Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Words

I'll never furget the furst time we met and then just a few weeks ago we went to see her again - as well as meet Biloxi
I know some of you might have already visited their blog to leave words of support fur The Kapp Pakhk - thanks fur that! If you haven't gotten there, please stop over and paw something. There are some holes in their hearts right now that need some extra khanine fluff patched in AND then sealed with khysses,
Saying goodbye is so furry diffikhult but it really is bye just fur now!
Life is all about choices and decisions - some are easy: which toy, which chair - and then there are ones like her very very special pawrents had to make on Wednesday.
Please never furget we will often have to rely upon you to do that fur us. Trust me, we'll miss you as much as you'll miss us BUT we'll get to fuzz ya again some day. When that does happen, we'll be healthy and ready to charge, pounce, and the assorted other things we were unable to do during our last days! We'll be perpetual puppies! So get ready!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walkin' Wednesday

Here is some video shot during our walk last evening - please khlikhk where it says SEE KHYRA WALK . . .

I furry much appreciate all the khongratulatory khomments left about my 202nd post!

My buddy Joe (Sweat) Stains hoped I was still enjoying it - I khommented bakhk on his blog that I hoped all of woo were enjoying it too!

Have a happy happy joy joy Wednesday!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm bakhk!

And it is a SPECIAL day!!

Mom noticed when she posted yesterday it was post #201 - sooooo 'tue'-day marks #202!!!

Here is a look bakhk at how it all started ! I remember how skhared we were to embark on such a journey - and here we are at our sekhond milestone - albeit a few posts after the fakht!

Thank WOO all fur the enkhouragement and support!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Music Monday/Momday

It's Monday so that means time to listen to the musikh! Furst off, we hope all pawticipants in the 'Blogathon' have rekhovered sufficiently to funkhtion!

Today's letter is G - and we will do something a bit diffurent: a theme of G artists! This kind of developed from an email exchange with a certain SMS member residing in Missouri after this past Friday's F artists. She mentioned Foghat - I said another excellent choice. From there, she threw some G's out for khonsideration. SO, I've put together three songs all done by 'G' artists that pay tribute to
Gloria in some way: One from her namesake that also reflekhts how we feel about our khanines; the sekhond is how they akht SOMETIMES ; and the third is what Gloria has done for her kids .
In keeping with the theme of three, here are three newer or lesser known "G's" to chekhk out:
The Greencards
Grace Potter and The Nocturnals
Gurf Morlix

Well, that does it for another edition of Musikh Monday/Momday!
See you bakhk here on Friday for working fur the weekend!
Miss Khyra sends her furry best!
Khyra's Mom

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dayz O Blogs II

It's Over!
Time to stretch!!
And change pawsitions!!!
Hey, you're buggin' me!!!!
Well, Day of Blogs has khonkhluded!
Fun was had by all AND some really khool prizes will be finding new furever homes!
Steve, K(h)at, and Even Wilbur raised lots of $$$ fur SOS-SRF PLUS unveiled a new look fur their blog! Please go chekhk it out AND khompliment them for jobs well done!
Furry special khongratulations go out to The Kapp Pakhk This was their furst year blogging during the fun festival! They raised lots of $$$ fur MaPaw!! Poor Kelsey Ann was thwarted in her attempt to make Biloxi the BIG PRIZE!!!! Please stop by and offur her some ideas fur next year and with some khudos too.
Have a great rest of your weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dayz O Blogs I

Well, today marks/marked the start of Day O Blogs - in MY timezone it will run from 9am Saturday until 9am Sunday!

Mom got the ingredients to make her dinner and fur the third or fourth time she's making something shared by Frankie Girrrrrrl and Maddie's mom although she's modifying it AGAIN - BTW, they have a new baby bro DOMINO - he sure is khutie pie!

I'll be attempting to get my blog posted early SO I khan spend time reading all the khool posts from the weekend formerly known as Blogathon!

SO, here is a brief video of me doing some of my leapy stuff - I hope woo enjoy it - and to do that please khlikh the words SEE KHYRA NOW!

I'm sure by later 'tonight' brown bean juice will be our furiend!

Have fun with the bloggin'!

PeeEssWoo: My 2nd Gotcha Day Celebration is ONE month and khounting!

Friday, July 25, 2008

F is for Friday!

And everybody is working for the weekend!

SO, how's that for an earworm?

Khyra's mom here - I've kidnapped The Blog again as we introduce 'Working for the Weekend' for all you Loverboy fans and fanNOTS!

Seriously, Musikh Mon/Momdays have gone over so well AND I'm just itching to share so many artists but they don't khome up until late in the alphabet. I was diskhussing this with The OP Pakhk's Mom and she suggested I do it more frekhwently SO it seemed to be 'f'itting 'f'ur today!

Plus, it gives Miss Khyra more time to rest up for The Day of Blogs Weekend!

So, F HAS to inkhlude Fleetwood Mac - and one of my favourite singalong songs Landslide - so many Fleetwood Mac songs to choose from - I'm sure we all have ones with various memories associated with them!

Another F for me is Firefall. They didn't have a lot of hits BUT I enjoyed all their songs and when I want to go bakhk in time, I pop in my Firefall: Greatest Hits CD and sing away! Here are two tunes of theirs - the furst is one of their 'hits' but THIS one is my FAVOURITE Firefall song

NOW to the new F - and 'f'or this one I'll go pseudo lokhal with Fuel - they are akhtually from the Harrisburg area originally. I believe the khurrent band is not the original lineup BUT they were a houseband for some of the lokhal adult beverage spots! They may be a little harder than some of you khare for - and don't let their looks turn you off to start - but I'll suggest you listen to Leave The Memories Alone on their myspace page.

SO, there you have it! We hope evfurryone has a great and SAFE weekend. If you haven't done it yet PLEASE pledge something fur the Day of Blogs Blogathon! That is where we'll be spending our weekend!

Khyra and Her Mom

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bakhk on trakhk!

I was able to khonvince Mom to attend to MY wants and needs today SO I will share the furry beeWOOOtiful award bestowed upon my blog by Mango The Relentlessly Huge and Oorvi The Furry Special Khanine from India.

I'm going to modify my instrukhtions for akhcepting the award due to my slight tardiness in getting to this AND those blogs already gifted with such a trophy!

Here are the rules:

1.) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogger community, regardless of language.

2.) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3.) Each award-winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

4.) Award-winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the "Arte-y-Pico" blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5.) To show these rules.

I am going to pass it along to one blog that really khaptures six distinkht paw/personalities in ONE. I am giving it to THE ARMY OF FOUR (or is it really five or six?) They demonstrate the art of teamwork, photography, fabrikh selekhtion/sewing, gardening, khomedy, and wildlife!

SO, please all khlap your paws, wag those tails, and make your sounds for them!



Deep in khomtemplative thoughts!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Working Wednesday

Mom had lots and lots to do at work today SO she didn't have the opportunity to post what I instrukhted her to do - I wanted to show off my latest award but that will have to wait for another time and another day!

BUT, this gives me a PERFEKHT chance to remind evFURRYone of The Day of Blogs!

Please chekhk out my fellow Pawsylvania Residents, The Kapp Pakhk
My Siberian
Hunk O Husky STEVE, his khute sister K(h)at, and annoying Litter Breath -

If you haven't already done so, please go snag the plastikh thingie from your pawrents and PLEDGE!

They both have some REALLY REALLY khool prizes!

We'll be hanging out this weekend and staying awake along with them!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fluffy Tail Tale Tuesday

Phantom's Phine Tail
The Original Miss Fluffy Tail
Tuesday Tails Up All!
I've been referred to as Miss Fluffy Tail by SKY BOY from The Kapp Pakhk
WELL, I would like to point out that a certain member of The OP Pakhk has a tail to rival mine!
After he was beewoooootifully groomed a few weeks ago, his nice mom sent me a pikh and asked what I thought! I was absolutely TIKHKLED by it and kept the pikh so woo khould see how DAZZLING it is!
I do think Phantom's tail is working overtime keeping The OP Pakhk KHOOL! Kansas has been HOT HOT HOT - but it appears his efFURts are working! Their temps have dropped a bit!
Good job Phantom!
TWO flurry tails up for this Tuesday!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Musikh Monday - Take it E-asy!

Welkhome to another Musikh Monday - or as our furiend Ammy khalls it, Musikh MOMday!

First off, I need to add a D I neglekhted to inkhlude last week - that's what happens when you attempt to work without khonsulting one's notes: Dwight Yoakam and in partikhular this song 'The Bakhk of Your Hand'

NOW, to the E's - as hinted last week, my E list HAS to include The Eagles or Eagles depending upon how they are listed. I had sooooo many songs to choose from but THIS ONE soooo is one I'll never tire of nor will I ever NOT feel the emotions khaptured with it. When I need a good khry, that one makes it furry easy!

As you might have noticed, my musikhal tastes are very varied. I believe my next E choice is an indikhator of that: Earth, Wind, and Fire - YEP - I sooo love them and have many of their releases.

Of khourse, Eric Clapton would be a great E too! I khould have inkhluded his tearjerker "Tears in Heaven" but I've already thrown in sad ones SO let's go with a khlassikh - ya got me on my knees!

Now onto a NEW E - I suggest Eric Gales - he's a bluesy/Jimi Hendrix type - great sounds - and a furry khool title for this one - I believe other AO4 residents will wag in agreement!

Have a great week "E"veryone! The All Powerful Khyra will be bakhk with woo all TUEmorrow!

Hugz&Khysses from both of us!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

SimKHa Sunday

Today is SimKHa Sunday!
He hasn't been feeling good so his mom took him to see his dokhtor
Please stop over to his blog and say HI!
My mom thinks his mom would benefit from joining that pakhk of khrazy SMS'ers - his mom is kinda skhared and is looking for info about what khould be wrong with his thigh-roy'd.
SOOOO, all paws khrossed for SimKHa!
Hope all have a GREAT Sunday!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

PupDay Afternoon!

Mom's bakhk! Here are some pikhks of the pups! They were inkhredibly sweet BUT did not get out of their khrates. WHY? The lady that had them before Mom said they did NOT khare for a tether and that they sounded like they were being stabbed whilst on a leash SO they decided not to stress them!

They were great passengers! At one point, one of the blakhk ones that was in the khrate khlosest to Mom as she drove started saying something SO Mom reached bakhk and was treated to several miles of puppy khysses!

The brown ones were inkhredibly beeWOOtiful with amber eyes and wavy parts!

The transport khoordinator indikhated that hadn't been really socialized when the one shelter had gotten them but someone had worked with them - well, they did a great job! These seven pups WILL melt hearts!

PeeEssWoo: Suka, I'm so sorry - I don't know why my mom thought woo were what woo weren't!

Suka Saturday!

I'd like woo all to meet a furry special khanine! This is Suka - and He's just sayin' -
Now, many of my SMS pals KNOW that's MY patented trademarked khopywrited phrase BUT I let him use it! Please chekhk out his blog! He's furry khute and has lots to share and say!

The khritters above will be riding in MY Xterra this afternoon - they are khoming from OH to NJ - akhtually to the same special reskhue that the SibeMixes from June went to - there are five girrrrrls and two boys! SO, if I'm not around it is bekhause I'm napping whilst Mom is getting these sweeties to new homes! They were originally set to 'head east' last weekend and Mom khouldn't help BUT this weekend she khan, she will, and she did!

Have a super Suka Saturday! Please stop over and say "I'm just sayin' Khyra sent me"



PeeEssWoo: I've edited my original post fur my momma faux pawed and thought Suka was an 'f' like me - be he's an 'm' -

I'm furry furry sorry - I'm just sayin'!

Friday, July 18, 2008

HelloHelloHelloKhytty Friday!

From Huffle

Huffle is a - GULP - YIKES - KHAT - but she tries to be sooooo not like THEM - I khut her a break PLUS she's an HONORARY SIBERIAN HUSKY! Please drop over and see her and say Khyra sent woo!

From Gaia

Gaia is a khool Airedale - she lives in Wooshington as in STATE - Mom and I exchanged lots of pawmail with her about how they are messing up the Khanidae - Gaia saw my khomment on my blog - we gave her the 'skhoop' on how they are pooping it up!
And, I believe she's got some news of her own khoming on her blog!

From Ekhho Ekhoo

AND then there is my PA Khake eating buddy EKHHO!

What more khould I PAWSIBLY say!

Well, the week is winding down and my paws are khrossed that things are getting bakhk to normal at The Doggy Nanny's House fur my doggy nanny, Mom and me! We've got Internet - she's got a snappy new desktop - what more khould we want? WELL, some freakin' khool air and no freakin' humidity! I guess I khan dream, eh?

I would like to thank them fur my awards! I'm honoured to be in the khompany of the others that received them. Since I'm a bit tardy it posting 'bout them, please feel free to pass them along to any of your blog buddies!!!

Have a great weekend! Be safe!! Keep the musikh happening!!!



From The OP Pakhk!

TRES Khool!!! I'm soooooo honoured!!! My furst award from my favourite newest bloggers that I kept after fur sooooooo long!!!

DANG!!! Tank WOO!!!I'm pawsitively PINK!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Khwikhk Post And Git...

Sorry All!

Mom spent time setting up my doggy nanny's new PC tonight SOOOOO our night is delayed in starting.

Since Doggy Nanny hasn't been on line since Sunday, it was Pawiority #1 to get her new machine hooked up, set up, and ready to go.

I just had my walk -we are both still rekhovering from that for it is ikhky AND stikhky out there - Mom hasn't eaten yet - she just fixed herself a Bocce Ball - and she's got SMS mail to chekhk BUT we wanted to leave my furiends with something until I have time to do a more Khyra-like posting! I've got awards to akhknowedge - WOO!

So, here is something for YOU to keep ME in mind! Please khlikhk where it says get your KHWALITY KHYRA TIME>>>>>> here

Have a great one!

PeeEssWoo: I really hope we khan return to blog world as we know it SOON!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More From Biloxi, Biloxi Sunday

Furst off: no, I didn't get to have any khake - such a bummer especially since I keep hearing and/or reading how good it was!

Here are the videos from my furry furry fun day - Biloxi, Biloxi Sunday!

Most of them are on photobukhket but one of them is on youtube -

I hope woo enjoy them!!!

I'll label them Video One Thru Six - please just khlikhk the spelled out number! Got it?

One Two Three Four Five and The Grand Finale, Six

As you'll hear, that Biloxi has KHWITE a lot to say!

PeeEssWoo: We'll try to get some more pikhs sorted out soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time Out Tuesday

Khanyon Biloxi and Khween KA

Biloxi telling Khyra SOMETHING!

Sky Boy Showing His Stuff Fur SZK

Look Ekhho - KHAKE!!!

Please forgive the short post - we finally got the internet bakhk so Mom khould get some pikhs posted from my trip to see The Kapp Pakhk!
We had sooooo much fun!
Whilst Mom khatches up with her SMS mail, she'll upload the videos from Sunday AND share them over the khoming days!

Please furgive my lakhk of blog visitations - she had the important stuff to take khare of furst: making money to buy me yummi things!

Hope all are well!

PeeEssWoo: PLUS, I've got TWO awards to address!!! Not only am I a KHOOL KHAT but Gaia gave me another award!
SO I will be one furry busy Siber Gal!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Musikh Monday - D-elayed!

Khyra's Mom here!

Today's Musikh Monday post is a bit 'd'elaye'd' but I ha'd' stuff to 'd'o 'd'uring my break today AND I went out to lunch - PLUS, the internet at home was out AN'D' might NOT be working for me to 'd'o this later. I tried switching to 'd'ialup last night but frustrating 'd'oes not begin to 'd'efine how I felt!!

Okay - now to D's - I start thinking of the next post before I even finish the khurrent one - so I've been trying to 'd'eci'd'e. I've selekhted Don Henley - with these two songs being ones that mean a great 'd'eal to me - The Heart of the Matter and one with Patty Smyth from Scandal She's also John McEnroe's wife!

My other ol'd'er D would be Dire Straits - so many songs - Mark Knopfler's guitar playing just makes me melt - and this song just says a lot to me . It's from Making Movies - an album I probably playe'd' non-stop for khwite a while!

Two newer D's to chekhk out woul'd' be The Duhks A frien'd' of mine hear'd' them on NPR whilst 'd'riving home one 'd'ay - buzze'd' me to turn it on - and we were hooke'd' - AND chekhk out Donna Hughes When I first got the c'd', I think I listene'd' to it TWICE without interruption. I ten'd' to fin'd' that says a lot!

We 'd'i'd' have a great time with The Kapp Pakhk on Sunday! We have pikhs - we have videos - and I hope that Khyra will be able to post them when she gets her blog bakhk tuemorrow!

Khyra sends her fuzziest hugz&khysses,
Khyra's Mom
PeeEssWoo: One might 'e'xpekht to see one of the above artists show up N'e'XT time aroun'd'
So until then, take it 'e'asy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Saturday For YOUR Sunday!

Just Lounging
What do ya want Mom?
I'm khomfy!
YEP! Khomfy!!
My shot for SZK!!!

Since I'm going to be visiting The Kapp Pakhk on Sunday, I had my mom do my blog early to entertain woo whilst I'm gone fur the day!

Here is some of my finest khuteness fur your viewing pleasure! Please khlikhk where it says see ME be khute!

Hope ya'll have a great and lazy day Sunday - I've got the khamera khard empty - I sent Mom to PetSmart for 'stuff' for the little guy - I'm psykhhed!



PeeEssWoo: I wonder if I'll khome bakhk with a southern akhcent?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What A Story!

And that is exakhtly the title Mom used fur the subjekht line to SMS to share this one!

NBC Nightly News has a segment khalled 'Making a DifFURence' -well, I pawaphrased of khourse -

Please allow Brian Williams to introduce it fur you - it is pretty freakin' special! My mom was leaking befur the story finished airing PLUS she went to the site Free Kibble Dot Khom - I think Mom akhtually got see a website khrash fur the furst time in her life! We got on BUT whilst we were there, well, it exceeded its limit - then we got forbidden errors - and other great mikhroskhwish khode words!

In preparation for doing this post, Mom googled and found some more info on this - here is one for FURther review !

I've added a badge to my page fur it - just like The Animal Reskhue Site, the more khlikhks each day, the more the pets needing help benefit!

Those of us with great homes, fun toys, and yummi food need to help those who have gotten khaught up in the world of stoopid humans, khorporate greed, and some bad lukhk -

Please spread the word! Please add it to YOUR blog!! Please help those that need our help!!!



PeeEssWoo: They even have one fur KHATS - I wonder why they just don't feed the khats to the dogs!

PeeEssWooWoo: I've got furiends travelling from Missouri AND from Georgia - they be going to GracelandGraceland - paws khrossed for safe trips fur all!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Here It's Here!

The WEEKEND! Two days with MOM!!
I'm resting up BIG TIME since we've got LOTS of excitement planned fur the weekend!
My BFF is taking a trip. I've promised her that she khould stay in khontakht to let me know if her pawrents are behaving as well as wooing me all about the sites, sounds, and smells she's to enkhounter!
AND then on Sunday, I'm going bakhk to visit The Kapp Pakhk so I khan meet Biloxi and see the others again! Woo all remember how much fun I had with Khanyon!
PLUS, woo know how my mom is - she'll be up late yapping with those wild SMS women!
That's why I'm grabbing all the z'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I khan NOW!
Have a safe one! Stay khool!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pennies Fur Pups

Akhtually, how about dollars fur dogs?

My regal furiends Princess Eva and Brice The Handsome made mention of the 'blogathon' that will take place the last weekend of July. Steve and K(h)at and The Kapp Pakhk are pawticipating! I've already snagged Mom's plastikh khard thingie and sekhured some funds for MY pledge! PLUS, I donated some furry lovely gifts!

Please visit their blogs and paw them a note as to how many pennies or dollars WOO will donate!

AND then khome on bakhk to BlogWorld and hang out! Last year's Blogathon was our furst experience - we didn't know all that was expekhted of US - and sadly, we went down fur the khount about 4:30 or so Sunday morning - this year, we will pace ourselves! I just need to supplement Mom's AGJ with some brown bean juice! We did have a BLAST - my mom really got to be furiends with my BFF's (Sitka and PHBbbbb ) moms that weekend!

SO, please go pledge SOMETHING - you khould win something FROM ME!!!



Training fur Blogathon Weekend

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Royal Box

I got a special pakhkage from MinnieSoda on Monday. Since it khame from my royal furiends Princess Eva and Prince Brice The Handsome, I figured it was that royal box I kept hearing about during the tennis match that was on all day Sunday!
This MUST be the Royal Box -and Brice just HAS to be in there!
Tank Woo Princess Eva and Prince Brice The Handsome!
To see how much I enjoyed my new toy, please khlikhk where it says 'watch Khyra play and have fun!'

I had such fun and even got to show it to my khousin Merdie The GoldenDoofTriever's little bi-peds last evening! Lots of noisy fun was had by all!

Monday, July 7, 2008

C - It's Musikh Monday

Khyra's Mom here - time for another installment of Musikh Monday.

This one was soooo easy - for someone of my generation, it has to be Carole King Not only did I all but wear out my Tapestry album , Carole is responsible for soooooo many songs my generation grew up with and khontinues to tie to memory after memory - some good, some bad!

PLUS, I have to inkhlude another C - Carly Simon with this song being one I khan't get enough of !

There is akhtually a kind of khool bond between the two - for years, Carly was married to James Taylor who had a hit with another one of my memory songs -You've Got A Friend - which Carole wrote.

SO, now to a khurrent C - please chekhk out Christine LeDoux

Khyra and I hope all had a nice weekend free from any holiday mishaps! She'll be bakhk tomorrow but sends

Khyra and her mom

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fireworks Bekhause...

We had a firework display to celebrate NEW blogging buddies! My mom and I have been diligently working to get our pals in Overland Park Kansas to join the bloggin' world! They've finally done it! ThunderDunder overtook his mom's laptop and has khreated The Khronikhle of Woos
Please stop over and say HEY!

Here are the SAFE kind of fireworks for woo to view - no nasty smell! - Mom khaught this on Friday night - she REALLY wanted to khapture the finale BUT the khamera battery died! So, please khlikhk where it says this way to the fireworks!

There were more firekhrakher thingies around here on Saturday night - I did well AGAIN but it is getting SOOOOOO old!

Have a great Sunday all!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

He's ALMOST Home!

In this khase, the HE is TOTTI!
Summi's mummi wanted him to khome bakhk and live with the rest of The Iowa Khrew. So my mom and I helped to make that happen by doing our best to win him on the TOTTSHR's aukhtion. My mom was already bidding on some items since her furst two official reskhue Sibes had khome from TOTTSHR! The aukhtion was ending about the time Summi's mummi would probably be leaving the office and heading home to MY furry wonderful hunk of Mal SUMMI so I pawmitted Mom to use my laptop to try and get Totti home! Mom got so excited in the final few minutes she khould hardly use her paws khorrekhtly but we did win him!

I hope he khan breathe under all that plastikh!

Chekhking out Totti with an official khyss!

Chekhking out ALL the wonderFURful smells!

More snootering rekhwired!

Totti's stuff!

And one of the KHOOLEST khanine skharves around!

This book is UNBELIEVABLE!!! It has soooo many great pikhs of all the KHOOL things Totti got to do! He told me about all the neat places he saw and interesting people he met! Mom wishes she had more patience AND extra hands so she khould take pikhs of ALL the pages! You will just have to trust us with HOW PHREAKIN' KHOOL THE BOOK IS!!!

And Karen Ramstead SIGNED THIS WITH HER OWN PAWS!!!Well, I whispered a special message for Totti to share with Summi when he gets to see him!

So, Mom will take Totti to work with her on Monday and have the Big Brown Trukhk guy get him bakhk to Iowa!