Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sharing

This beaWOOOOtiful khanine left us fur North of The Rainbow Bridge on Friday - she'll always be a furry special part of her hu-mom's heart - please stop by and paw some words of khomfort and support fur pals in Omaha NE
Mom wanted to khapture the pawesome skEYE Abby sent Saturday morning


As promised, here is a preview of Mom's passengers fur The Last Resort Rescue




Lil Sampson

Neddie - oh my - this must be one of the all time worst shelter shots
We mentioned it would be fur a special dedikhation

Well, let's just say if this little bean hadn't been born

The freshly bathed Khousin Abby

And the patiently waiting fur their walk ME wouldn't have our moms!

Happy Birthday to The Doggy Nanny!!!!!!! !!!!



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Sharing

Mom realised she needed some pikhs of me fur a post
So out to the yard we went

I entertained myself by grazing whilst she

chekhked out the skEYE

I tried to avoid the plukhking

But that what tuft woo see khame from my pantyloons - and she snagged more later!

Given the weather sooooo many of my furiends have had, this seemed an appropriate thought to send

When Mom returned from Princess's transport, Butterskhotch greeted her and gave her a photo opp

And she wanted us to mention these two purry tasty bloggers that have been holding a khommentathon - please go paw something on Sunny and Sky's post

It will mean some of the furry khool green paper$ fur a great organisation!

Please keep Ugo in your thoughts - woo met him this time last month when he greeted his new brofur Reed - he has some furry skhary issues going on - I think woo khan read about it here on Rotts n Pups Facebook page - as I paw this, they really aren't sure what is khausing his mobility and digestive issues - he spent most of Friday at the ER vet - with all of the results probably not bakhk until Monday -

Have a furry nice Saturday!

Mom will pawmit me to preview her Sunday passengers - she'll be driving the Harrisburg to Hamburg leg fur The Last Resort Rescue - The Xterra will be filled with lots of khuteness - we'll also have a furry special dedikhation fur this week!



Friday, July 29, 2011

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

I think one or two more were taken from the storage unit prior to chekhk out on Wednesday




Khounselor Khyra At Your Service!

Harley trying to figure how she does it

The Bleu's The Mom khorrekhtly identified this khreature as a rare Siamese Golden Retriever


From Tuesday evening's walk

Here is a video of our last romp - at least that Mom saw us have - snikhker snikhker snikhker!

Happy FrEYEday EvFURRYone!



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thanking and Thinking

The Furry Famous Cody - here was his link that so khaptured hearts around the world - and the link that changed all the tears of sadness to tears of happiness - thanks to these inkhredible humans!!!
Here is the shelter pikh of The Xterra's special Tuesday guest - khan woo say SKHARED??? Just wait 'til woo see the REAL Princess below!
I'll let Mom khomment on the pawesome day!

Thanks Khyra - the usual ready to roll shot

But this trek headed West to Gettysburg

The roundabout in Abbottstown PA

Then New Oxford

Battlefield HARLEY Davidson just short of where I picked up Route 15 to head to The Gettysburg Outlets where I met Indy's Mom - she had pulled Princess in Rockville MD before the shelter opened for the day

Who is that?

It's Princess of course!

The same Route 30 that crosses the country - as I posted before, we saw it on our way to Des Moines from Eden Prairie

Princess was a great shotgun!

She kept working the camera

Although I didn't do very well at capturing all of her in the shots!

She watched everything - she was very watchful of a small plane we saw take off - her eyes never left it -



Always smiling



The shots you see here - and in the Photobucket - represented about two minutes of the two hours she was with me - I have had THIS EARMWORM ever since we shared the road together - I think she didn't want her dream to end - and some how be spirited back to UN-Merryland - and to compound the tunes in my head, I heard THIS ONE as I made the turn back onto I83 from I81 - the word PRINCESS made me smile!

Pondering how life in the Bethlehem area of PA would go for her

Looking ahead to happiness - as well as meeting the little girls she'd meet in Allentown - one of them had been carrying around a stuffed puppy named Princess - the younger of the two told their daddy Tuesday night they had helped a puppy named Princess get to a home where she has to be abducted - the five year old then corrected her and said no ADOPTED not abducted - so she can live in a home forever and ever!

She did coy well too


Sorry for the blur - Princess was a whirlwind at the transfer spot - I didn't get too many pics and this was one of the better one from there - of course, you'll see the others - and the two short videos in the Photobucket

Back on I78 - and wishing CHEERS of thanks to all that helped make this happen for Harnessed to Hope - I thought including a shot of The Sam Adams Brewery was appropriate!

I was tucked in behind this truck for bit - fitting because they are one of the major customers for The Great Kibble Provider - and of course, the GREAT DANE caught my eye as well

Harrisburg again

Thanks to The Funny Farmers for helping inspire Jan to create this khool logo for RESCUE ROCKING!!! Check out the great stuffs!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! Mona was snagged!!! She was on the run for almost six weeks and finally recovered - a little thinner but basically healthy!

One last pic for this post - please drop by and see how Kami is doing!

Well, thanks again for checking out the post and for the kind words!

Khyra's Khampers checked out early Wednesday afternoon - and all the toys are back in the box! Since my work week has resumed, I'm not sure when she'll snag some laptop time for pics and such BUT I'm sure she'll do her best - even if it takes her a few days!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner