Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday MOMday

Welkhome to the last day of August!
Some Doga
Some me!
Some me WITH smile!
Some me resting after Mom got bakhk from her run!
I mean, it was SUNDAY and the radio went on at 5am!
Then she left in MY Xterra just befur 6am!
I'll let her tell the tale of the tails now!

Before I do, I wanted to let woo know as of bedtime, we have 135 bloggies in GooglieReaderieThingie! We are making progress given we were 300+ at one point!
Thanks Khyra!
These pups REALLY do want to thank you for letting me chauffeur them from Martinsburg WV to Harrisburg PA!
Zona and Maya
Akayla Zona Maya
The transport went really well! It was another one of those times I wish I had another pair of hands so we could have captured the fun they had just after we got on I81 and headed north from Martinsburg! The Girls were in the back of the Xterra; Polar rode next to me!

They were VERY VERY affectionate - often vying for the chance to give me kisses!

They were all quite striking in colouring and personality.

You'll notice in some of the videos and pictures on THE PHOTOBUCKET ALBUM that Zona has a large red wound on her right lower leg/ankle area. The woman that sent her North to us made this comment to us about that:

Just so everyone knows, she got that from having a chain wrapped around her foot from whoever had her before we got her from the shelter. I saw some kind of weird marks just above the wound, which would be consistent with having a chain around her foot

She had a bandage on it but managed to remove it whilst waiting in Martinsburg.

These four special and lucky pups are heading to The Last Resort Rescue.

Please check out the videos and other pictures! We had fun (as usual) with the videos! They even got to see the 'other' pups in the windows of the empty office building! That is always amusing to see!

I would like to thank everyone for their support for Akayla and the others on this run! Whether it be words of encouragement or gifts of plastic/paper, it all helps!


Khyra wanted me to let you know we did get to walk on Saturday evening. The temps were a bit cooler but we still had some humidity that made it a bit uncomfortable. Sunday was a much much better day!The sky towards the East during our walkAnd a flower we owed you!

Khyra will be be in control of her 'khorner' again tomorrow!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a great week!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

PeeEssWoo: Here is an update from Sunday evening about Sunday's pups AND last weekend's Ryon (the r/w male that rode along with Spice The Happy Hearts Squirrel Burying Sweetie)

Zona went right into a home after meeting an awesome young man who has another husky. They looked like twins and were immediate friends. He will be taking wonderful care of her boo boo.

Akayla went right to her new mommy....

Polar AND Ryon both went home to the most amazing couple....they took both!!!!

Now it's my mission to find Maya the best home EVER....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Sharing

Anyone want to share my bone and my bottle?
It is a furry tasty khombo!
Sleeping it off!
Khame to and wanted more!
Looking innocent *wink wink*
Khurled and Khomfy!
Here are Mom's passengers fur Sunday
Woo've already met Akayla

Maya (woo met her befur...the nice Mary Lady in NorthKharolina was the one that furst pulled/fostered her (she was Vanessa but Mary thought she was more a Maya)
Polar (hmmmm he might be better named PIKHKLE NOSE)
Zona (looks like she's doing ZOOOOOOMIES)
Mom is looking furward to sharing some time with these lukhky khanines...she'll be sure to pass along your kind words and wishes!



PeeEssWoo: Sorry I didn't have a chance to inkhlude a flower this weekend. We didn't get fur a walk on Friday bekhause it POURED and then it RAINED more and then it POURED! We'll make up fur it this week!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Sharing

Some Sharing...
This is my 'hurry up Mom' look. When she goes up to change into walking khlothes, I hang out in the hallway so she doesn't furget me!
I was doing some regal paws kept unkhrossing as they slid apart!
FURniture is sooo fun!
I'm so furry glad woo like my FrEYEday post! I appreciate all the khompliments too!
When I went to chekhk out of the B&B I had been staying in prior to meeting Mom, one of the ladies at the khoncierge desk mentioned I reminded of them of a little person bekhause of my eyes and my espressions!
Sadie: Please tell your mom I WAS snorting - she heard it khorrekhtly!
Mom's office roommate Kathy and her other work furiend Kim surprised Mom on Friday
They were off on Friday (still only working four days 'out there') but stopped in befur lunch!
These are the same balloons I was chatting with in T H I S V I D E O - it was hilarious!
Mom was away from her desk so she was furry shokhked to see them!
Woo will see the balloons were all making sure NOT to khooperate!
YUMMY kharrot khake!
PLUS, they had salads too!
Mom is still stunned by their thoughtfulness! It meant so much AND it khame at such a great time. More about that next week.

I didn't get any of the kharrot khake (it has raisins in it) BUT I did get a piece of stromboli along with my dinner!


Another pikh of Akayla

She is one of Mom's four passengers this tomorrow - she akhtually starts her journey North today. Mom wanted to share her along with her story:

Here is The Last Resort's newest rescue needing your help!!

Imagine being hit by a car, sustaining multiple pelvic fractures and hip fractures......then being chained right back up outside while in horrific pain with absolutely no medical attention or concern. This is what happened to our new rescue Akayla, a beautiful 6 month old red and white husky puppy.

A concerned neighbor begged this "lovely" owner to give the pup to her, and eventually she said, "yeah, you want her so bad, take her.....she was hit by a car anyway". So this wonderful savior, who thought she was doing this poor dog a favor, decided to bring her to a shelter so she could find a new home where someone would care for her. She had no idea she was marching her little saved friend right into a gassing shelter!!

Unbelievably, our contact was there at that very moment she was walking in with Akayla, picking up another husky we were rescuing from the same fate - WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT!! Our awesome contact was literally on the phone with us when she stopped the neighbor to ask her to please not take this dog into the gassing shelter. The poor woman was horrified at what she almost did unknowingly....and we were asked.."well, I have a husky puppy here - will you take her too?" and of course we said YES!!

So this little darling has defied her fate twice....but after having xrays at the vet, it is determined that she has pelvic fractures that will eventually heal on their own, a femoral fracture that is already healed enough that rebreaking it and setting it would be the only thing to do (which of course we won't do, however, she will have one limb slightly shorter than the other).

She does, however, require surgery to remove the head of the femur, a procedure called a femoral head osteotomy, (FHO) as that will be the only way to get rid of the pain she is in. It will give her a pain free, normal life. This is the same procedure that is done for dogs with bad hip dysplasia. She will be receiving pain medication and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory until her surgery, which is recommended for her to get in one month after she has grown a little more.

Please consider contributing for Akayla's surgery that will give her the life that she so desperately deserves!!

Thank you all so much!!!

Click here to donate to Akayla's Surgery Fund

The above information about Akayla was sent by Laska's mom Sam!

I think Mom started to leak when she was reading the email - especially since she's going to be one of the guests in my Xterra this weekend!

Please khross your paws fur Akayla and her surgery fund.



PeeEssWoo: We have not yet resorted to the 'mark all as read' but we are really do quikhk reads and won't be able to leave many khomments. We were at 300+ at one point on Friday. Mom expekhts it will get better early next week and I'll be able to return to my normal khommenting. I just wanted all of woo to know!

Friday, August 28, 2009

FrEYE-day Free Fur All!

Watching Out Fur The Weekend!
Yep! I'm watching fur the weekend!
This guy was watching fur someone furry special
Me thinks he's looking fur NORWOOD!
Akhtually, this is a recent addition to one of the houses on our walk! We khaptured him with the flashiebeastie so we khould share him with all of woo!
I was doing some grazing...
And some khrazing...

Here is a brief video of my preparations!

I know woo've read it already BUT we are diligently getting through blogs!

We've got so much to post when Mom khan get her akht together!

That is what they make weekends fur, eh?

Getting our moms under khontrol!

Have a GREAT and SAFE weekend!



PeeEssWoo: She should be doing a transport on Sunday - update tomorrow!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking and Thanking Thursday

So, I'm thinking of how I'll evfur thank evfurryone fur making OUR Wednesday soooo KHOOL?
So many wishes!
So much good cheer!
Even some time to be goofy!
(How I looked Wednesday AM when Mom got up)
SERIOUSLY, Mom and I were touched!

Once again, we must paw to please bear with us!

As I get this post together, my GooglieReaderieThingie is showing 130+ posts!

The Doggy Nanny and Fred took Mom out to dinner (H E R E) which meant she khouldn't visit any blogs.

Mom had the Shrimp Ravioli Special; Fred, the Pork Flat Iron; The Doggy Nanny Shrimp and Veal Pikhkhata. Mom REALLY wanted the Mojito Halibut BUT they were out of it already...bummer!

DOUBLE BUMMER: They've updated their website with the specials for 8-28 to 9-03 SO Mom and Fred's specials aren't listed anymore!

Vikhtors was the restaurant Mom went to the furst night I lived here!

We will get through them - even if it isn't until the weekend. Mom is up to her topknot (HA MANGO) in stuff at work this week (which we'll explain when we have the time)

Tank WOO to Dennis and his staff fur this pawesome award!

Tres khool et chikh aussi!

We were khwite touched to receive this one from those furry tenacious NY Bully Brats!

I'm going to paw it along to five of my furiends that some of woo might not know!


Frankie Furter


Anna The GSD

Molly and Charlie Daniels

Please stop by and see what they have to woo!

Once again, THANKS to all fur the greetings and honours!

I really do miss getting to visit your blogs!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009 SPECIAL DAY!!!

Hi Evfurryone!
Tank woo fur khoming by today!
This is so much more khomfy than the place woo saw last week!
So many sweet dreams! It is soooo khwiet too (save fur Mom's snoring)
I khan doga!
And be goofy!
It's a good life!
Khomfy spots in the yard
Rarin' to go!
Even my little yellow flower likes it here!
Here's MY GOTCHA DAY gift to all of woo!
And here is one fur Mom's Brown Eyed Girl from MOM!
THREE YEARS AGO, Mom brought me home!
I've made a 'few' (okay, less than 10) tours of adventure, but I know I really do love it here!

Had she known at the time what an international sensation I'd bekhome (BOL), she would have dokhumented the Gotcha Day better! BUT she didn't have a video kham at the time so she doesn't have paw-age of me playing in the wading pool in the B&B play area. Nor does she have any of the khonversations she had with herself (I'm a Siberian) about was she ready to do this. Most of all, no evidence of her asking me if I wanted to khome live with her.

I think I said yes!

I must apologise to Mango and his great state of Master Chew Sits. My Walker was having TOI (TongueOperationalIssues) during this week's W A L K I N ' W E D N E S D A Y 2 0 0 9 link

KHAKE? Did someone say KHAKE?

Once upon a time, Mom was 21!

(yes, this pikh has been on the blog befur but I wanted my newer readers to get to see her way befur I helped her hair blend with mine)

Happy 50th Gotcha Day Mom!

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Khyra!

We would also like to paw our furry best wishes fur a special MAW out there! It's Biloxi's maw's birthday too!


Khyra and Her Walker

PeeEssWoo: Tank woo to evfurryone that has made #50 a special one fur my mom and #3 a special one fur ME! If she hadn't gotten me, I wouldn't have gotten to meet all of WOO!

We are sooo trying to get through the blogs - the 20+ we left to seed Sunday night had reproduced to 100+ by Tuesday early evening. Mom is going to be extra busy at work this week so she won't have a chance to peruse/khomment fur me. We are sorry and hope to get bakhk to more normal next week. We'll explain at that time.