Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanking Thinking Thoughtful Thursday

Thinking how khool it would be to be able to attend this pawesome exhibition
Being shared by three furry talented hu-moms in Albuquerque NM this Friday and Saturday

We khan virtually join by visiting their websites -

Siku and Quinn's Mom's Site;

The World of Hansel's Mom's Site;

Prinnie's Yaps Mom's Site
We were lukhky enough to receive an elekhtronikh version of the show's programme - all we khan paw is WOW!!!

Thanking all the residents of Jan's Funny Farm fur our prize - Khousin Merdie and I won this during their vakhation tale giveaway - it also inkhluded a khan of Senior formula that we sent along with Khousin Merdie's birthday goodies - what a great stash-o-stuff!
Thinking of a bone that is as big as the new throw rug The Doggy Nanny got fur me!
Carrie is thinking of how lukhky she is
And how she plans to make each day khount
And have fun with her furamily whilst she khan
I asked Mom if she would send the nice Kim Lady - Carrie's Human Angel - the link to the day we shared her update - especially since so many of woo left such pawesome khomments - well, here is what she wrote bakhk - AND sent the pikhs woo just saw

I have just read your blog and as always am bawling like a baby!!! (I saved Carrie as one of my favorites) I went back to her page again. I cry and cry every time I see it and read all of the wonderful comments that everyone sent in for her well wishes.

I just wanted to give you an update, that we've been seeing a hollistic vet, along with conventional and thus far Carrie is still doing awesome. She doesn't realize she doesn't play as much or have the energy of a puppy her age. She just knows that she has fun when she's awake with her brother and sister and of course daddy and mommy. I love her sooooooo incredibly much and when I read that she was already transported in August, that means more than a month has gone by and she was only given 1 -14 months to live. I don't want anymore months to go by! I want time to freeze. Sorry, I'm sooooo emotional, but this was just such a beautiful dedication to her and every time I read it I do loose it. The doctors say that she's living from sheer will to live, thru prayers and GOD!!!!!!!!! (Well vet didn't mention God, but I KNOW).

Thank you again. You can't imagine how much this piece means to me and how much I just adore reading all the comments.

I'm just glad that Carrie is having a blast. I know for us humans, this is so hard, but for her, again, she doesn't even know. She just adores her brother, Jude. She mimics his every move and it's just way toooooo cute!!!! She would be glued to him if she could!!! Every morning when I wake her up, she just is soooooo happy and gives me tons of kisses. I let her out and then she knows it's time to go see her brother and sister and she's just too happy. EVERY DAY!!!! I always know she's going to kiss me and wiggle and just make my day extra special.

Thx for everything you do!!!!

God Bless,

I don't think we khan possibly top those inkhredible words!

PeeEssWoo: My kikhky pikhs are khalled flashie beastie on sport setting and snap-a-way as I finish leaving my best fluffy tailed pee-mails

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walkin' Wednesday

From Tuesday Afternoon
I didn't get to chekhk on 'em Monday
As it rained rained rained
Which was furry good as we REALLY needed it
Walks are SO good!
Here are a few Merdie Moments from the weekend
Resting up after rekhording THIS WEEK'S WALKIN' WEDNESDAY!!!

after I got bakhk from The TOTT Hike

I'm glad woo enjoyed seeing the pikhs and videos from the most pawesome of days - as well as seeing Bear-Bear's new broFur Chief and his sisFur Spirit!

Some of woo mentioned the Bear-Bear merchandise - well HERE is THE LINK to the website - khomplete with a store fur Bear-Bear items


Khyra and Khousin Merdie By Proxy

PeeEssWoo: The blog bakhklog from the past few days finally wore us down - the paw found the 'mark as read' button - thanks fur your understanding

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Telling

This year's shirt - please furgive the wrinkles - Mom took it out of our goody bag fur the photoshoot
Saturday morning about 6:45
As woo khan see, some furry khool skies - Mom put the window down to get some better shots so I got to snooooooof in some smells - she'll use the sky pikhs she snagged during the day as part of this week's Sky and Stuff Photobukhket
We are there!!!!
Moon looking fur Jack a-roo and Miss Moo - he wanted to share his new sister Neve that he met fur the furst time at LAST year's hike - Jack and Moo khouldn't make it this year but they are already making it known to THEIR travel khoordinator they plan to attend in 2011!!!!!

Isn't she beaWOOtiful?
And we have BILOXI
Posing fur his girrrrrrrl Ruby Blue
Resting fur the big hike
Chekhking out the BIG Husky that walked upright - some rekhalled how I reakhted to the BIG Husky at the Hike N Howl in 2008 - well, I didn't have anything to say this time but some pup did - Mom khaught that in one of the videos in the Photobukhket -
Biloxi meeting Bear-Bear's new broFUR Chief
Chief and his new sisFur Spirit - I made sure Mom told Bear-Bear's mom and dad about the blog posts all of us did to get the word out about how wrong all of it was - and how much we khare and miss Bear-Bear
We got some stuffs
My handsome Mal furiend Sebastian
And Cinnabar - I've met them and their pawesome hu-mom here before - unfurtunately, I didn't get bakhk ovfur to see them whilst they were out doing their khool weightpulling stuffs
Saying hi to Leika and her mom - I think they were some of the furst furiends I had met during my TOTT pawticipations
I did lots of this
And some of that - and yes, I do have two leashes on - Mom gets paranoid with me - she doesn't want me to magikhally wiggle out of my khollar SO she figures events like this khall fur two strings - once upon a time, she did have THREE khollars on me - I bet that would have meant THREE strings - how embarrassing fur me!!!
Just about home
Ready to go in and tell Khousin Merdie all about the fun I had
So much fun!
All PAWTIED out - this was one of my pre-nap poses - I rested near Mom fur a bit so I khould gather the energy to go fur the serious napping I shared on Monday's post

Once again, I'd like to thank my sponsours - I officially had $295 green papers - they khame from AL, IA, MN, NM, OR, PA, PE, and VA

Akhtually, I made up the PE abbreviation to denote PLANET EARTH fur the green papers pawed in rekhognition of your khomments on my 1 K Post!

Here is the Photobukhket link fur the album that inkhludes ten videos AND here is the link fur just the slideshow -

I will probably share more of the pikhs here on the blog in the next few days so woo might see them again but I wanted to upload all of them at one time to PB yet not ovFURload the post with pikhs - I hope that made sense



Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday With Multiple M's

One of Saturday night's khomfy spots - I think I'll make this my entry in Sally's Sleeping BeaWOOty khontest - I was going to work on something on the fancy living room 'khouch' but thought this works too - why not visit her blog and chekhk out the great theme - and other entries already submitted
The Birthday Girl!
Sweet Khousin Merdie
Here is her birthday plate of Nom Noms - some Tastykake Lemon Khupkhakes - AND some Happy Hearts
Here is a video of us celebrating - lots of happy tails to akhkhompany the Happy Hearts!!!

AND here is a Photobukhket Slideshow of pikhs Khousin Merdie had her mom send from her iPhone - Mom didn't have time to put them in order - she figured woo would furgive us - after all, look at all the MERDIE MOMENTS woo will be getting!

Khousin Merdie's Adoptive Khousin Stella in MinnieSNOWda sent her a pakhkage fur her big day! Merdie's Little Beans were so excited to see that Merdie got mail -

The PB also inkhludes the stuff The Doggy Nanny gave to Merdie fur her birthday - she knows how much Merdie loves those filled bones and stuff -

Merdie told me she had a pawesome day - and wanted me to thank all of woo fur the inkhredible wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I'll let Mom take it from here - I want to get bakhk to some more khwality naptime!

The Charm made another journey up I83 - past The York Barbell Guy on the way to Hagerstown MD to meet

Watching as we left the shopping center in Hagerstown - I told her about the OTHER Big K

She was SO sweet - everyone that came in contact with her from her start in SC to the end in NYC fell in love - even The Spotties at Casa De Dal-ma-Chiens - one in particular named Catfish had a blast with her Saturday night when she got to stay at their highly touted B&B

One step closer to furever happiness
She pretty much stayed in that spot in The Xterra from Hagerstown to Harrisburg - I tried to get her to ride shotgun but she was comfy there - she had been a bit carsick during her Saturday legs so she got a little something to deter that for her Sunday legs
Look at THOSE eyes! She's about six months old - and brought to safety thanks to Pibbles and More in NYC -
if you know anyone in that area, they are really in need of fosters - please pass the word!
The resident Xterra toy
Over the coming weeks, this shot will gradually gain more and more colour - it is the Mechanicsburg end of Harrisburg's I81 - probably about milemarker 55 or so -

Meeting her driver for the leg to Allentown - this was HER first transport - note the breed on her shirt in the pics - can you say RH?
What do you think? Georgia or Mastiff?
Ready to ride in style to Allentown
We sent this pic to a certain Mastiff we know - he says he needs one of these for his mobile - he said the lady must have been a very nice lady to have such great choices in breeds
Just as I took the pic of Georgia having some water, a red tail hawk flew just past us and took up residence on the utility pole you see in the center of the pic
He/she is a common sight when I do transport exchanges that occur here- sometimes it is perched on some of the wires looking for snacks!
Harrisburg on the way back

We did this transport in honour and memory of Trisha and her family - she left this side of The Bridge Friday morning - and for Yuu-Chan - you read about his crossing on Khyra's Sunday post -

Here is the Photobucket Album with lots of pics - including ones sent from other drives - AND four videos - one of the videos shows some pups from another transport having a handoff in Harrisburg - I had told the new driver Tanya that is was a popular spot - she got to see that for herself - and talk with them whilst waiting for Georgia and me to arrive - here is the slideshow version with just the pics

On my way back to York, I had the opportunity to do a home visit that was part of someone's application to foster for one of the groups I drive for - I got to meet Tina's awesome rescue Syd - I'll share a pic of her later in the week - she was absolutely gorgeous - of course, since two of her apparently major breeds were GSD and Husky, how could she NOT be? It was a pleasure to meet her and her special furever mom!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner