Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday MOMday

Ready to go Mom!
I'm ready Mom!
On my way to stay with the SibeLings - and 'kitaLing too whilst Mom went to Hagerstown fur Heart -

I'll let Mom take khontrol of the keyboard now!

Thanks Khyra

Tehya - she's a HuskyBorderCollie - and she's the best of all those breeds offer -

As we mentioned on Sunday's post, we were going to do Heart's transport in honour and memory of Bandit and the others at Wandering Spirits -

Well, here are some pictures we snagged from Tehya's post about her brothers -BanditMac and Ozzy

We are still thinking of them and Emmitt's family too - please check out the awesome video his mom put together for us to celebrate Emmitt on their blogOff we goThis is for Auntie Di - she works at United Rentals in Phoenix - this one is our local one - it is down the hill and across the interstate from Khyra's B&B SPCA!I'll be back HERE on Wednesday!I saw this plate when I stopped to get some very precious $3.199 ga$ that was $3.229 when I went by three hours later - most of the gas I saw enroute to and from Hagerstown was $3.259 to $3.319 - sad sad sad Short of Chambersburg I passed this truck and took it as another omen of a great transport! Once again, Chester's bridge as I headed South - Some bonus PUPPY pictures!I got to McD's and encountered Peggy - the one who joined us in Harrisburg last Sunday - and Helen - coincidentally enough, Helen had done Hope and Vicky's overnight for Sam's transport - I had been to Helen's quite a few times to get pups that had spent the night at her place - she'd been out of the country for some months but has returned and will be back to helping with B&B and driving as her schedule permits!

I told her how I had wanted to drive Hope and Vicky on Sunday - she confirmed they were very special girls - Helen got very excited talking about Vicky - she said she was a beauty - and that Hope was so in need of love - but what a great pair they were!

I did get a video of the pups in Hagerstown - AND again in Harrisburg for they were there when Heart and I arrived!I let Heart check out the snow in MerrylandSome girl was FURRY happy to be heading home!She was such a sweetie!I think she was one of the most photogenic dogs I've transported - so please be prepared for the number of pics in the Photobucket - I just couldn't bring myself to delete any of them!The blanket was hers - and she loved itHer eyes were awesome and so expressive!Sorry - out of focus - had to shoot it quickly!Chester's Bridge heading North -Snoof!Checking out the sights in HarrisburgInspecting my side of The XterraAnother successful trip as we try to see they all do have a home!Our Harrisburg shot as I headed back across The Susquehanna River for homeMission Accomplished!

There are LOTS of pics in the Photobucket including some from Saturday's meeting spot in Charlotte - Heart got to ride along with a Dalmatian transport - and Mary went over to the Bob Evans to snag some pics of all of them -

As I mention in the one of the videos, Heart is going to live in Western Master Chew Sits - her mom and dad drove down to North Paterson NJ to meet her and escort her HOME! She's nine months old with lots of happiness and fun in store!

UPDATE: Around 7:30 Sunday night we got an email wrapping up the transport - Heart was on her way home with her mom and dad - they were THRILLED - and thanked all of us for bringing 'this bundle of joy into our lives' -

The transport was done for PMAR - Heart had been fostered in the Greenville SC area!

Here is the link to the Photobucket album with six videos AND here is the link to the slideshow -

Once again, all the wagging tails you see are proof


Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Sharing

I khan't bare to look -
OH NO!!!!!!
Making sure none isn't hiding
My poor poor tree!
Here are some images to help heal your eyes -Auntie Di sent these earlier this month
Her boss Steve sent them to her -
They are from the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival
Here is a preview of Mom's passenger fur later today -
Meet Heart - isn't she a beaWOOty?!?
Her name inspired us determine our transport dedikhation - please keep reading fur the reasons - but furst two passengers Mom wanted to transport these beaWOOties but the legs she khould have done were filled -

These two khame North thanks to The Last Resort Rescue - Mom is going to drive fur them next weekend - and the preview of that group is BIG SKHWEE!

Please read Vicky's story on TLR's Adoptable Pet Link -

Now fur the special furiends to be honoured today -Bandit left us - he's a member of a furry special pakhk of pals in Whitehorse Yukon Territory - his pawrents are furry special people that love animals in a furry special way - woo khan read about him on his mom's blog post - the past months have been furry challenging and diffikhult fur them with others in Bandit's pakhk khrossing as well -

Bandit's mom is also a furry talented beadmaker - with one of her special ofFURings being beads which inkhlude some of our ashes - please chekhk out her Etsy shop

We will also give a bark out to Emmitt and his pawesome and talented pawrents - he khrossed as well -
prior to his journey, he left us a furry special post -

Please chekhk out the furry special post Tweedles did fur her furiends - it is so touching and so grounding!

Our HEART will go out to all of them



PeeEssWoo: I must apologise that I won't be making the festivities this weekend - Mom will need The Xterra in the morning - and I know it will turn bakhk into a pumpkin around midnight - BTW, don't furget to chekhk out the latest inkhredible aukhtion items - I'll blog more about that on Monday or Tuesday!

I did send a KHAT-o-GRAM to Frankie's - I hope woo enjoy the tasty snakhks!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Sharing

Khousin and Khat EditionFriday Morning
Pausing as I ventured out fur my last paws of SNOW
Oh Mom - will it really be gone when woo get home from work Friday evening?
The answer is YES - Mom and I will spare woo a pikhk - it is a horrible sight!
Khousin Abby heading bakhk from Prescott last Sunday
Khousin Merdie saying HI!
Khousin Harley
Mom snagged these two on Sunday AM - maybe this should be the tasty snakhks fur Frankie's shindig!

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!



PeeEssWoo: Today is halfway to our Gotcha Days!

Friday, February 25, 2011

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

Normally whilst Mom gets ready fur work, I khurl in my chair but yesterday I went bakhk to bed - I figured she'd khould use these fur my entry in Reilly's khool khontest - so here I go - after all, it sets off my nose dribbles khwite well!
She noticed I was missing when she went to get those human khlothes on SO the flashie beast akhkhompanied her
Okay Mom - let's get it ovFUR with
I went bakhk down with her and had one last trip out to khool my tail
It was expekhted to rain starting Thursday afternoon - and it did
So my snow will be disappearing - probably by the next time she snags some pikhs - of khourse, I did some of my Princess RainKhloud sponge work during Thursday evening
More SkEYE
Making me khome in so she khan go
From our walk in the snow on Tuesday
From Mom's furst break on Thursday

Happy FrEYEday EvFURRYone!



PeeEssWoo: One more day and she'll be all mine again!