Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday MOMday

Mom saw this just short of home Sunday afternoon
My SUNday morning

Sigh - I love my snow!

Here is a video of me enjoying it - AND here is a video of the trikhks Mother Nature played on the trees -

Here is the pikh she took of me just prior to hitting the road fur Harrisburg - of khourse, she took LOTS of pikhs of me so I was glad to get to nap whilst she was gone - I'll let her take the keyboard now - she did want me to tell woo how frustrated Booger was whilst we put this post together - we khould only load one or two pikhs at a time so she's a wee bit testy right now!

Thanks Khyra - yes I am but it's free soooooooo

On the road to the interstate I was behind this Toyota - quite appropriate since SummV's Aunt J is an Eye Woman in Iowa!



Harrisburg First Time


It was a good omen for a great trip to hear this tune in its entirety on my way to the meeting place - thank you WXPN - don't you know that I love woo?

Loved this one and just KNEW I had to snag it for the post -

Bagel letting her ears fly!

Bagel and Charcoal

Charcoal and Bagel


Charcoal snagged the driver's seat - I told her unless she had proof of license, I wouldn't be giving her the keys


Zola and Zumba

Bagel started out as shotgun - then tried to be a lapdog as we hit I81 - I convinced her to go back to the passenger seat - but after a bit, she headed to the back so Charcoal snagged the prime seat

She wasted no time at all getting comfy and then napping!

Bagel found this spot to settle in for the trip - so it all worked out!

Ah yes - the challenges of shooting black dogs - with brown undertones in their coats - in the sun - and with one hand!


Happy HOWLoween!Whilst at the light where we exit I78, Charcoal knew the drill from her prior legs this weekend - change of speed means time to switch horses!Bagel knew too!And so did the puppies!Back to the meeting placeI heard you!The Look!Pretending NOT to look!I tried not to as well when I realised what was soon to happen but when a girrrrl has got to go, wellI know some were quite taken with Zumba, but I was more taken by Zola - LOVED her white socks!Someone is going to get a great doll with Bagel - I said it on Sunday - and I saw some have said it on Khyra's Sunday post - she'll be getting the home she deserves since the other one fell through - fur a reason as we say!As I waited for their next driver, I let them play - I took quite a few pics THEN let the video roll - you'll enjoy the puppy play bout! Back I go - minus four cuties! They were ALL great travellers!At the rail crossing More YELLLOW for MURRAY - and juice time for The XterraYELLOW for MURRAY when I got gasHow about more YELLOW for MURRAY!Harrisburg Take TwoI pass this each time I go to Harrisburg - it is probably about halfway between the house and Harrisburg - it is on the west side of the highway so on the way back, I exited to get shots since the transport dedication included Summit's FIFTH birthday!King of Hotdogs! I bet that would make Summiiiii - or is that SummV - a happy Malamute!*Mission Accomplished!

A great day with great passengers for a great group - The Last Resort Rescue

I mentioned that Khyra's Mal-a-hunk Summit was part of the dedication - and so was Auntie Di!

We hope you enjoyed your birthday treats!

Here is the link with lots of pics in the slideshow and here is the link to the album with the videos - I didn't get any with them meeting the puppies in the window - since it was snowy and muddy - and chilly for these new Northerners, we didn't spend a lot of time out of the vehicles - although whilst I helped get Bagel and The Puppies out of The Escape, Charcoal did have a bark at herself in the window!

Once again, RESCUES ROCK!

We hope you enjoy this week's proof!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Snowy Khorner!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Sharing

Who says it doesn't snow in Okhtober?

My furst snow of the year pikh! The DN sent this to Mom whilst she was at work today!
Mom khame out to see THIS license plate in the lot! I wonder if they know Princess Eva and Brice The Handsome?

The Xterra

Ah yes!

The Wonder of The White!

I was on sentry duty until

The Fun Police dragged me in - she was afraid of more branches falling and falling on ME - I guess she had a point fur it sounded like a warzone during the evening - with stuff hitting the house - she knew she'd be afraid to look khome morning - what she saw was bad enough - just wait until woo see what she had to drag out into the yard to khlear a path fur me!

I think we got five or six inches - and Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel was on lokhation in Harrisburg - he was ALL excited ofFUR the THUNDERsnow!

They said he was akhtually headed to The Poconos but stopped in Da Burg instead - here is a link to one of our lokhal news stations so woo khan see pikhs of the fun!

This was sent along with the run sheet fur Mom's transport today - she'll be doing the Harrisburg to Hamburg leg

If only this HandSUMMMMMe fella would be on the transport!

It's Summit The Super Mal's FIFTH birthday!!!!!

SIGH! To think I met him last November and got to be snoofed by him! SIGH again!

Now time to share Mom's passengersBagel - she was akhtually supposed to get off prior to today's legs BUT her adopters bakhked out - grrrrrrr - but she'll be khoming North anyway - isn't she khute?This is CharcoalZolaZumba - this is the one Auntie Di pikhked out!

Mom and I had more stuffs we had planned to share BUT decided to share the SNOW pikhs furst - PLUS, Mom khleaned up what she khould so we got a late start on getting this together - SO, we'll make sure to use them in the week ahead!

Happy SUNDay EvFURRYone!