Friday, September 30, 2011

FrEYEday SkEYEday Fall Fur All!

I gave her one shot at a pose prior to our Thursday night walk
These were from Sunday night










This shot was from Tuesday night's stroll

Khousin Ab sent this from her vet's office - she was in fur a chekhkup on Tuesday!

Happy FrEYEday EvFURRYone!

Enjoy this last day of September!

BTW, please chekhk out Gussie's Blog - he's having a khool khontest - it is khwite special - of khourse, HIS REDBIRDS are playing MY PHILLIES in the furst round of the baseball playoffs!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thinking And Thanking

This furry special day is approaching - and until a few days ago I wasn't sure of the fokhus fur this year - then we saw the post about
Gizmo - and since Mom had already shown me one of the passengers fur this weekend's run - let's just say there will be LOTS of Rotti Puppi Skhwees up and down I81 this weekend - so I said hey Mom - how about we dedikhate the leg to Gizmo and his desire to LIVESTRONG!

Later that afternoon as Mom and I were out on our big walk, we saw a license plate that said ROTTIE 1

SOLD! I had Mom paw Gizmo's mom - and she shared the special girl who would be part of the transport - and told her about the license - she was touched - AND used the letters OMD!!!!!! in her reply!

Then Wednesday morning we got to read Gizmo's post - and saw he SO has the khorrekht 'tude fur khontinuing to LIVE STRONG!

If woo want to see how woo khan pawticipate in this special Sunday, please khlikhk on the furst graphikh on my sidebar - and woo want to see last year's post, please chekhk out the one below it!

Last Thursday the iPAWd arrived

Saturday night Mom set it up - and we wanted to thank Montana's supporters fur such an inkhredible show of LOVE and KHARE!

All of this makes us so realise one needs to make time to look up

and see all the beaWOOOOty around us

Take time to smell the flowers

And make sure to move just as Mom presses the magikh button on the flashie beastie!

Hope woo thinking and thanking too!



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walkin' Wednesday 2011

From Sunday night
From Monday

Still Monday

Darned tail - gives it away evFURRYtime!


Silly mom was chasing this poor flutterby- a Monarch managed to evade her!

This week, we are going to do a Retro Link - or maybe I should khall it WhETro - we didn't get a video rekhorded in time to post - more of that rain stuff - as if September AND 2011 hadn't already set rekhords fur precipation!

SO, I pawed through some past posts and found this one from THREE YEARS ago - with THIS FURRY SPECIAL walkin' video - I soooo hope this will bring those khooler temps the weather babblers are saying will arrive fur the weekend!


I wanted to share this special Sibe fella - Shadow - he's in Ross County OH - woo khan read about him HERE on his PETFINDER page - Shadow is seeing impaired - but that won't prevent him from being sweet and fun and all of those other things we are! If woo know anyone in that area - or even the surrounding states - please tell them about Shadow - he deserves a furever home of his own - and not the skhary life in a shelter - ESPECIALLY since he khan't see all that is going on around him - if woo want more info, please let us know and we'll send along some khontakht info

Well, it was time to send Mom bakhk to The GKP - let the napping begin!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Telling

Yes Mom - I know you are taking pikhs of me

Mom showed me the pikh Auntie Shannon posted on FB

Merdie in her khandle khap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merdie thanks all of woo fur the GReat barkday wishes


Here is a pikh Mom intended to be on Monday's post but her paws got a wee bit kharried away - just like Crawl's did as he was knighting Taylor - how khool she khould be a knight during the day!

From Khousin Ab's weekend in Prescott






Sunday Morning

Welkhoming the pawrents bakhk from their trip to Costco!

Heading bakhk to Phoenix Sunday afternoon

As Mom watched me paw together this post, she got an email about Khady's test numbers - they were GREAT - she'll be chekhked again in another week to see how she is doing!!!

So, do woo having something to tell TUE-day?



PeeEssWoo: Mom said to pass along that Crawl really really was that freakin' khute!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Merdie MOMday

Happy Birthday Merdie!
Happy Birthday Merdie!!

Happy Birthday Merdie!!!
FoURteen is one GReat age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The first YELLOW for MURRAY!

A second - it is actually an ALASKAN license plate!

Harrisurg Pass One

Paws KHROSSED for a GReat transport

Taylor got to sleep shotgun

Crawl and Ginger

Crawl was SO awesome - to see a DachsieX in a Mango suit!


She did this the entire way from Harrisburg to Hamburg

She had incredible eyes - brown with a hint of olive in them


Like with other transports, the group knew the change in highway speed meant a change of rides - Ginger decided to watch as we made the last bit of the trip

Not sure but I think this one is Nestle - I really didn't get many pics of the siblings - but I do have videos of them -

Crawl again - just too much!

Two siblings and Crawl

A third YELLOW

I saw this pack of cow dogs on the way to the exit - didn't have the camera on - but was able to snag them as I headed back -

1 KISH for sure!

A fourth YELLOW!

The second pass of Harrisburg


Mission Accomplished - twice actually - if you look closely you'll see why I say that!

What a special group of passengers - and quite the nice way to celebrate Merdie's birthday transport dedication AND also honour Reggie and Twix too

Here is the Photobucket Album with lots of pics and videos - the videos will be the best way to see the others - AND here is the Photobucket Slideshow of just the pictures -

Eight very special khanines of varying backgrounds but all of them know one thing


Thanks to all that made it happen!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner