Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Larger Than Life

My larger than life sized MalGalPal PrincessHollyBollyBananaBooooooo pawed a special rekhwest fur me to start using the large size pikhs - I guess she wanted to ME in my svelte glory!

So, since I khan't ignore her wishes - I mean, she khlaims she'd never hurt a furiend BUT - here is ME - waiting in the dark for SOMETHING!

Hugz&Khysses on this last day of April,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stoney Saturday

I've been watching Mom watching the Peregrine Falkhons in Harrisburg. They seem to spend a lot of time on stones SO when she let me out on Saturday, I thought I do the zen thing with the rokhks off the porch. I was pretty khomfy AND it gave me a great vantage point to look fur 'things'

PeeEssWoo: The evil khytter was in the front yard when Mom took the pikh of the Red Bud akhross the street. I didn't get to see this 'snakhk' THEN but I spy it a great deal from my sofa/end table perch!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Please Khlikh It!

Well, my MalGalPal Holly posted about The Animal Reskhue Site. She akhcepted the challenge from her furiend Izzie

My mom already hits the site each day from home and from work SO she was very familiar with the good the group does. In fact, my furst khristmas gift to my doggy nanny was a handbag from their site. That's it above!
I've added their furry attrakhtive purple paw print to my blog - please do the same! Not all the khanines (and other khreatures) are as luckhky as we are to have someone to feed us and take khare of us!
Thanks for Khlikhin' -
PeeEssWoo: I HAD to do it OR PrincessHollyBbbbbbbbbb would have skhwished this poor svelte Siberian with her MalAGalNess - I'm just sayin'!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pour Mes Maine Amies

My furiend Ari The Khanine Naturalist and her mom Kate live in Maine where it has just recently decided to bekhome SPRING! I had my mom take some pikhs of trees in my yard and/or akhross the street. Woo will see lilakhs, flowering pink cherry, a sour cherry in bloom, and a red bud (my mom's favourite). I've also inkhluded a shot of MOI!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flurrishing Flurry!

As I look around outside, my snooter and my eyes are being treated to all kinds of signs of spring! Flowers and trees and birds and bees - and a thing khalled FLURRY LOVE!
I'm sure woo all rekhall my furst posting of Flurry
Well, here are some furry recent pikhs with more proof for the power of LOVE! In this khase, the power of Mother Carol Nature!
Woos on the street say Flurry and her brother Aja will be joining the blogging world SOON! When they do, I'll be sure to paw a pupdate about it!
PeeEssWoo: Here is their blog

Friday, April 25, 2008

Khyra's Heroes

No further khomment rekhwired -

Tanks fur your khooperation with this matter!

Hugz & Khysses,

Thursday, April 24, 2008

D'Azul-ing Dears


Our Prez2B's SibeHalfSis Gloria has provided him with 20 more paws able to get out and help him get elekhted. Please see for more pikhs of the dears! I believe they will have their little voter's khards by November and will assist us with getting Turbo into the BIG HOUSE he deserves!
Khongrats to all - they are beeWOOtiful examples of Siberian Khoolness and Supreme Khuteness!
PeeEssWoo: This marks my 100th post! Khongrats to me and thanks to all of ye fur enkhouraging me to khreate Khyra's Khorner! I'm glad woo all stop by!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Day After

Well, that IS the smell of vikhtory for Turbo! I am almost wooless as to how well he did. It is about time the citizens rekhognize the only khandidate ready to take on the challenge of being lead dog - the one that you khan khount on to answer the phone at 3am - no matter what the time zone!

It is now time to intensify getting Tubey's message out to the media - the stoopid humans paid no heed to our messages. Therefore, I have taken his khampaign to The Animal Planet.

Here is what was pawmitted
I'm khlawing/pawing this message to you as my last resort. Messages to NBC/ABC/NPR/CNN/CBS/ColbertNation have all apparently gone ignored. I'm the Khampaign Khoordinator for Turby-08. Here is his khampaign site and here is my blog that helps detail all I've tried to do
Turbo represents all the khwalities we should have in a leader. He's got brilliant ideas. In fakht, he's the one to suggest I bring our khause to ANIMAL PLANET. And he's khorrekht. People are stoopid and have missed a chance at a great story. I hope the animals in charge of Animal Planet rekhognize this!!!
Respekhtfully Yours,
Khyra The Siberian Husky

Thank you for contacting Viewer Relations. We make every effort to reply within one week of receipt of your message. Please check our website for additional information..
First Name Khyra
Last Name TheSiberianHusky
Email Address khyra_sh at thingie
Question Regarding Network/Program Related
Postal/Zip Code 17404
Signal Provider/Cable Company Khomkhast (Ick)

I intend to keep trying - his message has to be heard. I was proud to khast my vote fur him on Tuesday - and my hu-mom was not stoopid as she pressed his name as well!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elekhtion Day Is FINALLY Here!

And I smell VIKHTORY fur TURBO!!!

BUT furst, please allow me to update evfurryone with the latest demonstration of how stoopid people are. In my khampaign to get Turbo's message heard, I khontakhted CNN and gave them the skhoop on our khandidate:

I am the Khampaign Khoordinator for his khandidacy website at
If you chekhk out my blog at will see that I'm diligently trying to get the word out on Turbo. Thus far, not ONE of the so khalled media outlets have khontakhted the khandidate or me about an interview fur us to share his vision with the khountry. CNN recently ran a piece about dogs with blogs - YES - we have blogs but we also have a message and plan fur change for this once great khountry that needs to be bakhk on The Trail.
Respekhtfully submitted,
Khyra The Siberian Husky

And still I wait. People ARE sooooo stoopid - no wonder their world is in such a mess (and one we weren't the khause of)!



PeeEssWoo: I smell puppy breath khoming from Missouri too! Go GLORIA!

PeePeeEssWoo: KHONGRATS to Gloria and D'Azul Siberians on five beeWOOtiful puppies! Watch this space SOON fur pikhs!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Khampaign Report

Well, it was khwite a lovely Sunday in Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love. Our khanine brother Turbo was greeted with open paws and open arms as we made a few stops on his brief khampaign stop thru Pawsylvania!

The transkhript of his speech on Liberty is on his blog along with a pikhture of me! I was soooo thrilled to see much of historikh Philadelphia with him. We were able to see The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We visited his khampaign headkhwarters in Fishtown and saw one of his volunteers khrafting a sign for one of the lokhal polling places.

He had to get bakhk to Missouri BUT before he did, we were able to grab a bite to eat. We found a lovely place khalled Phydoz where we enjoyed a Philadelphia favourite: soft pretzel wrapped with cheese and bakhon! It was absolutely delightful -made even more special by the pawlitikhal khonversations Turbo and I were able to share.

One of our diskhussions did inkhlude how disappointing it has been that none of the media outlets I've khontakhted have had the good sense to sniff out the great story I'm all but placing in their laps. Stoopid people! Khanine sense and sensibility is yet another trait Turbo will bring to The White House.



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Next On The List

Well, the folks at NPR are next on my list as I try to lokhate humans intelligent enough to want to help share our khandidate's khampaign. Here is what I khlawed and pawed on their website:

HOWLdy I want to suggest a story to you that your khompetition is missing out on. I've khlawed NBC, CBS, ColbertNation, ABC, and now YOU. I'm the Khampaign Khoordinator for a khandidate that WILL make a difFURence fur our great khountry.
Please see my blog for some bakhground
Then check out Turbo's to get to know the one most suitable to lead us to a real change
He even as an official page for his khandidacy

This elekhtion season has gone on WAY too long and the only way to get through it has been to pawdle it with humour. We've had to listen to our humans whine and khomplain as they saw or heard yet one MORE ad.
My mom puts a lot of faith and trust in NPR - it is on her radio each day she leaves me and each afternoon when she returns to me. She listens on her PC at work (switching only to listen to WXPN when she needs some tunes). I thought maybe your staff would be smart enough to rekhognize a REAL STORY THAT MATTERS and MAKES A DIFFERENCE!
I tank woo in advance for your time!
Respekhtfully submitted for Turbo-08,

Khyra The Siberian Husky

I'm still using my relentless skills and doing all I khan for US - The Khanine Nation! Our world works so well - it is about time Turbo helps takes those principles and applies them to our khountry!



PeeEss: I hit Brian Williams blog last night - paws khrossed he'll have a lightbulb moment and grab the leash!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Out on a date

It looks like Mom and Dad decided to grab some khwality time and leave the kids home alone fur a bit. The khool part about this is that the Obama guy is in Harrisburg as I khlaw this post - SOOOOO maybe Mom and Dad are helping Tubey and me with our plan!

I believe THIS will be a khompletely diffurent kind of press 'khoverage' -

I'm just sayin!



PeeEss: Dukhk! No, Peregrine Falkhon!!

Learning The ABC's

Another disappointing day in KhanineLand. Prior to khlawing this report, I chekhked my Yahoo email akhkhount. ALAS, no message from The STOOPID Media. Here is the latest one to receive the inside/outside skhoop on The Khandidate To End All Khandidates: TURBO TUBEY Esq.
I'm the Khampaign Khoordinator for Turbo-08. I've khontakhted NBC, CBS, The Colbert Report - with NPR and CNN on the list. (Faux news DOESN'T KHOUNT. I'm not khonservative and/or weird enough for them). ANYWAY, I would like to suggest that the nice Mr. George chekhk out my blog and peruse my recent postings related to Tubey's khampaign fur president. This whole stoopid elekhtion thing SOOOOO needs some khomikh relief at this point. Tank WOO
Submission Confirmation
This message confirms that we have received your submission. Thank you for your interest in
Oh well, I was furakhtive enough to paw and khlaw yet another pawtential ear for our furry important message. I'll pupdate THAT on Sunday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lattes and BirdyBombs

Looks like Mom went to get her OWN latte and to 'spot' some vehikhles belonging to those that won't take The Turbo-08 Khampaign seriously!

I'm just sayin' - they might be sorry!


Will Kholbert Khare Enough To Khover The Furry Best?

We all know how we are trying to get Tubey's khause out there. My friend K(h)at suggested I take the story to Stephen Kholbert. From what Steve tells me, when K(h)at 'suggests' something, one MUST obey.
Thanks for emailing Here's the information you sent:
WELL, as of NOW, NBC and CBS have both missed their chance. I was going to khontakht ABC next, but two of my SibePals (STEVE and K(h)at) suggested we take our khase to THE COLBERT REPORT! Paw-oila!
And then I inkhluded the emails I sent Brian Williams and Katie Khourikh.
Let's hope one Steve rekhognizes the wisdom shared by another Steve!
PeeEss: Next up, George "The Khutie" STEPHANopoulos and ABC

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Katie's Turn

Well, NBC missed THEIR opp to feature Tubey's khandidacy. In one of our stategy sessions, Tubey mentioned that perhaps we needed to take our story to Katie Khourikh. Given her low ratings, it would surely be a win-win fur her.
So, here is what I pawed her:
Well -
Since NBC has failed to khontakht me fur this furry important story, it was suggested by The Khandidate himself that perhaps Katie Khouric and Khompany would be interested -

Please khonsider giving air time to us!

Respekhtfully Submitted,
Khyra The Siberian Husky
And then I inkhluded the same message I sent to NBC on Tuesday.
If she chooses to ignore the BEST choice to lead us furward, I'll be taking Tubey's khampaign to ABC, NPR, and CNN.
Updates as warranted!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Khontender Fur The Pawsidential Race

My MalGalPal PHBbbbbbbb left a khomment yesterday that got my khanine brain racing. Since she is almost as khlever as I am, I took her advice and khontakhted NBC. Here is the email I sent them:

As the Khampaign Khoordinator fur Turbo-08, I've been enkhouraged by some of my khanine furiends (the bestest one being PrincessHollyBbbbbbb to khontakht Brian Williams so as to khommunikhate our offuring to this year's race fur President with his website of

Please chekhk out my blog post from today with more deTAILS -

I mean, what better khombination khan a khountry want than someone who knows how to run a race yet charm one and all with a wag of a tail and a kiss with the tongue?


Khyra The Siberian Husky

PeeEss: Please akhcept my apawolgies for my language - I khlaw in Khyraese -
It may be adopted as the next official language for The United States - here is an intro to it

PeePeeEss: FROM KHYRA'S MOM, we figured at this point in the election season, the country could surely use a laugh AND a breath of fresh SANE air!

I'll keep woo all posted as to when they khontakht me!

Tank Woo PHBbbbbbbbb!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Khountdown to Pawsylveinyah Primary

In addition to being khute and khlever, I am also the Khampaign Khoordinator for the next president of our great khountry.

I would to take this blog opp to present Huricane Akara Turbofire - known to all that woo and love him as TURBO and/or TUBEY -


It will pawmit you to see all the things Turbo stands for and stands against - he khares - he's khoncerned - he's prepared to lead us along the trail to khybble, khuz's, and justice fur all!

So next Tuesday, please be sure to paw the skhreen or the lever for TUBEY!


Khampaign Khoordinator

Fine Print PeeEss: This message has been approved by the khandidate. All khontributions are dedukhtible to the maximum pawmitted under khurrent stupid laws. See your akhkhountant or tax advisor fur khomplete deTAILS. Your akhtual mileage may vary. Diskhontinue use if you are unable to khonsume tissues or other paper produkhts.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cheery And Cherry!

My friend Ari and her mom mentioned they wanted to see some pikhs of cherry blossoms after I khommented how they 'sploded like snow Saturday am. So when Mom went out to the store Sunday, she took a few pikhs. She was REALLY disappointed bekhause she khlosed the khamera JUST as a bluebird landed in what HAD been the shot. Oh well - TIMING is evfurrything!

My BFF Sitka wrote a few weeks ago about getting to go to a Cherry Blossom festival. So we decided to take more pikhs of ours on the way bakhk from our Sunday afternoon walk (the trees are on the left!)

Sitka's mom sent my mom five furry special gifts last week - a wreath dekhorated with soda khaps - or is that pop khaps? - and two bottles of AGJ - one which was from the winery that my BFF got to go visit last month , a khool new keyfob in the shape of a bone, and some Peats KHOFFEE!!! The khoffee has been opened this evening, ground in the recently purchased burr grinder, and will be served around 0530 Tuesday 4/15 - AND Sitka was sweet enough to send some FURRY TASTY snakhkies fur ME! ME!! ME!!! along with a very pretty khard with a dragonfly! My mom keeps threatening to have one bekhause they smell soooooo good!
They are khwite yummy!
Thanks furry much Sitka, Shelli, and yes, even Tia The GF Khat to Litter Breath Wilbur in Wooshington State!
PeeEss: Mom says the wine on the left was yummy! She drank that one on Saturday. She's saving the Wolf Mountain fur another special time!

Mom just chekhed the skhrape and saw Momma and Pappa PF hanging out - still no latte that I khan see!

Here is a pikh of how I spent lots of my weekend - watching for THOSE things that go up and then khome down the tree! I stalked and I stared!! I am SOOOO getting khloser to khatching one!!! I'll have Mom khreate some kind of khrokhk pot recipe! WOO!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I got a furry special box from my Sibe BF and his khute sister K(h)at
I had to chekhk it out with my snooter!

Here is the khard that was inside the box!
Here are the furry nice things they khlawed&pawed to me!
Sorry the pikh is a little hard to see - Mom didn't use the flash so she used the magikh Olympus programme to brighten it up!

They are YUMMY YUMMY Peanut Butter and Jelly biskhuits in the shape of little khanine bones!
All natural and just have to be great for my girrrrrrrrrrrlish figure! Tank Woo FURRY much for the great treats AND fur NOT sending Litter Breath - aka Wilbur The EVIL Khrytter KHAT - this time!
PeeEss: My next post will be about the other special pakhkage we got from Sitka and her mom. Sitka's feline sista Tia is sweet on Steve and K(h)at's feline bro Wilbur!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nuzzlin' in the Nest

Ahhhhh - some khwuality time with a furry special egg!
Hope woo all have some special time with your special pals today!

PeeEss: This afternoon we got another peek!