Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Sharing

Here is who I shared my mom's Saturday with...
"KHOLE" in the Xterra - please pardon the cell pikh! Mom took this whilst they were sitting at the traffikh light out of the shopping center where the MkhDonalds is.
He was SOOOO furry good and SOOOO furry khute!
I do think part of the mix inkhluded with his Shep is some of ME! Well, not ME but some of MY kind!
and then there are TWO videos that had to go to youtube
I hope woo enjoy them!!!
Here are some pikhs of what MR PUGGLE sent us
Here I am chekhking it out!
What do woo think of THAT?!?
Woo khan bigify it if woo would like!
Here is what Mr Puggle's mom sent with it:

Hi Khyra...I took the liberty of customizing the bag for you. I have no idea how the pictures will look bc they were low res. Hope you like your official K9 bag. Your mom made up the name. Cool huh? I mean Kwel huh? Thanks for being a part of Mr. Puggle's life and a member of his posse!

WELL, let me explain: during the time leading up to Mr. Puggle's 100th post, he was running various khontests. I won one of them. My prize was something from Mr Puggle's Shop Mom and I chose a messenger bag with Mr. Puggle's pikh on it. We pawed a note and said we'd use it fur Mom's transports. She khould keep things in it fur the days I let her use MY Xterra!

Well imagine my surprise when THE BAG ABOVE arrived!
Tank Woo Mr. Puggle and Mr. Puggle's Mom! It was furry khlever and khreative of woo to do that fur ME!

Here are some barn owl pikhs Mom snagged Friday night:
Mom needed to touch up her feathers!
I just love the look of the little one staring at what Mom khan do!
Such beaWOOty!

Mom said she saw at least a half dozen red tails on her trip down and up 81! She made some really good time! Fur a Saturday afternoon, things were pretty light. In fakht, the entire transport ran about thirty minutes ahead of skhhedule!

Tank woo again fur the healing thoughts fur Sinatra. The nice AO4 Mom is going to try and chekhk on her this week. Since Sinatra is with the KSU Vets, she's been in touch with them about how she's doing. Dave indikhated he'll get us a report!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Sharing...

Smells like weekend to me!
fur the khool khomments here about our furiends needing help!
Mom and I were really touched to see all the nice pawing left AND some of the other posts out there fur OUR FURIENDS!
All of us 'here' are furiends even if we haven't met...YET!
Here is a Friday afternoon pupdate on Sinatra:
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, i am absolutely amazed by what we have achieved in just 1 1/2 days, we have raised $1990 dollars towards little Sinatra's Surgery! isn't that incredible!
Even though i have heard from multiple people that they couldnt get the link to work so I have been asked to put a paypal link for people who prefer to use that instead.
We had a slight set back this morning when she tested positive for Parvo, so she was moved to the 'medical' dept at K State where she will be treated with 'aggressive antibiotics' for the next 3 days, then she will be moved back to 'surgery' and continue her care and treatment there.
In the words of her doctor “if not for this set back, Sinatra would have been on her feet tomorrow.”Her prognosis is still excellent and i will keep you all updated as soon as i know more.
I am working on a blog for Sinatra so people can go and check that for her progress and regular photo updates! it is my first time ever writing one so bear with me and i will post the link soon
Thank you again we would never have achieved this without each of you!
I will be sure to keep us posted on this special girrrrrl's progress!
Here is a furiend Mom hasn't met yet but
Cole will be spending some time in my Xterra later today!
He's khoming up from North Kharolina to New Jersey! Isn't he a handsome fella? We do think he needs to change his spelling to KHOLE, eh?
Mom didn't have time to watch The Banding yet (slakhker) but here is the info from The Falkhon Wire

At the May 27th banding event, the PGC banded four female nestlings, one male.

All five of the eyases were treated for mites; all are doing well.

The watch and rescue program will begin on Monday, June 8th and run through the weekend or until all of the eyases have fledged and returned to the ledge.

That is about what Mom suspekhted they be - she did tell The Doggy Nanny she was expekhting 3 females, 2 males due to their size
We've got more we khould post and share but we'll save some fur Sunday!
BUT just wait until woo see what I got from Mr. Puggle! It was soooo furry khool!

I will leave woo with this video sent to Mom from the nice lady Mary in Charlotte that likes the videos Mom khaptures during the transports. Once woo see the video, woo khan only imagine the exchanges I had with her! I mean, this just shows that since we khame from Siberia this is a food of our heritage!

PeeEssWoo: At one point, I sent Mary the pikh from my Thursday blog with biskhuit and tongue! She laughed so hard her workmates wondered why! Mom told her she should REALLY let the Peregrine Kham run - that would show 'em fun! Especially when the LacieBeastie Skhreachin' started!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday Free Fur All - SPECIAL EDITION...

Welkhome to the Friday Free Fur All
Bekhause I've got furiends that need our help!
I'm hoping I'll get to use this smile if we khan PULL together and get the POWER OF THE PAWS together fur them
Furst is my beaWOOtiful furiend Princess Dakota from OP KS
She has Cushings Disease and is having a rough time right now. She's had some seizures in the past weeks. Her furamily isn't ready to lose her yet. She still wants to be here with us and we don't want her to go until she is ready.
Please keep her in your thoughts...
And then there is our handsome Golden buddy Benson
He has had a relapse and needs us to khross our paws so he khan PULL through too.
Please meet Sinatra
She is in Kansas too. My mom read about her on Sibernet and then furwarded her story onto the SMS Moms. One of the SMS Moms is BILOXI'S MOM. When she read Sinatra's story it reminded her soooooo much of the injures Biloxi had at about the same age. It is khritkhal that Sinatra receives the khare she needs ASAP.
A khouple more of the SMS Moms Khapt'n Maverikhk's and Aja and Flurry's helped us find the link fur the donations with her story.
Please khonsider making a small donation towards her fund so that she khan have a full and healthy life!
I'm just going to sit here and think how lukhky I am to be healthy...
...and think how unfair it is things like this happen to good khanines.
I had other things fur the Free Fur All today BUT I just had to put them on hold so that we khould get the paws khrossed and vibes blown 'round the world!
I'm even going to publish early so we khan get this pawty started!
PeeEssWoo: Here are some pikhs Mom stashed 'here' Thursday morning...
Kind of khool!
Yummy breakfast!

Thankful AND Thoughtful Thursday!


I'm not making a face at the biskhuit which the nice lady mail kharrier left in the mailbox
Akhtually it is fur the power khompany in our area that khaused Mom to miss MOST OF THE BANDING Wednesday afternoon!
More about that below!

This was where I was when Mom khame around with my biskhuit...she snapped this furst but I got up and started snoofing her and khould tell there was SOMETHING in her pokhket!


ANYWAY, time fur soooo many honours I've like blown away like Siberian fur in the wind!

This one khame from The Zoo

Isn't it khool?!?

I mean, I'm blakhk and white too!
Then I got some others that I would love to show woo
This one khame from
The NY Bully Brats
Rokhky Khreek Skhotties
Tank Woo!
I like to thnk I am Khreativ!
And this from
Noah and His Sister 'Dales
Ginger Jasper
MORE Sugar

Fenris and His Mom and KHATS

I sooo appreciate this from all of woo!
(I cheated on the Sugar link bekhause I want woo to make sure woo hit that blog! She's new but has lots to ofFUR)

If woo would like to add any of the above awards to YOUR BLOGS, please do!!!
I had one more to share BUT I was having editing issues. Since Mom had gotten behind at work with things AND had her monthly Wednesday night Drinking Liberally gathering, we needed to khut to the chase and get this post together so I KHOULD GET FUR MY WALK since it isn't raining!
Please furgive me!
NOW, as mentioned above, about 12:40pm, the power at The Foundry khame to a grinding silent halt! YES, Mom said THAT HBO word!
Befure it did, she managed to get these pikhs...

The little one was thinking about playing keep away!
The sekhond shot is from when they were khollekhting the 'babies'

The power was restored about 25 minutes later but Mom had to get things reset with the khomputer systems and the servers and all that stuff! By the time she got bakhk to her desk, most of it was wrapped up but she enjoyed what she got to see! She'll khatch the arkhived version 'soon'!

If any of woo tuned in to see it, what did woo think? Did woo enjoy it?

WELL, the week is khlose to wrapping up!

I'll khatch woo here tomorrow for a Friday Free Fur All!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walkin' AND Bandin' Wednesday 2009

This was the 'hurry up and let's get walkin' Mom' pikh from Monday night!
NOW, remember TODAY at 12:30pm Eastern Time (GMT -5hr), the Peregrines will be banded!
Here is the website for The PA FALKHON KHAMERA
and here is the web address fur the Media Player!!!
Whilst I was putting this post together, it was feeding time - they were Lacie'ing SOOOOO much I had to mute the laptop! It was running much of the day in Harrisburg (that's why the ledge looks hosed down). Mom/Dad tried to feed them slightly away from the building but they would have NOTHING to do with that - they shrieked and skhreamed until the meal du jour was moved khloser to them!
If you miss the broadkhast, it will be arkhived and woo khan watch it later!
I know many of woo asked about how khome they didn't fall off the ledge. Well, in all the years Mom has been watching, she's nevfur heard of that. I guess they just 'know'!
Here is a special shot of our Wooshington State 'babies':

Happy MidWeek Evfurryone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Telling

I hope all had a safe and enjoyable long weekend (that is fur those that had one)!
We just kind of hung out!I snoopervised Mom whilst she was khleaning out the gutter that runs along the bakk of the house where the kitchen and laundry room are lokhated. That is the area of MY patio so I had to ensure she did it khorrekhtly.
Sorry, no pikhs...her paws were way too sweaty to pawmit the holding of the flashie beast. From the words I heard (especially when the big giant bumble bug stung her whilst she was up the ladder) and the joy I saw, I know she had a grrrreat time!She did khlean my patio up a bit and I found it extra khomfy for a Monday snooze. I did have TWO trespassers try to tiptoe by whilst I was in my khorner. I let the furst one pass BUT the next longfloofytailed rat that tried to pass got shown the tree tres vites!
(PLUS, she spent tooooooo much time re-doing my Tuesday post...she had it set to go and wanted to add some stuff...from there, lets just say it didn't go well. Please akhcept our apologises if were saw it and didn't and saw it and didn't. Good thing I was out on the patio during this time bekhause the words were...well...woo know what they were)
Double Dipping my toys! A bone from The DN and Fred...
with my Dughallomor Beagles purple hearted rope toy fur a pillow for my left paw!
Chekhking out the 'pee-on-me's' on our walk!
What a kholour!
Some of the others...
Reading the pee-mail mulch leaves!
Some irises...these are akhross from where I showed woo the purple/white ones last week!
Mom spent a good bit of Sunday evening watching the eagle was feeding time!

And now fur some Monday pikhs...
Fokhusing on something!
Laughing at Mom (akhtually, it was a yawn but)...
Please remember the PF Banding will take place at 12:30pm Eastern Time (GMT-5).
I'll inkhlude a link with my post tomorrow
PeeEssWoo: PLUS, it will be WALKIN' WEDNESDAY! Mom will NOW tukhk this one away and NO FURTHER EDITTING WILL BE DONE!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Monday

Memorial Day MySpace Comments and Graphics

Comments - Graphics - Layouts - Photobucket

Khyra and Her Mom
PeeEssWoo: This khall fur some musikh too - please khlikhk H E R E fur John Flynn's tribute to some of our recent heroes - that version was rekhorded a year ago today! As I put my post together, it was choking a bit so here is one that played a bit more smoothly It is nice to know that this song isn't as appropriate anymore since now the fallen are wekhomed bakhk under slightly better cirkhumstances.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sad Day Sunday Redux

Today marks a year since Eva's beaWOOtiful sister Tasha khrossed The Rainbow Bridge.
This is the pikhture I had on my blog just about a year ago...I khalled it Sad Day Sunday.
I've been watching May 24th approach and trying to figure out what I wanted to say - how I wanted to express how much Tasha has affekhted my life even though I met her khlose to the end of her days HERE.

My furiend Sitka's mom told the other SMS moms that Tasha wasn't doing well so we should leave some words of support. THAT was probably my furst visit to their blog. I kept going bakhk and made it a regular stop. My mom and her mom began to paw messages to each other. As things often do, one thing lead to another and they bekhame (and khontinue to be) furiends! I even helped khome up with the new name for the blog!

I wanted to do something along the line of Silent Sunday and feature Tasha but I realized silent is not my style. In fakht, I was challenged to start a blog by a certain MAL-GAL-PAL bekhause I had so much to say.

So I decided I need to try and paw SOMETHING!

I wanted to thank Tasha fur all she did whilst here and whilst North of here.

I wanted her to know my mom and I try to keep the husky spirit alive in Eden Prairie.

I wanted her to know all she taught Eva befur she left her is paying off. Eva was listening and taking notes!

I wanted her to know The Boy she pikhked to bring some joy bakhk into her momma and dad's lives is working out pretty well! He's doing a great job being there fur Eva AND she returns the favour!
Together, they bring great joy to all who know them.

I wanted her to know that the only thing separating me from being there to play with Eva and Brice is 1096 miles (approximately 17 hours and 47 minutes).
I wanted her to know my mom enjoys her exchanges with her momma so very much. She knows that if there weren't 1096 miles, they would be khwite the pair! Your dad wouldn't know what to do!

I wanted her to know that her memory and being will always be a part of us. I wanted her to know that her momma, dad, and sister are in good paws. I hope she wants to keep an eye on them but if she needs to move on, it would be okay. I will do my furry best to keep them safe and loved.

YET I also wanted her to know if she wants to keep an eye on them (and us), it is okay too! After all, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do!

Here are some pikhs I wanted to share fur various reasons...
Tasha in the snow - Eva, Brice, and me in it too!
Tasha in the pool - and Brice in the pool...
Tasha on the bed - Brice and Eva on the bed too!

I guess I khouldn't do silent furry well - I'm glad I didn't try!

Run free Tasha!
Please say hi to my mom's Taltia and LadyGray!

A furry thankful Khyra