Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Telling

So much to tell - so much to tell!Please head on ovFUR and chekhk out the furry PAWSome stuff - the furst item looks furry much like something I know a bit about!!!!
As promised, here are some pikhs from Sunday night - when Dulcee bekhame ANGEL!

And Maple bekhame SHELBY!

And Sonny met his dad and his human sister!

Whilst Mom was waiting in Hagerstown, this van pulled in a few spaces away - they were from Wichita - and heading to CHESTER NJ

Look who it was!!!

Well, it wasn't - but it khould have been! This is Guinness - as the Hu-Dad khommented, a little blakhk and tan!

Oh no! Treehendge has been attakhked and reduced to dust!

The attakhk also took out one of Frankie's Furiends

Just a week ago, it was all healthy!

Just after I got this post together, I SAW THE SPECIAL POST MAGGIE'S DAD WROTE - please go read it - but have tissues handy - we guarantee LES will happen - and if it doesn't woo might want to chekhk fur your pulse - I know some of woo have already been touched by what he pawed but if woo haven't, PLEASE DO!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

Tomorrow is THAT day of the month - I WHonder WHat she has in store fur us?



Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday MOMday

I'm savouring the wee bit of snow that is left!
There is nothing like the feel of it under my paws!


Now time fur me to turn this ovFUR to Mom!

Thanks Khyra!

As I left a golfer went by!

Now for the dedication part of the transport

The Awesome K From Colorado fighting the evil c monster - no CAPS for that beast

A special angel who joined the transport - when I looked at my phone Sunday morning, I saw a FB post from Maggie and Mitch's mom - I knew the news we knew would be coming but hadn't wanted to see would be on the blog - and it was - so I hoped Angel Maggie would come along - and she did - and she sent signs along the way - more about that below

Of course, I knew I could count on Angel The Bleu - as his brother The Angel The Luke had made the journey with me a bit over a year ago - sadly, I forgot to bring the shirt along with me


The first YELLOW for MURRAY I captured with the camera - I had passed a Mustang with a PA plate of BMBLE BE - but couldn't snag a shot!

Shotgun Sonny


PAWSylvania - and one state closer!

Sorry - a bit blurry but I felt it was worth keeping here - such an intense yet sweet look - of course, I had lots of these looks from him!

YELLOW for MURRAY - and lots fence posting heading to a furever home of its own!

Yes, you guessed it! His overnight hosts had sent this along with him as he had taken a liking to it whilst he was enjoying their hospitality!

Jezebel was back there - with the luggage as I call it!

With Dulcee and Maple over here!

More of THE LOOK!


Still smaller than a certain Lakie Rear From Da Burgh - Khyra had me paw that one!

We were passing the Scotland Exit - and the Chambersburg Mall when he decided to watch out his side

And share his SNOOF PRINT!

I had a shot and he decided to nose in on it!

A Paw Fur K!


Some more YELLOW for MURRAY

And one of the signs from Angel Maggie I had mentioned - the first one was a Blue Heron that cruised just above The Xterra as I was about to connect with I81 - then I passed another of this trucking company's vehicles - I thought about snagging a shot then but didn't - then a bit beyond Greencastle - and home of Big Brown Chester Hoover - I saw a flock of peacocks - another sign from Maggie as she and her brother Mitch LOVED their bird pals - so when I saw this Big G truck on the way back North, I knew I had to take a picture - WHY? For those that don't know, Maggie's dad is GEORGE - and I know he's HER Big G - PLUS, the company is headquartered in SHELBYville TN - appropriate since Maple The Pup is now known as SHELBY!

More of Sonny's winning ways!

His coy look!

His introspective one

Watching his new world getting closer and closer!


The magnet on the vehicle ahead of us off the Exit 69 ramp summed up the transport quite well - glad the traffic light allowed us the chance to snag it!

Dulcee - now known as Angel getting ready for the trek to Allentown

Shelby Maple sending love to her foster mom and wishing her well as her OTHER special foster project approaches the final months!

The Look of LOVE!

Jezebel sharing her brownie love too!

Harrisburg with some ANGEL BLEU sky!


Mission Accomplished!!!!

I wanted to include this artsty shot

What a day! Despite the sadness in our hearts for the three angels above us, the special cargo helped balance it - and kept The Circle of Life going!

Here is the link to The Photobucket Album - lots of pics - of course, mostly of Shotgun Sonny - and three videos -

Please also visit The Rotts N Pups FB page for lots and lots and lots of other pictures of the transport!!!!

BTW, have I mentioned how RESCUES ROCK????

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner!

She'll be back tomorrow with lots of stuff she wants to tell about!