Friday, October 31, 2008

Trikhk or Treat

Some Festive Fall Dekhorations from 'round the neighbourhood!

I'm looking fur The Great Pumpkin
Khontinuing to look fur him!

The Great Barrier Leaf

I think I'll have to go with LAST year's khostume - it was SUCH a hit!
Happy HOWLoween evfurryone!
Be khareful out there!
PeeEssWoo: Mom's musikh posts will return to their regularly skhheduled furmat next week!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Red Okhtober!!!

In khase woo haven't heard, please khlikhk H E R E
And HERE and H E R E!!!

He watched the phinal innings!

It was THE LUKHKY Ribbons my Doggy Nanny put on my khollar fur the furst round of the playoffs!
Mom did chill some champagne BUT she'll drink that this weekend! It is too late AND she's toooooooo wound up NOW!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday: The Next Generation!

The khonditions befur we headed out fur our walk!
Believe it or now, it wasn't khompletely unkhomfortable (akhkhording to Mom). The wind made woo think it was kholder than it really was. In fakht, when we got bakhk, Mom touched my Doggy Nanny on the forearm so she khould see it wasn't khwite polar yet!
Given the weather forekhast fur the day (RAIN AND SHOWERS), Mom didn't expekht we'd get a Walkin' Wednesday in BUT we did! Please khlikhk H E R E !
Mom is speaking in her OUTSIDE voice since she wasn't sure how much the wind was affekhting how she khame akhross!
When we got bakhk, we had to traverse the Great Barrier Leaf!

And here is the evfur expanding stikhk khollekhtion! There are more in the yard that Mom will harvest later today. I'm sure woo all rekhognize the flash of white in the lower right paw khorner!


I would like to thank evfurryone fur the wonderful birfday wishes for Kyrye and Auntie Di!

Since some of woo khommented about my single Sibe status, Mom will try and post some of my other 'sibs' soon. They don't live with us. They live with Mom's ex - but they are only about ten minutes away.




PeeEssWoo: Walkin' Wednesday The Next Generation will be taking a break next Wednesday fur our monthly special post!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two For Tuesday!

Two Birfdays 'tue'day!
This is mom's oldest living Siberian Kyrye. She is 14 today!
She was Mom's sekhond Sibe. Taltia was the furst. She khrossed in July of 1994 and fur five long months the house had no khanine.
When Mom furst saw me at the SPCA, I reminded her a great deal of Kyrye. Kyrye has two blue eyes but she has a fluffy khoat AND liked to play spunky in her day! She still has her spunky moments but she rekhwires some extra refreshing.
Kyrye and ME!

Happy Birfday Kyrye!!!

Here is the OTHER birfday gal! My Auntie Di!
She lives in the sauna blastfurnace oven known as
Land of Joey and The Doofus!
Here is Auntie Di with my other khousin Abby!
Auntie Di is a few years older than fourteen! I'll give woo a khlue and let woo do the math: she was born in 1970.
Happy Birthday to a special Sibe and a special sib!
PeeEssWoo: We reserve the right to update this post later as events warrant!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Merdie Monday

Welkhome to Merdie Monday!
We had a beaWOOtiful day on Sunday!
The weather was sunny and khool!
Here is Merdie khooperating fur the khamera

And now some shots from her SZK Photo Studies Khlass

Here are the stikhks Mom khollekhted on Saturday!
I'm sure Gus sees some that Louie and Callie would like!

AND of khourse, here are some pikhs of ME!
Now fur the SPECIAL BONUS:
Please khlikhk H E R E for a Walkin' With Khyra and Merdie!
I know today is normally Musikh Momday/Monday BUT I wanted to share my special khousin instead!
Have a great week evfurryone!
Khyra AND Merdie

PeeEssWoo: WELL, Mom didn't want to jinx them BUT now that there are one game khloser: Go Phillies! Go Phillies!! Go Phillies!!!
Thanks to Tukhker in KholWOOrado, we know that TODAY is the anniversary of the founding of Philadelphia in 1682! What a pawsome pressie a World Series win would be!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day After Another Soggy Saturday

What do woo think of this khool award?

I was furry honoured to see a certain Makhkie Poo bestow it upon me!

SO, I will pass it along to my SMS pals fur we sooooooo share the love (amongst other things)!

Speaking of sharing the love, I'll share some of my Saturday with Merdie!

Khan woo say WET? That was the word fur our Saturday! No walkin' with Merdie - BUMMER!

I had khwality time with MY Wubba!

Merdie played with MY Sibe stuffie. She has one of her own at her house!

I had Mom watch!

Merdie was in charge of The Doggy Nanny

We hung out in the house assuming various pawsitions and duties. This was the pillow fluffing part!

I hope evFURryone has had a nice time so far!

Even though I was bummed it was wet and rainy here today, I'm hoping it helps improve the chances fur next Saturday to be NOT wet! I'll be taking Mom to Gettysburg to meet some of my Sibe pals that are khoming to town ! I'm furry excited!


Merdie and Khyra


Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Baby Makes Three...

Well, The RastaBaby has arrived!
Here is what Marley and Ziggy thought he MIGHT look like (thanks to some help from Turbo's Human)
I'll let you be the judge of how khlose she khame.
Please chekhk out THEIR BLOG and woo some khongrats to the furry happy RastaMom and RastaDad!
In honour of the three little 'birds' they now have in their house, here is a song for the furry proud Rasta Pawrents!
Happy Saturday Evfurryone!
PeeEssWoo: Merdie got to stay over! I'll have some GoldenDoofTriever pikhs fur Sunday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Workin' Fur The Weekend

YES! It's here!! The WEEKEND!!! Lots of time with MOM although it is supposed to rain SO we won't get to be outside too much...and we MIGHT get to have Merdie khome to Khamp Khyra! It depends upon whether or not her silly humans go khamping!

I'm glad woo all enjoyed my relaxing in the yard pikhs!

I'm going to turn this over to Mom now SO I'll say have a WOOnderful weekend!


Okay, Khyra's mom here! We are up to the T's - and I was GOING to feature the female T's but I decided to go with some T groups so we khould khikhk off the weekend with some khikhk bum stuff!

Furst off, T H I N L I Z Z Y and then off to YouTube fur something we often get to do with our khanines.


Then on to some T R I U M P H ( which reminded me I don't have ANY on CD - all my Triumph is on vinyl!).


How about some 10cc - and I wonder if they REALLY did get their name from what folklore says they did!?! Here is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE 10cc song - I don't like it, I love it!


3 Doors Down has been a favourite of mine since they furst khame out - and this song is one I never tire of hearing.


How about some T O T O?



And I'll khlose with some Motown Sounds: T h e T e m p t a t i o n s! These will be fur a certain Brown Eyed FT who sends me here and has done this a few times!
And I'll end with this ONE bekhause it kind of fits the times.
OKAY, now show me YOUR T's!
Have a great one!
Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful, Thoughtful, and Thinking Thursday!

I was thinking that maybe woo would like to see some of my Fall beaWOOty!

And now for the Thankful and Thoughtful part!
This was furry nice of my furiends in Texas to give ME!
Tank woo Sunny, Scooter, and their mom!
I will pass it along to anyone that wants a HUG from LADY (and a bit of a BUG) Khyra The Wise!
Please help yourself!
After all, we are ALL furiends HERE!
PeeEssWoo: Go Phillies!