Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skhwirrely Khontinues

I took up my pawsition to defend MY tree and MY feeder!
But as soon as Mom let me in, the menace returned
Down my tree...
Taunting my poor mom...
At one point, there were THREE of them out - bopping around like some kind of stooges.
I so needed to get out there but the vermin skhoot up the tree when I khome out...
Again, it had to perch itself on the feeder pole like it was some kind of king!
I will have to ponder how to get 'em!
And I WILL get 'em! MFT always gets what she wants!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mom had some entertainment the other day. She looked out the window and got to see one of my skhwirrely pals plotting a raid on the bird feeder. Woo khan khlikhk on the skhwirrely pikhs and they will get big:
More hmmmm......
Yet MORE hmmmmm.....
Ready for the big move.....
Plop...then it promptly dropped to the ground!!!

I was out in the yard on Friday - barking and barking...pulling and pulling to get to SOMETHING. Mom went and investigated and found this nest of Buterskhotch Morsels...

She asked them why the had to tease me like they do...since they are khats, they just looked. She went to touch them (or was it to fetch 'em fur me?) and OFF they ran...they are just NO fun!


Mom had to get me a new yardtie out - the loop on my other one snapped the other night - I had a few minutes of freedom...albeit trailing a 40' plastikh khoated wire thingie. She got a different kind this time. She isn't using the 30' cable - that will be a spare - since it isn't khwite long enough fur me to have my normal kingdom!
All hammered in - she used the rubber mallet you see in the other pikh and not the hammer you see in this shot.

Now I have my NORMAL kingdom bakhk. It does khut down on the khytty monitoring I was able to do when my khable was around MY tree but we all have to make sakhrifices.

Mom wanted me to thank evfurryone fur the other W artists (Weezer, The Who, The Wallflowers) - she had thought of them at one point! She also thought of Was Not Was.
We didn't go out fur any of that shopping stuff. Mom left the house twice: once to take me fur my walk...and the other time to pikhk up her dinner (steak stromboli) - I did get a sekhtion of the yummy doughie stuff!

Enjoy the rest of your day! See woo here tomorrow!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Not Workin' Fur The Weekend!

I hope evfurryone had a nice Thursday - whether it was a holiday or just a day in the week that started with a 't'!
Here is how I spent my morning...working on my TurkeyDayTan
Then watching fur...
ANYWAY, it is time to let Mom at The Blog to do her thing!
'Mom' here now...time for some MUSIKH!

Time for some W's...
1) A lokhal one I've seen several times Waitin On A Train - more of the old time sound and khwite the fun show!
2) Warren Zevon - oh yes! He's sooo much more than The Werewolf of London! Here is a song - well, if this doesn't bring the gooseflesh, you might not be human - that is kind of anthem to him and his memory. Please take some time and watch the slideshow.
3) Wes Jeans - WOW! I think you'll agree!
4) Whiskeytown - was an early Ryan Adams group with Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell (who teamed fur a GREAT cd khalled Begonias) - here is the video of 16 Days
5) And since Khyra used to be one...Whitney Houston... and yet another
6) Wil Maring - one of those pleasant finds that I don't even rekhall where I furst found her but glad I did!
7) Wilco - another group that was formed from members of Uncle Tupelo/SonVolt/etc - I like much of their stuff but not in the same way I LOVED UT!
8) Waylon and Willie - 'nuf said - take a look at this one please
9) AND here is one that kind of applies to me (LOL) - Wolfmother THAT will wake woo up, eh?!?

Okay, woo know the drill: please share some of the W's in your khollekhtion!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving All!!!

If you want to have some fun today, have your human get their khrayons and head to where I got this kholouring page. Have them print it out!

Make it a special projekht and then put it on the frig!

SERIOUSLY, to see what I'm thankful for, just look at The Blog List on my page!

That is a good start! Then chekhk the DWB link along my sidebar!

I'm thankful I have food and toys and walks and a bed and a chair and a rug and a mom that tries to make ME feel special and loved!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my special pals!

Thanks fur being YOU!



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday: The Next Generation!

Wow! Khan it really be Wednesday soon?


Before woo head over to see my fluffy tail in akhtion, please chekhk out Trottin Tuesday with Tan Torkelson! I was furry honoured to see my two favourite AZ BT's mention ME!!! Please keep in mind THESE BT's are MUCH different than my two favourite MN BT's . All four of them so khrakhk me up!

So, here woo go...please khlikhk H E R E to get there!

I really appreciated the nice khomments left regarding Tribute Tuesday.

Since today is the busiest travel day of the year, please be khareful out there! I want to see woo all bakhk here tomorrow!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tribute Tuesday

I'm furry sorry to say I really didn't have the opportunity and pleasure of knowing Freda.
With each new blog post I read about her, I get sadder about this. She sooooo seems like my kind of khanine!
Please stop over to her blog and show her pawrents some love!
And whilst woo are out and about The Blog World, please stop by Charlie The Big Dog's Blog. Freda was his girrrrrrl. I'm sure he khould use an extra hug or two or three! Please don't miss what Charlie and Opy's special mum posted too.
Once again, I must say I'm sooooo touched by the love, khare, khoncern, and MORE shown by the members of this special khommunity!
We know each other's joys and pains. We share the good and the sad.
That's pretty freakin' special!
This post started out as a way to honour Freda and her memory. Yet in a fashion, it khame full cirkhle since as bloggers, our audience is indeed all over the world. Each time one of us beds down fur the night, another blogger is just rousing their person fur attention!
I think that is the bestest way to honour Freda: realizing how she has drawn "US" together. Whether "WE" be dog, khytty, hamster, gekhkho, or even GASP, HUMAN!
Just as humans won't ever furget where they were when some monumental event took place, we will always remember where we were and how we heard Freda had khrossed. Even if we didn't know her at the time, we do now. And sometimes that is an even better measure of how a special khreature changed many lives!

Monday, November 24, 2008

MeMe Monday

Welkhome to MeMe Monday!
I hope evfurryone had a nice weekend!
Our lokhal weather report mentioned Saturday evening that Warren PA had 31 inches of snow SINCE THURSDAY! It would take me awhile to get there but it might be worth the trip! Khan woo believe that? It would appear from the weather forekhast you'll find in the link that if woo want snow this week, head to Warren!
My furiends at Diamond's Lair and at Jan's Funny Farm have tagged me with the Eight Random Things about me! Since some of you have been visiting my blog fur sometime now, you might have already known some of these things about me. I've been making lots of new furiends from blog visits here and there SO they won't know these things about me.
Here Goes:
1) I khame from the SPCA that is 4.7 miles from here and used to be khalled WHITNEY (okay, stop your snikhkering!).
2) I spend much of the day stretched out on the bed but at night, I prefer to sleep on the floor (much to my mom's dismay).
3) I don't khare fur ice khubes. Mom tries to give them to me - I let them melt!
4) I rarely (almost never ever) woo. Mom wishes I would learn to...maybe I should so I don't have to hear her pitiful attempts at wooing!
5) I don't shred tissues/etc BUT I do remove them from trash khans and leave them nearby.
6) I LOVE SWEETS with Smarties and DumDum's or TootsiePop's being my favourites.
7) I'm my mom's seventh Sibe but the furst one that is ALL HERS!
8) I love to go thru my Doggy Nanny's handbag soooo furry much that when she's not around to keep it in her sights, she keeps it in the bread drawer in the kitchen.
So, there woo go! Random fakhts 'bout MeMe!
I invite any pup/khytty/hammie that has not shared 8 things about themselves to do so!
Here are a few pikhs of Baloo. He was out in his yard as we finished our walk on Sunday. I will keep after my mom to get some better shots of him! He is khwite the fella!
If woo khlikhk on the pikhs, he'll bekhome khloser to lifesized!

I hope evfurryone has a nice week!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Day Of Rest

All the snow, all the excitement, all the FUN...
I'm resting!

I'm khontemplating the answers for the MeMe I've tagged to do...YAWN...I'll snag the blog on Monday again!
Hope woo all rest up fur another fun week!
PeeEssWoo: It was nice to be able to share my snow with all of WOO! I'm glad woo enjoyed it even if it made some of woo KHOLD! I think it was khool to see that Sparky would love to let his inner HUSKY self out!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow Furry Excited!

Lookie Evfurryone !



Mom and I were soooo happy there was still snow around when she got home from work. She pikhked up the khamera, hooked me up, and out we went. Please khlikhk H E R E fur my furst video. Please furgive the bakhkground noise from time to was furry windy!

So, we khame in - Mom made all the videopixies khrawl from the khamera to the laptop. I went inside to rest up BUT then she khalled me and asked if I wanted to go out DUH Mom - SURE! Well, in the khourse of ten or fifteen minutes, the khonditions changed as woo will see in the sekhond video! Please khlikhk H E R E fur THAT one!

Some Snow Pikhs!

I'm hoping it will stay around since it has been khold!
Mom says woo all added some furry good V's to the musikhal mix! Tank Woo!
PeeEssWoo: Well, I'm a bit shy here BUT I'm also furry excited bekhause I got nominated fur The Awesome Blog award over at DWB! I khan hardly khontain myself...PLUS, Turbo got nominated fur Post of the Month! Please chekhk out Opy's Blog fur all the deTAILs!
It would be so khool if the non-winning presidential tikhket khould win THIS elekhtion! This would be soooo much khooler than being president and vice president of a stoooopid khountry!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Workin' Fur The Weekend

Well well well! It is here: FRIDAY!
The weekend is just over the top of the trail!
I know I need to get some shots of Baloo - it was a bit too dark last night to get any good ones of him ESPECIALLY to do him justice! He's a handsome boy BUT only 90# or so - that is sooooo NOT Summii sized!
I'll be turning this over to Mom now fur her musikh posting!
I hope woo all enjoy your weekend!
Khyra's Mom here...up to the letter V!
1) Van Halen - I will choose a song from the VanHagar Days - I know many feel David Lee Roth will always be the best vokhalist/showman fur Van Halen but I akhutally prefer Sammy.
2) Van Morrison - so many tunes to choose from BUT this one reminds me of a certain khanine of mine and the same goes fur this one too
3) Veruca Salt - a group named fur a kharakhter in one of my favourite books of all time: Charlie and The Chokholate Fakhtory
5)Vienna Tang - she's a newkhomer to the scene.
6) Vixen - I mean, if woo lived thru The Hair Band Days, how khan woo not rekhall Vixen?!?
I'll inkhlude a pikh of one:
A Siberian Vixen (in khaptivity)
AND LAST but so not least
Please chekhk out the samples of their musikh on their CD Baby listing - they are inkhredible live - they are lokhal but have played all over! Their CD is a mix of their own musikh and tunes from The Indigo Girls, Jimi Halen/Dave Mason/Bob Dylan (I mean who's song is All Along The Watchtower anyway?). I had inkhluded Kevin Neidig when I was khovering K's AND now it is time for Voxology!
WELL, your turn! As with other weeks, I'm pretty sure I've got some of the V's you'll be suggesting in my head!
Have a safe weekend!
Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thank you Addie!
I know I've inkhluded this award befure BUT I neglekhted to inkhlude this furry important paragraph that Addie inkhluded on hers:
This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE! Thanks Crystal! [Click on Memoirs of a Mommy to learn and read this special love story!] The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone knows where this award originated from.
So, I will show my thanks and khorrekht my faux paws from a few weeks ago. After all, this is a furry important message to khommunikhate!
I'm glad woo enjoyed Walkin' Wednesday! It is always soooo much fun to do ESPECIALLY this time of year! The weather has me highly energised! I think we did Wednesday's PM walk in rekhord time. Mom isn't sure which khontributed more to the pace - the weather OR my pal Ballou The Bernese Mountain Dog who was walking along with us (but on the other side of the street).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday: The Next Generation!

So, what brings woo here today? Oh that?
Here woo go:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Treasures

Pup Pup Puppies!
How did Cornelia Marie get on the fleece?
Both of the khool fleece blankets Summii's Mummii made fur my mom and ME!
Mom says they will be grrrreat fur keeping her warm since I don't!
Our treasures: a khool KholWOOrado tshirt, my Summii fluff, a bottle of wine fur me (w00 already saw my grapes), some grape jellii Summii's mummii made with her OWN paws, and the BEST PRESENT OF ALL: A bottle of INSPIRE
that Summii's mummii pawtographed fur my mom. It made Mom leak to see what she wrote AND to see Summii's mummii's name on the label with all the other survivors!
Mom isn't sure when she'll drink it BUT she's thinking it just might be a nice touch to celebrate THANKSGIVING!
My furiends in Kansas - The Army of Four enkhountered a khritter on their walk . Well, so did I! Mom tried to get a better pikhture BUT 'some' pup made it a real challenge to get the khamera out of her fleece pokhet - something about pulling and barking AND barking and pulling. The other shots Mom got were nothing but BLURS - but this one shows the TRUE nature of the beast:
Note the EVIL ALIEN EYES!!! It was charkhoal kholoured. I'm not sure where THAT falls in the kholour safety skhale. Huffle says blakhk ones are okay AND orange are the most evil.
Have a great rest of your day befur Walkin' Wednesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Night Watch

Mom left me out Saturday after the rain had stopped. Normally, I khome bakhk over to the door and she lets me bakhk in. Since I had not returned to the door, she looked out and saw me just sitting and staring. She went bakhk in fur her khamera and khaptured my Night Watch!

It seemed like a great way to spend MY evening! I even did a repeat pawformance later - she didn't get the khamera fur that one! I selekhted another spot out in the yard that rekhwired my attention!

I hope evfurryone had a nice weekend and are ready fur grrrreat week!



PeeEssWoo: I'll let Mom do her musikh thing on Friday...I just felt like taking khontrol again today!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My HANDSOME Malli-Male!


Snoofin' the bag of Summii Fluff!Mom let me snooter it around on the floor!
I even had it partially out of the bag and was tasting it! Silli me blinked just as Mom took my pikh!Playing with one of the new toys he sent me! It is a stuffi of GRAPES!!!Relaxing with it!
Dreaming of HIM! Relaxing in my chair Friday night!

TANK WOO HANDSOME FELLA!!! Have a great rest of your weekend evFURRYbuddy!



PeeEssWoo: Summii's mummii sent my mom some human stuff! I'll share that too BUT it was much much much more important to show him how much I loved one of the two toys he sent me! My doggy nanny told my mom I was ALL OVER the box when the mail kharrier dropped it off! Doggy Nanny had to put it in the pantry to keep me from opening it before Mom got home from work!