Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tree Time

The next series of pikhs were added to the post we had in place - please bigify them fur the full WOW fakhtor!
Just the other week we were khommenting about timing being evFURRYthing
WELL, we went fur our walk - and on the next street we spotted this serious sparrow with lunch - if woo bigify woo khan see the nom nom
Sorry fur the blurry pikh - The SS flew to the other tree prior to Mom being able to switch to Sport Mode
We watched fur ten or fifteen minutes
Mom kept babbling about how khool it was
She khouldn't stop taking in all the beaWOOty
Just pawesome!!!

We got two videos from there - which was akhtually two houses from FROG ISLAND!!!



But then we enkhountered our pal on the next street
And she got a short video from here too
We were smiling bekhause this all fit with the title we had already staged with 'Tuesday Tree Time' fur me
I wonder if The Serious Sparrow had been watching me
Have a nice Tuesday!

I hope woo have a favourite tree to ponder under too!



PeeEssWoo: We'll have the birthday/gotcha stuffs together fur T-T-T Thursday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday With Multiple M's

Okay - how's this?
Merdie's dad sent this to us Saturday afternoon!
Now to turn this ovFUR to Mom so she khan tell woo about Sunday's transport

I snagged this pic in the driveway prior to heading North to go South - THANKS AGAIN MAYZIE!!!
The light where I've been trying to get a pic of the lucky charm AND the SPCA just in the background - hoping it will help the current guests there to find THEIR furever homes
After crossing The Potomac
Bubba The Chuggie
Dixie and Trixie - or is that Trixie and Dixie?! ?

Actually, it is Dixie and Trixie - Trixie is in the PINK

Sampson being patient in Martinsburg whilst we took care of the ChuggiesHe was my co-pilot so he has most photographed status - and truth be known, he won Best In Xterra - despite the challenge from Tigua

Back to Merryland and another trip across The Potomac
Handsome Sampson
Pawsylvania Time
He napped almost the entire trip with the console for his pillow
Callie in her crate - this was at the traffic light when we got off I81 for our meeting place exit - Sampson and Callie knew the drill on highway speed changing means time to wake up so they could change vehicles
She was an awesome girl - still a bit shy and unsure of the world around her - I had transported her siblings Nikki and Ralph back in June - I couldn't get them out then BUT I was permitted to get Callie out ! ! !
Just wait 'til you see her tail in the videos
The very very handsome and lucky Tigua - how in dog's name could this wee one end up as a freakin' stray? If you 'lost' him, wouldn't you be looking for him?

I know The Thundering Herd Hu-Dad expected Tigua to be the most photo'ed passenger but I honestly didn't get much time with him - I chose to let him ride in his crate so as to not annoy the poop out of Sampson too much - he was very high energy - I mean he's in the four to five month range - and with full shark teeth - SO I didn't want to have any hassles whilst on the road -

I had been saving some of the pics Mary had been sending during her time fostering him - I've included them in the Photobucket - along with pics from some of the Saturday legs -

Here is the Photobucket Album with SEVEN videos - one of them is only a few seconds long - I didn't realise the camera was on already whilst videoing Callie - but since you didn't get to see much of her, I've kept it -

Here is the Photobucket Slideshow of the day along with the previously mentioned OTHER pictures -

The transport did cross paths with another one that had started in Hagerstown - I would have seen them 'there' had I driven my 'normal' leg but we needed to split the Winchester to Hagerstown leg due to a driver inadvertantly double-booking themself - so June and I met in Martinsburg - that's why you see the West Virginia sign -

As for the dedication recipient of this transport? WELL, it was for Khyra's Fourth Gotcha Day - it was part of the surprise box of stuff we got from White Dog and The OTHER White Dog - their box wasn't the box you saw Khyra guarding - that one was her Happy Hearts PAWTY stuffs - they wanted to sponsor this one for her special day!

Due to the extra activity around the exchange spot - and the other driver needing to get to Allentown on schedule - I didn't get to babble much about the special place Khyra has in my heart - she's brought me so much joy - and fuzz - on a daily basis - and she's allowed me to 'meet' all of you - her presence in my life exposed me to the great concept of transporting - which in turn has helped others in need find their furever homes -

Thanks Khyra AND Thanks WD and TOWD!

I truly hope we'll have the birthday/gotcha day post ready for Tuesday Telling!

It was another fun day for all - and YES: all of the passengers have FUREVER HOMES WAITING FOR THEM!

Khyra raises her fluffy tail in thanks to Rotts 'n Pups Rescue!!!

Thanks again for the support and kind words!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Sharing

BTW, the winning bid fur my transport sponsourship WILL get their own pakhkage of Khyra Phloof
Saturday morning pondering whilst snoozing
FINALLY I khan share these great surprises!
Mayzie sent these fur The Xterra - we had taken pikhs to post but that was around the other laptop went AWOL - Mom just decided to shoot new pikhs fur this post - please visit Mayzie's post fur Saturday
We really appreciated the khool KholWOOrado air she had inkhluded in the envelope too!

She has inkhluded a video we've been planning to share SO why not watch it there - you might have seen it around already - but if woo haven't, please watch - and if woo have seen it, I'm betting woo might not mind seeing what love and khare khan do!

Somepup sent this Saturday AM with a message of how she's missing her Auntie Phyll and Khuz K
And how she was just rolling around being goofy - of khourse, are furry furry proud of her khrossed paws!

It shows she WAS paying attention during Paw Khrossing Khlass at Khamp Khyra!!!

Mom has a special run today - she's got the Martinsburg WV to Harrisburg PA leg fur Rotts 'n Pups with what should be a GREAT transport - six passengers which inkhlude three Chuggies, one Husky/GoldenRetriever, one Husky/YellowLab, and one Husky PUPPY!

Mom's been receiving pikhs of Tigua The HP since The Nice Mary Lady reskhued him from the Charlotte/Mecklenburg NC Shelter - he has charmed his way into TNML's heart to the point it was tough fur her - and her sister The Nice Marie Lady - to pass him along on Saturday - she's been sooooo amazed by how good a boy he's been - SNIKHKERING - he's going to some AMAZING people - Mom and I got to meet them at Rocky's pawty - they often foster fur RNP - the weeks leading up today have been furry furry long - they khan't wait to get him in their arms later today!!!

She told me she has a special transport dedikhation in mind - I wonder what she's got planned!

It will also mark the maiden journey up I83 to 581 and down I81 fur Mayzie's magnets - some of the recent weekends were too rainy fur Mom to want to break them in THAT way - she's like that - one of the kinds that keeps her stuff nice -

Have a great Sunday evFURRYone!


Khyra and Khousin Merdie By Proxy

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday SHELBYDAY Sharing

Make sure woo head on ovFUR to the khoolest and bestest aukhtion on the planet this weekend!!!

There are so many pawesome items up fur the bidding - of khourse, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES - I was soooo excited to see the latest bid when we were putting this post together!!!

******The Big Brown Trukhk brought ME a box on Wednesday - Mom had the khrakhkberry in her pokhket so this pikh and the next one were taken with itKhan't I open it YET???

Akhtually, Mom opened it Thursday afternoon when I was outside so she khould take some pikhs without me snoofing evFURRYthing!

We've decided to put all of our birthday/gotcha day pikhs and video into a Photobukhket - and share it with woo when it is all togetherMy FrEYEday morning tree time* * My walk time - of khourse, this is khwite an assortment of blossoms!We did decide to khover two KHATegories with these pikhsFrom GJ and purramily Just inkhredible!

Mom says "Thanks PURRY much!"

Have a great Saturday!