Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Special

Snakhki! It was in my yard Saturday evening. Mom snapped this shot fur me. I khould only drool from afar!
Well, here is a SUNDAY SPECIAL fur all!
Since Walking Wednesday will be taking a week off so I khan pawticipate in a furry SPECIAL event in khonjunkhtion with our khween Meeshka's Blogging Extravanganza, here is a teaser version fur an end of August Sunday Special walkin' video. I say teaser fur we didn't realize how low the battery power was SO that's why it ends sooooo furry abruptly.
I figured that would NOT matter to my devoted fans!
So here woo go - please khlikhk H E R E . I had two furry special guest stars to kikhk off the video. I think my furiends from The AO4 may rekhognize them!
I do hope evfurryone is having a great weekend. My mom has been a real slakhker. I khan't say we've done anything exciting. I so hope she makes it up to me before she heads bakhk to work on Tuesday!
She'll be here tomorrow for Musikh Monday/Momday. She says we are up to the letter N. I saw her with a pen thing and some paper skhribbling 'n'otes to herself!
PeeEssWoo: UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - since I furst pawed this posting, I've learned that my furiends in Louisiana have decided they need to leave due to Gustav. They are heading to a nice motel in Arkansas that will allow their pawrents to stay with them! Please khross your paws that they will have safe travels and that Gustav won't hurt their neighbourhood too much. I mean, the kitchen remodeling isn't even khomplete yet. Stoopid hurrikhanes - we'll have to have Turbo put THEM on the list too!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Khrunch Khards and Khopy Khats

Good work?
How's THIS?
I'll just khross my paws and look khute!
So, one week ago today, Turbo asked me to khomplete the tikhket and be his running mate.
Once again, the humans have proven how stoopid they khan be.
John McCain (I've asked Mom not to spell it like she usually does) must have been so in awe of my abilities to khomplement the presidential choice that HE had to choose a female. Let's just say, I am sooooo not Sarah Palin . I have no children. I don't live in Alaska. I wasn't in any beauty pageants ( but I sooo khould have!). I might like the gun rights thing IF I had opposable thumb BUT I've got paws: 'nuf woo'd!
I do think it is time to khall his bluff! He's a khopy khat! He saw my khute face on a poster somewhere and decided a female VP had some appeal!
ANYWAY, Mom says thanks fur the khool OTHER "M" group ideas! The Moody Woos, Meatloaf, Marvin Gaye, Morrissey, etc, etc, etc -WOW! It is truly khool to see what others like to hear!
Have a super Saturday!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Workin' For The LONG Weekend!

Thank Dog It's Friday!

Furst off, before I let Mom do her musikh thing, I need to be serious and ask woo all to visit T-man's blog . I don't think I had ever visited his blog BUT I saw the sad news on Joe "Sweat" Stains blog this morning. BTW, if woo happen to visit Joe's blog later, be sure to wish his brother Doofus a HAPPY Gotcha Day!

Now, I'll let Mom get her fingers out and start filling your heads with tunes:

Khyra's Mom here now...khan't ya tell?

So, we are up to the "M's" - the letter that "m"usikh starts with!

The furst one was suggested by a certain Sibe Mama in OP Kansas - and I'm sure it is something she does since she has family members there - please chekhk out the M a m a s and P a p a s .

The next one was suggested by another mama - she's akhtually royalty since she's mom to a Princess AND Handsome Prince. I was already going to inkhlude Melissa Etheridge - she rekhwested this t u n e - and it is furry appropriate and fitting fur many reasons fur some of my friends.

Next, I'll inkhlude Mark Knopfler again - I mentioned him with Dire Straits BUT I akhtually prefer his solo stuff - his guitar makes me melt. Here is a s o n g he did with Emmylou Harris. If you khan listen to this song WITHOUT getting goosebumps, you must STILL be asleep. He wrote this after thinking of those affekhted by 9/11. What if the khall or note you were able to make or write WAS goodbye. (I just shuddered writing those words).

I like Matchbox Twenty - here is one I pulled for t h e m . When I furst got that cd, it was a definite favourite song.

Okay - here are two that I'll admit I listened to and enjoyed bakhk in the day but I'll deny it BUT add I don't khare for their newer stuff. O n e and T w o

NOW for some to make sure you are awake - how about some M o l l y H a t c h e t , M o t o r h e a d , and one of THE BEST videos EVER done - M e t a l l i c a and One

Are you awake NOW?

Another M I always enjoyed was Michelle Shocked - and she did a song that certainly applies to 'us' - Anchorage. It is among the song choices on her myspace page. I prefer her "If love was a train" and found it on youtube BUT by a new artist I should have inkhluded in my "A" post. So, take a listen to A m y L aVe r e .

One last newer M artist would be Madeleine Peyroux - and as fate would have it, just happened to play one of her songs.

I'm sure some would have said Motley Crue - but I never khared much for 'em.

What "M's" would you inkhlude? I khan't wait to see them!

Khyra and I wish evfurryone a safe and fun long weekend! She'll be bakhk tomorrow. I'm not sure what she has in mind but I'm sure she'll do her best to dazzle AND entertain!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner!

PeeEssWoo: Mom bakhk: I just thought of another one - Manhattan Transfer - must be bekhause I thought of a certain Army of Four!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tell Everyone Please - UPDATE to the UPDATE


Well, the power of the paws and the opposable finger things seems to be working!

Please chekhk out Chai's blog fur an update.
And take a look at this message Summi's Mummi passed along to The SMS Moms:
August 26, 2008 RE: Four Paws® Rough & Rugged® Pimple Ball with Bell Dear Valued Retailer: As you may know by now, there have been reports of injuries to dogs as a result of a manufacturing defect in some Four Paws Pimple Ball with Bell toys. We are deeply concerned about these reports, and we have immediately stopped shipping the toys until the defect can be corrected. If you still have any of these toys in stock, we urge you to remove them from your shelves immediately and return them to your distributor. The following products are affected: Item Number Item Description UPC 20220 Four Paws® Rough n Rugged® Pimple Ball with Bell -- Small 0 45663 20220 0 20225 Four Paws® Rough n Rugged® Pimple Ball with Bell -- Medium 0 45663 20225 5 20227 Four Paws® Rough n Rugged® Pimple Ball with Bell -- Large 0 45663 20227 9 Meanwhile, we have halted shipments of these toys from the manufacturer and I will be personally inspecting the manufacturer' s facility in order to make sure that the defect has been corrected and will not occur again. It is important to note that this is a manufacturing defect in some of the toys and not a problem with the toy's design. We are also changing the packaging of the Pimple Balls to make it easier for us to inspect them for potential defects, and we are individually inspecting every one of the toys in our inventory in order to identify any that may be defective. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you or your customers, and we thank you for your cooperation in removing the defective toys from your shelves. Please feel free to call me at 1-800-835-0909 if you have any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Barry Askin Executive Vice President This email was sent to: RCTATKIN@YAHOO. COM This email was sent by: Four Paws Products 50 Wireless Blvd. Hauppauge, NY 11788
Please continue to keep your eyes open fur these bad toys and have your humans tell the store they see them in all about the dangers they pose and the pains they've khaused.
Have a thinkin' Thursday!
PeeEssWoo: My mom is already thinkin' about Friday's musikh: The M's!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday V

From Merdie Fur Me!Yep, they do!
Unkhle Paul got this fur Mom!
My Doggy Nanny got me this khrunch khard AND made one fur me too!
Playing with my khard!

HOWLoh All!
Wow - what a grrrrreat Gotcha Day!
It was a beaWOOtiful day!!
I got sooooo many nice messages from The SMS Moms and Pups
ALONG with all the great blog messages and mentions!
I'm soooo honoured and flattered!

SO, to thank woo fur your kindness, it is time fur another W a l k i n' W e d n e s d a y !
I hope woo all enjoy it! I do have to apologise to Princess Sunshine Meadow. As I've explained to her mom, there is a development akhross the road khalled SPRING MEADOWS so I have to get my mom to stop saying that when she really means SUNSHINE SUNSHINE SUNSHINE Meadows! You'll hear Mom khall PSM the spring name BUT then khorrekht herself!

Speaking of Princess Sunshine Meadow, her little biped sent my mom a birthday video Tuesday evening! It was so khute!! Mom showed my doggy nanny too!!!

We really want to thank evfurryone fur making this Gotcha sooooo memorable. It is my furst one as part of the blogging khommunity! It was PAWESOME!!

PeeEssWoo: Please note there will NOT be a Walkin' Wednesday. I will be blogging something special as part of Meeshka's 100 Blog Post Week!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's A Furry Special Day!

My FURST day with MY MOM!
Sepia'd Me!
My new toy from The OP Pakhk
Worn out from playing!
Well, last week I posted a pikh of me behind bars!
As woo know, I was sprung AND TODAY marks my SEKHOND Gotcha Day!
I'm so furry thankful that I've found such a great furever home!
More importantly, I'm furry thankful fur all the FRIENDS I've made through my blogging along with the furry special friends from SMS!
It is also another Gotcha Day - today marks the 49th 'Gotcha Day' (and birfday) fur my mom! My doggy nanny surely got a special one that day - even if we do woo and yap it ourselves!
Mom and I would like to thank everyone fur all the special wishes and pressies!
Our lives would be soooooo lakhking if we didn't have each other AND all of WOO!!
Khyra and Phyll

Monday, August 25, 2008

Musikh Monday/Momday L - The Artists

Happy new week evfurryone - and the last week of August!

It is time for another edition of Musikh Monday/Momday. We 'l'eft on Friday with L The Groups SO today finds us with L The Artists.

I know many of you might associate him with some Dead Skunk song BUT he is so much more! Please find out that he is SOOO much more than that by chekhking out Loudon Wainwright III's m y s p a c e page - please be sure to listen to Daughter - either on his page OR via the video I've inkhluded.

Another great L artist would be Linda Thompson - the last name will return BUT with different first names when we hit the R's and the T's!

One overlooked L artist - with great guitar talent - would be Leo Kotke

Some newer L's to give a 'l'isten to would be Lennon , Laura Cheadle , and Lori McKenna .

BUT to me the L artist that is my favourite alltime L artist is Lucinda Williams . Be sure to hit 'Are you alright?' when you hit her myspace page. Khwite the song IMHO at least! I didn't get turned onto her until late 2004 BUT I found her right in time AND there is something about what happens when we talk. As a special added feature - and a chance to inkhlude an artist that khould have made the E list, please chekhk out Greenville .

Again, so many L's - so 'l'ittle room and/or time! Although HIS walk on the wild side is a bit different than our walks with Siberians, there is Lou Reed . Ha roooooo!

There you have it! L The Artists! As always, I await YOUR pikhks!

Turbo's VP running mate Khyra will return tuemorrow - and a furry special TWOmorrow it will be!

Until then, hugz&khysses from Khyra's Khorner!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mark Your Khalendars!

Tank woo all again fur the great support for the mission to get the word out about the stoopid khompany with the bad toy. Please keep trying to get the message out!

Yesterday, I had originally planned to post about TWO furry important events I will be pawticipating in over the khoming weeks.

The furst one starts in a bit more than a week. Please chekhk out what our khween Meeshka has planned to khommence 01-Sept . Anybuddy - khanine, f****e, or human - knows what she is khapable of!

AND, as a special treat during her week of blog posts, many of us SMS members with blogs will be having our own SPECIAL post on Wednesday 03-Sept to help get the humans to show her the money!

The sekhond was to be four weeks from yesterday - that's why I had planned it to be Saturday's post. It is The Tails on The Trail. I went to last year's and had a blast! In fakht, it is where I got to meet my furst boyfriend THE BUTTERS after kharrying on a long distance relationship. BTW, The Butters hadn't been feeling well but seems to be doing better. Please khross your paws and get some POWER OF THE PAW and Sibe vibes going fur him!

ANYWAY, please take a khwikhk look at my khute face - if woo khan snag your humans' plastikh, please throw a few khoins into the KHYTTY fur TOTTSHR!

ONE LAST BREAKING NEWS ITEM - just received on my cell was THIS MESSAGE! I'm was sooo honoured and so furry flattered to have been asked! I mean the job of Khampaign Khoordinator was so very rewarding and I worked my FT off to get Turbo's message khommunikhated to the khountry AND the world. I never expekhted to be asked to be his running mate! Since I believe in him and his vision, I khould NOT say NO!

Well, I guess that will do it fur this one!

Since tomorrow is Monday, you know who will be here! That will enable me to give some serious Siberian thought to how I khan best assist Turbo and see that he is elekhted as our new president!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tell Everyone Please - UPDATE

Well, this wasn't the post I had in mind fur today - I'll reskhhedule that one fur Sunday -

This one is way more important - BIG TIME.

Furst off, I'd like that thank evfurryone fur the kind words 'round blog land 'bout my original post. I was only one of the messengers.

I had read about an offer by the stoopid khompany to help with Chai's medikhal bills BUT before I khould get there to read it, Jan's Funny Farm left a khomment on my post about the stoopid khompany informing of us of the update on Chai's blog - WELL, when I got there, I saw an UPDATE to the update - it made my mom sad and she leaked. It turns out the stoopid khompany had known of these issues fur some years.

As soon as Mom read that, she fired off an email to those pawerful SMS Moms -

Our khween Meeshka's nice mom updated Gimpydogs with the disappointing news - and a link to a flyer to print out and take to pet stores near woo -

This stoopid khompany has pikhked the wrong group to mess with - our humans love us more than they love themselves - and that is A LOT given the khollekhtive ego of the human race anymore -

WE will see justice for Chai and the other khanines that have been hurt by the stoopid khompany -

Please tell your humans to help in any way they khan -

Hugz&Khysses to all - and a special flip of my fluffy tail fur Chai,

PeeEssWoo: Mom says thanks fur the L The Group khomments - she's glad woo liked 'em - and as always, loves seeing the other suggestions/khonsiderations!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Working For The Weekend - L The Groups


Khyra's mom here - time for another Musikh MOMday! Today we'll touch on the L's - and since there would be too many to 'l'ump together, today will be L The Groups!

Of khourse, we have to kikhk it off with this one - after all, it helped provide the title for the Friday version of Musikh Momday - please turn up those speakers fur L o v e r b o y .

From there, I offer Living Colour - I've always been very taken by the song 'Cult of Personality' -

Living HERE since 1972 (meaning York), I have to give due khredit to LIVE .

Of khourse, no list of L The Groups from my 'impressionable' years would be khomplete without L e d Z e p p l i n (and no it is NOT Stairway To Heaven but it so khould be), L y n y r d S k y n y r d (but yes this IS Free bird), or Little Feat (pikhk a song, any song - I even saw them TWICE in khoncert!).

By now, you've all noticed the diversity of my musikhal tastes. Once again, I have to throw this one in here L o n e s t a r . This song is dedikhated to a certain gal with a fluffy tail - and in a roundabout way to the person that allowed me to get to the point in my life when I khould get on with my life and akhtually GET a life.

Another L that has multiple appearances on my excel sheet for my cd khollekhtion is Lifehouse . I suggest 'Hanging by a Moment' .

I'll khonkhlude my L The Groups with L o g g i n s & M e s s i n a . I khould have chosen 'House at Pooh Corner' by I went with this one. Anytime I hear it, you have to know the speakers get turned up - it is just a khool song (IMHO)!

SO, there you go: L The Groups! I know I've overLooked some - I mean, I khould have inkhluded Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Lucero, etc etc etc. But I have to draw the line SOMEWHERE - otherwise Miss Fluffy Tail wouldn't get HER blog bakhk!

I'll be bakhk on Monday with L The Artists.

Please feel free to share YOUR favourite L's!

We send our wishes fur a great weekend! Khyra will be bakhk tomorrow!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tell Everyone Please

Time for me to be serious -

There is a very dangerous toy out there - PLEASE make sure your humans chekhk your toy stash fur it and if you do have one PLEASE GET RID OF IT IMMEDIATELY -

The OP Pakhk's mom furst shared the news with the other SMS moms on Wednesday after reading about it on Gucci's Blog- it saddened all of us - many of them wrote the khompany responsible fur it -

Meeshka and her human woman have posted something out there that sums up the situation and what we need to get our humans to do fur us - PLEASE chekhk it out and do what woo khan. Here is the link.

Please warn your people that the story is khwite sad - and it might khause them to leak.

PeeEssWoo: Mom will be here tomorrow with Workin' Fur The Weekend - L - The Groups!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday IV

Howl Oh all !

Welkhome to another episode of Walkin' Wednesday!

This week is a BONUS week - woo will get TWO videos!

Last week I mentioned Moose - the JRT that is annoying - I indikhated that I kinda just look at him likes he's a mutant or something. Well, my buddy Ekhho mentioned how disappointed he was when Moose wasn't out last week. Well, he was on Monday night SOOOO we shot a short one of Moose. Once Mom realized he was out, she made the magikh khopper box start to work - so you'll notice my pace pikhk up - please check out HERE for K h y r a s e e s M o o s e

Now fur our normal Wednesday feature. Just as Mom was chekhking the SMS mail befur we headed out, Summi's mummi khalled so she walked along with us too. (To tell the truth, she was on the phone the ENTIRE time we walked. Those humoms khan surely woo alot!). Here is this week's walk that starts just about where we left off LAST week! This one is a bit longer so it had to go to youtube - please khlikhk HERE for W a l k i n' W e d n e s d a y

I'd like to thank evfurryone for the kind and khool khomments on yesterday's post! I should have khalled that one my SPOTCHA Day post - since that is what it was! Next Tuesday is my OFFICIAL Gotcha Day!

Have a great day wherever woo are!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Years Ago Today

This was ME - akhtually, it was WHITNEY (snikhker) -

August 19th, 2006 -my mom visited the York Khounty SPCA - she was taken by my beaWOOty - she walked around three times - each time spending more time with me - and each time I stayed khloser to where she khould see me AND pet me.

Well, woo ALL know how this story turned out but if woo don't be sure to khome bakhk NEXT Tuesday!

My furiends in Iowa gave me a very khool award - that was a nice surprise to see Monday morning when I booted up the laptop before Mom went to work.

THEN, to really make Monday a special day, The OP Pakhk gave it to my mom and me!

So, I'm going to pass it along to Makhk's Mess

and I'm going to let Mom award it to someone - she told me to let River's mom know that she was passing it along to her. River's mom does lots of khool doggie transport and fostering things SO that surely makes her nice!

Once again, Mom would like to thank all of woo fur the great khomments and suggestions for K groups! Mom soooo feels stoopid fur overlooking Kansas, The Kinks, Kate Bush; and some of the others mentioned (Kylie Minogue, Kajagoogoo) surely made for some interesting ideas!

Have a great Tuesday!



Monday, August 18, 2008

Musikh Monday/Momday - The K's

Happy Monday! Khyra's mom here with another episode of Musikh Monday/Momday. We are khurrently up to the K's!

I don't have any of this one in my khollekhtion BUT no musikh K listing khould NOT inkhlude this one - and we'll even make this a ladies' choice with a special Beth in the spotlight dance for Kiss's B E T H

More K ladies would be Kathleen Edwards - who is akhtually the one on John Doe's Golden State. Her new release "Asking For Flowers" is a very good CD.
Another K lady would be Kaki King who akhtually khombines the khategories - she's a newer artist on the scene.

For the male K's - I offer Keb' Mo' with this V i d e o - it inkhludes another artist I have in my khollekhtion as well. Keb has some very good song lyrikhs AND he's khwite the talented stringed instruement artist.

No mention of K males khould omit Kenny Wayne Shepherd - I offer this V i D e O - since many of Khyra's Sibe furiends are akhtually this!

Two newer K males to give a listen to - one is lokhal to me - in fakht, I've seen him play with his group Voxology - that is Kevin Neidig - he is very talented and a pleasure to listen to!

I was akhtually turned onto this other newer male by Kodak's blog - so I chekhked him out on myspace - please give a listen to Kevin So who recently played with Keb' Mo' !

Well, there you have it - another edition of Musikh Monday/Momday! As always, I khan't wait to hear about the "K's" in your khollekhtion!

Have a great week! Khyra will be bakhk tue-morrow!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Met Princess Sunshine Meadow!

Saturday we went to visit The Kapp Pakhk so I had to start resting so I would be ready to romp and play. Here is some of my preparation: Thinking of seeing Sky boy again!
King Sky boy with the little princess Bi-ped in the bakhkground!
We've seen The AO4's khookie formation so we formed our own
Getting khloser...
GOT IT! And then we got some furri yummi Happy Hearts! Princess Sunshine Meadow and one of her favourite lounging pawsitions!
And of khourse, we khan't furget Biloxi and Khanyon!

Look at the khool pressies The Kapp Pakhk gave me! My OWN bottle of KGJ and glass!
We had lots of fun playing. Mom took lots of videos. Here are three to get woo all started. Please khlikhk on Video O n e Video T w o
and Video T h r e e
As The Kapp Pakhk's mom will khonfirm, I never really stopped moving and fluffying my tail! I was pretty energized fur the ride home. BUT within about an hour, I khrashed! I was SOOOOO furry tired that when my doggy nanny and Fred got home from dinner, I did NOT even take my Wubba to Fred so we khould play!
I khan't wait to go bakhk and play again! Mom said she had fun seeing the pups and the human Kapps too! PLUS, the nice Kapp Pakhk lady made her dinner that was furri yummi!
I hope you enjoy the videos - I'll see if Mom won't share more of 'em later in the week!
Have a great REST of your weekend! That's what I'm doing now - I only pikhked my head up long enough to work on this post fur all my furiends!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fit To Be Tied!

WHY? Bekhause my furiends gave this to ME!
I'll wear it furry proudly!!
AND I'll pass it along to
1- The special humans/khanines/f*****s in T e x a s fur all the good work they do - especially fur finding a nice safe khomfy khozy 'new' home for Super Spoiled SWEET Sparta
2- More special humans/khanines ALSO in T E X A S . Gus had to share his people with Louie AND then they got Khallie (and of khourse, they had to go and break her). Louie and Khallie are special in that they are non-hearing heelers - but they are RED and Gus is blue!
3- I'll also pass this along to a newer pal that found me not that long ago and always make sure to stop by and share kind words - PLUS, the red bow will just look so freakin' sharp with that lovely white khoat - please give a paws up to K o d a k!
I know many of woo have read about MY trip this weekend to visit The Kapp Pakhk and meet Princess Sunshine Meadow. We WERE going to go on Sunday but the nice Kapp Pakhk lady asked if we khould khome on Saturday instead! SURE!!! I khan't wait to see all of them again, meet the new princess in the royal dwelling, and see the khute little biped! This means my Sunday post should have some pikhs and videos of us being khute and fluffy tailed together!
I did see that my mom managed to relay most of my message SO I won't take away any of her toys ESPECIALLY since she's taking me fur a ride in my Xterra!
She appreciated the khomments I read to her about the J group musikh selekhtions. She already skhribbled down ideas fur Monday!
Play lots and fuzz lots more!
Hugz and Khysses,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Workin' For The Weekend - J - The Groups

It is Friday SO that means I'm here in Khyra's place!

As she sent me out the door this am, she asked I inkhlude Happy Birthday wishes to some furry special khanine pals: Dakota of the OP Pakhk and Jackson . Princess Dakota's is today! Khyra told me I have to make the yummi wooskhotti that Dakota's mom made fur her pawty!

Jackson's birthday was earlier in the week but he had some surgery so his people were waiting until he was a bit more able to be the pawty animal!

I hope I khommunikhated Khyra's messages properly - I'm sure if I didn't, she'll tell woo all tomorrow!

Now, time for workin' for the weekend - J - THE GROUPS! Some of these khame from suggestions left during J posts for ladies furst and guys of note - so here goes!

The furst one I'm 'cheating' a bit with - I had meant to inkhlude this song with J males - John Doe's The Golden State - he was part of the group X - this song is akhtually the ring tone on my cellphone.
Another J group would be appropriate for the state that some of my furiends live in - The Jayhawks even if the group was/is more from the state where other furiends rule and reign.
Whilst on the subjekht of Kansas, how about this one: Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit although it is probably more appropriate to say 'go ask Ammy'! Of khourse, Jefferson Airplane did evolve/devolve into Jefferson Starship - I did see them in Kholumbia Merryland bakhk in 1980 - I'll spare starting an earworm with a song title that starts with J !

How about James Gang and Walk Away? - although with Siberians in one's life there is no such thing as WALKING away - it is more like a mad dash!

Since I was a young'un in the 60's/70's, I have to inkhlude The Jackson 5 - sorry!

Now for some harder sounds to jump start the weekend: Judas Priest and Breaking The Law - which I know some of us do from time to time. I saw them in 1980 or 1981 . AND no J list khould be khomplete without Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - I know you'll know which song this is!

I've inkhluded so many 'older' J groups that I'll keep the 'newer' list shorter - chekhk out JJ Grey and Mofro - they akhtually list Jakhksonville as their home just like The RHP! John Cowan Band is another newer one I've listened to in the past few years - chekhk out one of their tunes that inkhludes the state where another of our pals reside .

I hope woo enjoy the J groups I've khollekhted fur today!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner. She'll be bakhk tomorrow! Have a safe and happy weekend all!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thrilled Thursday!

THRILLED to share the furry khool BFF Gold Khard I was awarded by three furry special bloggin' buddies!
Mango the most impressive dog I know - I mean my MalMale Summi is big BUT Mango is huge - was the furst to share it with me!
Then, two khool Sibes from Vegas Baby Kayla K and Maebe Baebe shared it with me!!
I was then thricely pawed by a new Golden Boy from Brasil THOR .
Here are the rules
1. Only five people (doggies?) allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
WELL, since we are a bit behind the kong and khuz on getting this posted, most all the blogs we visit and enjoy have already been touched by this khool gold khard BUT I will pass it along to a furry new furiend - she lives in Khanada - so that khovers Number 3 - just like I got the award three times. Please meet Beta and be sure to visit her blog BUT please be warned - there is a puppy on her page that will steal your heart!
I'm glad evfurryone enjoyed my Walkin' Wednesday. It was a khorgi that I was taken with - it always yaps and yaps and yaps when we pass - it has even fallen out of the stroller trying to get to visit me! It is toooooo bad it is soooo pudgy - khorgis are khute khanineS - this one is a Pembroke. We passed it tonight and we khouldn't help but smile after reading all your khool and appropriate khomments!
Have a great Thursday! Mom will be here tomorrow for J - The Groups!
PeeEssWoo: One MIGHT notice that a certain Summi has not blogged fur sometime - please direkht your khomplaints to his assistant!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday III

Hi Stormy!

I hear woo miss me!!
Should I khome to KholWOOrado to visit?
I'm glad woo enjoyed my khrazy khristmas in august pikhs!
To answer some khwestions, I didn't get to play in it - we only had pea/grape size and lots of soggy lawn!
The skhwirrel pikhs are fur my furied Stormy in KholWOOrado! She and her khanine brothers just moved to a new house - and so far, there are NO SKHWIRRELS there. One of my furst memories of Stormy from Dogster and/or Sibernet was her love of sitting and watching SKHWIRRELS - a past time I enjoy too. I'm still working on the khlimbing thing! Whilst Mom was uploading my Walkin' Wednesday video, she noticed one of the long tailed rats hanging around under the feeder by MY tree!
Here is this week's video for Walkin' Wednesday - please khlikh H E R E . I hope all enjoy it!
I khoached Mom into talking a bit more - some of HER fans were disappointed that she didn't talk more SO she babbled as much as she khould for this one!
Have a great day!
PeeEssWoo: Since I filed this report last evening fur posting during the dark hours, I've learned that my HANDSOME STEVE decided to investigate the powers of skhwirrel! Should I send mine your way too? We do have enough to share!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday The 12th

About 1.5 miles from the house
About a mile from the house
One of the bakhk dekhks from a house in the sekhond pikh
Mom took these from the kitchen
My bakhk patio
The golf khourse

A 'river' that formed between my house and the neighborAnd then it was GONE!

This past Sunday, we had some WILD weather! Merdie and I took our walk - Mom knew it was khoming SO went earlier than normal. During the walk, it started to rumble. Within about fifteen minutes of getting bakhk to the house, it started. Mom gave Merdie a magikh pink pill - that took the edge off Merdie!
It rained - sideways - and then the hail started! Pea size (woo missed it Ekhho!) then small grapes (bad for khanines!) then bakhk to peas. It must have rained about an inch or two during the approximate half hour it lasted. When Mom took the pikh of the 'river', she was standing in water up to her ankles!
My Doggy Nanny and Fred went out to dinner about 630pm (this all had happened around 4pm or so) and about a mile or two from the house (in another direkhtion from the furst pikhs above) there was soooo much hail it looked like someone had plowed. When Mom went to work on Monday and she passed that area at 615am, THERE WAS STILL HAIL THERE! In fakht, this morning, one of the intersekhtions still had some of that fugly stuff that looks like a mud kholoured slushie!
It was pretty wild! I mean, it is AUGUST! I appreciate the dogs days of summer trying to make the weather khool fur us working breeds BUT it was toooooo wet to get out and enjoy!

Mom says thanks fur the khomments about yesterday's J guys of note post. She'll probably use some of the suggestions fur this Friday's J groups of note!
I want to say that I will proudly show and share my recent awards on THURSDAY's post. We had wanted to do that 'tue'day BUT I khouldn't pass up the hail pikhs!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Musikh MondayMomday: J Guys of Note

Please furgive my delay in getting this posted. I didn't have time during the 'normal' morning time(s) - and then I went to lunch with a friend. BUT I've khollekhted my selekhtions so here goes -

Of khourse, any list HAS to inkhlude Jimi Hendrix - I khould name song after song BUT I found this video on youtube that pays a nice tribute to him. His guitar talents are beyond deskhription!

Another 'J' that khame to mind would be Jim Croce - another fantastikh songwriter taken from us too early - there are so many hit songs I'm sure you associate with him but here is a lesser known song BUT no less impressive .

Then there is Jackson Browne - of khourse, I'm sure many of us have many Jackson Browne songs runnin' round their brain, but I chose this one .

Khyra's pal Dave from Kansas says Joe Jackson is khool SO fur Dave, we offer THIS ONE .

Two other J's that I've filled my khollekhtion with would be John Prine and Jay Farrar (you'll hear more from him when I hit the "U's" (Uncle Tupelo).

Newer and/or lokhal J's have to inkhlude Josh Ritter , Jeffrey Gaines , Justin Townes Earle (the son of Steve Earle named in part for Townes Van Zandt, and one that is akhutually 'old like me' John Flynn. I've inkhluded two videos of his from YouTube. The furst one is named for his last album Two Wolves and one that raises gooseflesh everytime I hear it Dover .

So there ya go fur another 'episode' of Musikh MondayMomday -

What J Guys of Note khome to YOUR minds? I look furward to hearing/seeing them!

Khyra says to pass along the Merdie's people khame fur her last evening. Of khourse, that was AFTER all the Sunday afternoon hailstorm fun. We'll throw some pikhs up soon AND inkhlude some from a few miles from our house. To put it in perspekhtive, at 6:15am Monday, there were STILL hail piles on my way to work! And the storm happened around 4pm Sunday!

Have a great week all! Khyra says tails up until tuemorrow!

Hugz&Khysses from Khyra's Khorner!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Weekend With Merdie

Rekhovering after our walk AND adventure in the driveway!

Woo khan chekhk out our walk - Mom khaptured our khuteness at multiple points along the way -
The furst one is near where woo saw Oswald and then the yappetizer patrol - please khlikhk
H E R E for the furst. Mom took some more paw-age as we got to the last blokhk or two, she took another - please khlikhk H E R E for that one.

Then, when we got bakhk to the driveway, Mom spotted something go UNDER the Xterra - so she switched the khamera bakhk on and made us aware of what was threatening MY Xterra! Please khlikhk H E R E for that one.
Whilst Mom was uploading the videos, she looked out and saw some khool kholours in the sky - so she grabbed the khamera and khaught them to share with all of woo!

Aren't they beautiful?

Mom did khatch one of our play sessions Saturday BUT even though we did it in the kitchen, it is a bit dark - I told her to inkhlude it anyway so woo khan see how much fun we had! Believe it or not, Merdie started this one. She started pawing me and HEY, I'm there! Woo khan see THAT by khlikhing H E R E

And since I've not shared my huzziness recently, here is a shot from Friday night!

Hope evfurryone has a nice Sunday! Don't furget, Mom will be here tomorrow fur Musikh Mon/Momday with J Guys of Note.


Khyra and Merdie

Saturday, August 9, 2008

She's Bakhk!

It's Merdie!
Hoping her daddy khomes bakhk fur her!
Keeping an eye on Doggy Nanny and Fred
I'm rechargin'
And Merdie is mopin'!
Merdie's people are doing another weekend trip down the shore SO I have to play khoncierge at Khyra's Khamp and Spa! Mom says she'll try to khapture us doing 'fun' things for MY blog on Sunday!

I would like to thank my sweet little friend fur this special award! I do try to be kind fur the world is khruel enough - sooooo I hope to paw it furward as best I khan!

I'm going to pass this award on to ALL the SMS bloggers! Please sit up and take a (play)bow fur your kindness and khoncern fur each other without having to worry about staying on topikh!

Hope evfurryone has a great weekend - the weather here is great! Mom akhtually switched off the husky khool air last night SO we khould have the windows WIDE OPEN!


Khyra and Merdie The GoldenDoofTriever too!

PeeEssWoo: Mom says THANKS fur all the khool khomments about her J-Ladies Furst post! She has such fun doing this - I guess I ought to rub her tummy or something!