Sunday, March 31, 2024

SUNday Sharing

Lord PF hanging out over Market Street -
Whilst Lady PF was hanging on the eggSSSSS -
Lord PF was back on point later -
With Lady PF still at work -
Approaching 630pm 52 and rain - it did move in during the afternoon -
What khuties to find in an Easter Basket -
I've was thinking all day about what to include in THIS post - so much was going on in Willow World - 
I decided to start with her Saturday 'venture -

We did stop at Ace Hardware first thing - had a coupon to use  - 5 off 25 - so we got some things -
Then headed to 
Dawn's for breakfast -
The Ever Vigilant Tax Collector out there -
The always dependable Bacon Egg Cheese English Muffin - with FRUIT!
For The Dog Watchin' The KhrossTrek -
This one ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
My offering -

Yes Mom - it was good!
Easter Poke Cake - and an Easter Whoopie Pie to take to Kerri at our next stop - I always got a Poke Cake for me - the one I got St Patrick's Weekend was so good - as was this one!
We'll resume telling of the rest of Saturday - and FrEYEday too - soon - but first I present Easter Willow!

And her Khousin Easter Emmy - pretending she had some bunny!
Emmy's Easter Basket from Kerri's Pawsome Bakery - Willow Level - Two Iced Treats and Two Woofles!
Willow's Willow Level - and April's Hazel Box - of course...more on that next week!
I'll try to wrap up and in all the loose ends in the upcoming posts -

Hoppy Easter SUNday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!
PeeEssWoo: Of course, we ask - where DID the weekEND go?  
We'll be back at The GKP WFH style today!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Saturday Sharing

Lord PF on his point -
Lady PF was on their eggsssss!
I was lucky enough to catch off for a few minutes!

Going on 630pm 56 sunny - and still windy!
So there she was FrEYEday morning- just lounging - 
And doing dog stuff - until I did the clothes and keys thing -
And she was ready!
Ready Mom!
I usually find us taking a picture at the other light at this intersection when we are returning to The Khottage - took it going this time -
To Auntie Di and Khousin E -
All wound up to see Auntie Di - with Khousin Emmy -

We enjoyed time out on the khrisp patio - Needy Nelly and her Mom -
Emmy was doing the Golden Retriever Easter Egg Roll -
At one point I had lost sight of Willow - she was settled just next to  her Auntie Di's chair - 
This is where I'll jump to the last stop of our 'venture day - parked next to this KhrossTrek - I told Auntie Di it's a WOObaru thing - we park next to each other -
Willow said she would keep an eye on it whilst we went in to visit someone special -
The Birthday Boy - 
Flowers and furiend in his room - 
THE BIRTHDAY BOY - today - March 30 - he is celebrating #88!!!!!!!!
He was lucky enough to win on the scratch offs!
 Some of the cards he had already received - 
Fred had a table in his room's corner with a jigsaw going -
After her full day, napping among her plans for the afternoon - as I watched The Phillies LOSE - it was a surreal game - up 2-0 and lost it 9-3

Auntie Di and I did go for lunch after stopping at CVS for her - I'll share that in the days ahead as it was so good - we went to the GyroFusion place - then we headed to see Fred - earlier this year, Fred had a bout with pneumonia+more - he was in the hospital for sometime - and was weakened by the ordeal to the point it wasn't good for him to be alone - so he went to rehab - actually the same facility TADN was in for her hip - and then went to an assisted living place for now - it was quite nice - friendly staff - nicely decorated and designed - and it's helping him to get back on his feet - he told us today they are targeting the end of April for him to go back to his place - so paws and fingers crossed for that - he was in good spirits - and Diane said he looked much better than other times she had visited -

Today we'll be 'venturing for breakfast at Dawn's - then off to Kerri's for our new Hazel box - and to pick up somethings The Easter Bunny ordered for Khousin Emmy and Willow -

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!