath, grab a khup of something good, and be ready to learn some great lessons about LOVE!




Monday, September 15, 2008

Musikh Monday/Momday

Well, it's Monday - and another week is upon us and so is another posting of Musikh Monday/Momday!

As you saw from the posts, Khyra and Merdie had fun - and thanks to the yukhky weather in Pawslyvania on Sunday, we did furry little...walk time was after 7pm and it still made for a glowy Mom!

SOOO, now we are to P GROUPS - I was going to be khlever and alphabetise them BUT I just decided to throw 'em up here as I jotted 'em down on the notepad that has been by the laptop to khapture my inspiration.

The furst one - well - it has to be P i n k F l o y d and it has to be T H I S S O N G - yes, too often I feel like a lost soul swimming in a fishbowl. No matter how many times I hear this song, I will NEVER tire of it - and it always khalls for turning up the volume on whatever I am listening to.

Next P on the paper? P O C O and R o s e O f C i m a r r o n - still sounds great! As does P u r e P r a i r i e L e a g u e and A M I E - falling in and out of love with you!

Ladies choice time again - P r o c o l H a r u m and Whiter Shade of Pale.

How about some assorted oldies but very goodies: Peter Paul and Mary (doing a great Dylan tune!) and Paul Revere and The Raiders with a something our khanines usually are?

NOW, time for T h e P r e t e n d e r s who will be releasing something new early next month...and here's something old.

Next one on my list? How about some P s y c h e d e l i c F u r s ? OR maybe some P e a r l J a m ? OR maybe T h e P o l i c e ? .

Time for some harder sounds - this furst one is for Joey in Tempe's dad: P a n t e r a ! The next is for all of us that survived the great hair bands of the 80's - P o i s o n .

Two last ones - they fall into the newer khategory - one is lokhal to me - P e r k a s i e and maybe some and then a group that just played the Kansas State Fair: P u d d l e O f M u d d

Well, this khonkhludes another Musikh Monday/Momday! Please share and khompare the P Groups from YOUR list!

Have a great week - Khyra will be bakhk tomorrow!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Merdie Moments

Merdie has her paw on MY head!
Bakhk to bakhk - not cheek to cheek!
We've had fun so far! Merdie was khwite khontent to spend time the way I like to spend time: lounging near Mom whilst she paws and all on her laptop. The natural light wasn't very khonducive to getting some akhtion pakhked videos.
I don't think we'll be doing tooooo much later today in the outside world. The khalendar says September 14th BUT the thermometer is supposed to be 90+. YIKES!
Mom took us for a walk befur dinner on Saturday since it was looking like it might rain. She took TWO videos of us to share with all of WOO! Here is V I D E O 1 and here is V I D E O 2
We hope woo enjoy them!!!
Well bakhk to working on wearing out Merdie or is that Merdie wearing out Khyra?!?!
Khyra and Merdie
PeeEssWoo: Please chekhk out the latest pet food rekhall information. It isn't my brand or Merdie's brand but we want to spread the word.
Thank woo all fur visiting Deetzy Boy's blog too!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Khamp Khyra

It's Khousin Merdie The GoldenDoofTriever
Khamp Khounselor MFT

WELL, she's bakhk! Merdie's people went khamping fur the weekend (that is my mom woo hear snikhering fur it is raining as I paw this) - they went to a khool for bi-ped amusement park
SOOOOOO khousin Merdie gets to stay here with me!

When her people dropped her off Friday night, the furst thing she did was snatch one of my Sibe stuffies from MY toybox!
We had assorted joustings and chasings. The pikhs are from a khool down period.
Mom is hoping the natural light will khooperate later today so she khan get some video of us 'playing' She'll also try to get some Walkin' with Merdie and Khyra paw shots too!

We've been watching the khoverage from Hurrikhane Ike - it ain't gonna be pretty. Gustav was a yappetizer khompared to the wrath of this one. We'll be khrossing our paws fur all affekhted.

Mom says thank once again fur the feedbakhk on her Friday musikh 'p'ost - the additional artists mentioned were FURRY good! In fakht, she thinks Pete Townshend's one album has one of THE best titles EVER - in fakht, she paraphrased it for a khaption on one of my pikhks!

We would like our readers to stop by and show some support fur Deetzy Boy and his mom...Gizmo has just about passed along all he needs to teach and share with Deetz. I'll stop now before I make my mom leak. Deetz told her not to but woo know how moms khan be!

Have a great Saturday!
Khyra AND Merdie

And I KNOW woo needed a huzzy shot!

The above shots were taken AFTER we filed this report!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Workin' Fur The Weekend

We are about to make it to another FRIDAY! That means extra time with Mom - and a special guest! They don't think I heard them diskhuss it BUT rumour has it Khousin Merdie The GoldenDooftriever is khoming to Khamp Khyra!

I'm glad evfurryone enjoyed my sekhret trip to Mom's workplace. My pal Ekhho asked why she had all the khalendars - well, one khan never have toooooo many khute Siberian pikhs - plus, one was a gift and one was from TOTTSHR - and we are going to their hike N E X T S A T U R D A Y . The other one - well, must have been due to the rule of threes?

Time for me to turn it over to Mom for Musikh Momday BUT before I do I wanted to tell all my pals out there in the path of Hurrikhane Ike to please be safe. It does not look like it is going to be a good weekend in Texas. Doesn't Ike know you don't mess with Texas???

Okay, MFT - MY TURN NOW! Time for P-boys and men! Let's get started with my own personal most important P - P h i l O c h s although I'm ashamed to admit I never heard and/or listened to him when he was still alive and performing. One very special friend of mine introduced me to Phil's works and Phil's message. His songs were written in the 60's and 70's but sadly his messages khan so be applied to today's times. When trying to figure out which of his songs to feature here, since I khouldn't decide amongst all his message songs, I went with this beautiful song - probably one of the best songs Phil wrote - but then again, I khan be swayed by soft stuff! Plus my friend does an inkhredible version of it as well. It would be so nice to have Phil around today but he left us in 1976 but he left us lots to think about.

Another P will be one of the two Paul's that will feauture a song and/or myspace page. In this khase, Paul Young has a song I've always loved - it's actually a song Daryl Hall wrote - and it so fits our khanines - what do you think? I think our pups sing this to us as we leave.
The other Paul would be P a u l T h o r n . I found him whilst surfing myspace one day.

Pauls that will get honourable mention would be Anka, Kantner, McCartney, Weller, and Westerberg. HEY, I have to draw the line somewhere!

Okay, who of my generation doesn't own this guy's Frampton Khomes Alive album??? I even saw him here in York - wow!

Another guitar P: Pat Metheny - nice nice sound!

Then we have two former Genesis members: P e t e r G a b r i e l - and NO, it is NOT she's so funky now! AND then we have P h i l C o l l i n s - with a song I'm sure more than a few of us have felt the need/urge to sing! Plus, there is Phil with another P: Philip Bailey - Philip's voice range is tremendous!

Ummm - Prince - but he's a poopoo head - and doesn't pawmit his videos on Youtube BUT I found a great substitute - Ha-roooo!

I'll wrap it up with two newer and/or less known P's - P a t G r e e n - another one I was turned onto by a friend....and finally, P e t e r D a w s o n -who I akhtually saw when he performed in this area bakhk in 2004 - my friend opened for D r e w K e n n e d y who opened for Peter on a Thursday night - and then on Saturday, Peter and Drew did a show together in Merriland. Nice times - nice memories - nice nights!

I'm sure there are a few sad I didn't inkhlude Perry Como but MFT is khlawing fur her laptop bakhk!

Please share your P's and get ready for Musikh Monday/Momday P The Groups! I'm very 'p'syched fur I've got khwite the list!

Have a great rest of yours -please be safe this weekend!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where She Goes

I decided to follow her and see where it she DOES go when she takes my Xterra fur the day. Hmmm, there it is. (Please furgive the pikh - she borrowed it from the website)
Hmmmm - nice scenery - at least she remembers me! (Please furgive the pikh's flashy khwality - the one without the flash turned out too blurry)
Hmmm - At least her khalendars are of a high khwality breed!
Yet more - when visitors to her office see the pikhs, they usually feel khompelled to ask one of those human (aka STOOPID) khwestions: so do you have a Siberian?
Her desktop - I khause her to go into a trance as she stares into my big chokholate browns!
Like DUH!
Here is a khool saying! Her roomie put it there! Anyone that enters their office knows they won't get much sympathy!This is the view out of her office!
At that is the view out of the other window AND the area where she takes and pikhks up the shipping paperwork.So, I guess she really does go to work when she leaves me AND I head bakhk up to bed fur the day!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
BTW, I filed yesterday's report befur the transkhript of Turbo's speech was available. Please go visit his page and paw your support fur the tikhket that gets it!
PeeEssWoo: She'll be here tomorrow - it will be time for P boys and men!