Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Khaturday Sharing

And Lots Of Sharing To Do!A random regal shot
Merdie stretched out
Showing off her rufflies
And her happy tail which wags wags wags evfurrytime woo say the word MERDIE!
Yard time fur me!
Paws khrossed fur all to have a safe weekend
Seriously pondering life
BEFUR WE GET TO THE KHATURDAY PART, please keep one of my blogging pals in your thoughts...Amy had to let Floyd khross on Friday...please pay a visit and give her some special khysses...I know she'll appreciate the support and khomfort at this time!
Brofur lounging in one of his spots
(Mom saw these two when she stopped at the store on Thursday)
(akhtually a balloon The Doggy Nanny got at Damon's this week)
SOPHIE? Do woo know your brofur is here?
Flat Dog Blending With Leaves - akhtually 'Chloe' from next door
I've khlosed my eyes so all of woo khan skhare me fur HOWL-O-WEEN!

Merdie and I would like to wish evFURRYone a pawesome weekend!

I got the weekend off from nursing duties. Merdie and her dad went home but will return Sunday evening.


Khyra and Merdie

Friday, October 30, 2009

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

Free Fur All It Shall Be!!!Flowers!
Halloween Kholoured Ones
BIRFDAY Greetings to my HANDSOME Malamute BF SUMMIII
(he rekhwires the LARGEST font)
AND it is also Opy The Original (NOT SO) GruffPuppy AND Benson J Puppypaws Furry Special Mum's Birthday!

After our hard work this week, we are two spent nurses
(akhtually this was Wednesday (06:20something) since Mom got up early so she khould have a non-rushed morning befur heading to the dentist but spent nurses makes fur a better khaption)
Floor level shot of a happy Merdie
Parts of me
Eye with dirt smudge
Fur Norwood (The Doggy Nanny has this on her khomputer desk)
Some of our Wednesday afternoon sky
Monday night sunset time!!!

HERE IS THIS WEEK'S SLIDESHOW OF SKY SHOTS (khwite a bunch of them but Mom khouldn't decide which ones NOT to inkhlude SO she decided to keep 'em all)

We hope all of woo have had a GRRRRRRREAT week with a pawesome weekend planned!


Khyra and Merdie

PeeEssWoo: Go Phillies! ! !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thinking Thoughtful Thursday

We have SOOOOO many "th's" this week!Thinking of all the stuff I should share BUT I'll let Merdie do the showing
Monday - when we had SUN!
Just being a happy girrrrrl!
What do woo think?
We had told her that her daddy was khoming home soon!
Nurse Merdie on duty Tuesday AM
This is what happened when my mom said "Merdie"
Merdie's Patient and some of his armour!
Early Tuesday afternoon Unkhle Paul khame down to spend some time
Merdie always kept her eyes on her daddy!
Unkhle Paul is doing pretty doggone well khonsidering all the VETS put him throught last Thursday!

Please chekhk out my feline furiend Parker (or should I say go chekhk her out BUT ask fur her handsome brofur Diamond )
Time to thank my furiends fur their thoughtfulness during the past week
From SMILIE Dory (don't furget to vote in her pawesome khontest whilst woo are there)!!!
KhoKho (tank WOO furry furry much)

Of khourse, Skhotland's finest and babes-est Bassets MARTHA AND BAILEY!

( some fur Merdie and some fur me)

We would love to thank evFURRYone fur their support and wishes!


Khyra AND Merdie


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009 SPECIAL DAY!!!

And a furry special day it is!!! Kyrye is 15 today!
Khan woo believe it!
I think I've learned my paw work from her!
(shots from a visit earlier this year)
Auntie Di and Khousin Abby
Auntie Di is 39!!!
Mom, Merdie, and I wish them a furry HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Kyrye (short fur Valkyrie with a twist in spelling) is Mom's sekhond Siberian. She's been in Mom's life since December of 1994!
The day Mom saw me fur the furst time, she thought of Kyrye right away bekhause my personality was furry much like Kyrye's when she was younger. We even have similar play styles.

We had hoped to get ovfur to see her on her day but things don't look like it will work out fur us.

******Merdie fur her part with Walkin' WednesdayMy khontribution!

Here is the link to the video fur this week's Walkin' Wednesday!!!

Unkhle Paul is doing furry well khonsidering what he's been through! Merdie is taking excellent khare of him. When needs a break from monitoring his progress, I help khover fur her!

We'll share some pikhs tomorrow!


Khyra and Merdie