Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday With Multiple M's

From Saturday
Also Saturday
Mom snagged some shots of Harrisburg on her way to/from Allentown - she's inkhluded some text here to show the lokhation of their highrise khondo!
This was the 'is it time fur our walk' Saturday look
I was chekhking to see if Merdie had finished all of her pig ear - I had a Jumbone - there was one of each left - Mom furst ofFURed Merdie the Jumbone and me the ear BUT we each eyed the other's SOOOO Mom switched and we were khwite satisfied!
Merdie sniffing Mom when she returned Sunday afternoon
I'm khoming to chekhk her too!
(Akhtually, The Doggy Nanny told Mom the two of us stayed right at the door the entire time Mom was gone)
Now to let Mom tell woo about her Sunday passengers...

Thank Khyra!First, I'll share Carla Jean who was on the early legs of the Saturday portion of this transport - this is picture sent by her driver - she was along from Conway SC to Benson NC - she met another transport there and headed to her furever home in 'Merryland' - she's a liver and white 1 year old

Now to my transport passengersTHE Charm - sorry 'bout the sun - driving East around 0815Tina - Marge - Dakota

That was pretty much how the entire trip was - two sleeping and one watchingTina - she came from Clayton NC on her way to NH - she's around 4 year oldRaspberry to you too Tina!Marge - she came from Savannah GA - she's a BrittanyMix around 2 years old - heading to RI MargeDakota - the very honoured passenger - he came from Conway SC - he's 12 years old and heading to NHTina and MargeMarge and TinaMarge MargeDakotaHe was a great guest Marge was comfy quite quicklySee?Marge and TinaI wondered if our friends The Rocky Creek Scotties recognised this exit?

It was quite a nice transport AGAIN - I've yet to meet a Brittany and/or BrittanyMix that was anything but sweet and friendly! I know one of the drivers for the Saturday leg from Greensboro to Mt Airy NC wrote the transport list and said:

Thanks for asking me to do this, Kathy! What a great experience! My husband would have adopted Tina in a heartbeat if I we didn't already have 6 pets. She kept smiling at him and nudging him with her nose. I'm sure Dakota will be happy when the day is over and he can settle down. This was our first experience with Brittany Spaniels. What sweet dogs!

Here is the Photobucket Link for their SLIDESHOW of pictures; here is the link for the album with SEVEN videos - once again, it was just easier and more entertaining/rewarding to video them given their personalities and energy levels!

The leg was done in honour and memory of The Memorial Day holiday here in the US AND for MaxDog!

I did want to share a very awesome blogpost I caught up with whilst uploading the Photobucket - please visit DogsMom learning to blog MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE

Have a safe holiday/day!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's (and Khousin Merdie) Khorner!

PeeEssWoo: Here is part of an email we got early Sunday evening from Dakota's Foster:

Dakota is home and resting quietly. He's done a thorough inspection and marking of the back yard, met all our dogs, and we are giving him a little time out in his crate to take everything in. He seems very sweet and loving, curled up on the back seat and snoozed all the way home. Thank you ALL for your efforts to get him here - it's because of great folks like you that we are able to help these dogs. I've said it before, but you meet the nicest people doing rescue!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Sharing

Sharing a pikh from our Friday night walk - we took this to send to Merdie's people
Sharing rest time
Sharing the latest with Khyra's Khatch Me If You Khan Khontest - inkhluding a special blooper perFURmance by Mr B!
Sonny The Dog - new brofur to our pal Pedro - I'm sure Angel Ziggy is furry happy!
Max - Angel Charlie's new brofur

Please stop by and welkhome these two special furiends to The Blog World ! ! !


Mom has/had a transport for NBRAN and NEBR furst thing today - she'll share the details tomorrow of the three passengers she pikhked up at their Siberian Hosted B&B fur their ride to Allentown as they made their ways to NH and RI!


Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Sharing From Khamp Khyra

Breakfast Time
Hiding it in my mind
A Thursday sky
Resting Merdie
Merdie Massage From Fred
Khow Ear Time
Nom Nom
Nom Nom Nom
Flower Chekhk
Merdie Chekhk
The last of the poppies
Lupines from down the street
A furry hothumidikhky walk - in fakht, Mom had dropped Merdie off after the furst portion
and we turned around after these pikhs were taken since we were just akhross from The Khlub - Mom asked if I wanted to and I indikhated YES please!
Nothing but khanines and bipeds on this post as we bring woo another report from Khamp Khyra!

Have a safe Saturday!


Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Friday, May 28, 2010

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

Prior to the banding - Mom and Dad just KNEW something was up - we think they must have read the website and saw the plan!
Whilst it was going on - they do one 'here' and then leave the eyas there to keep the parents appeased
This shot was from last year's banding post on the blog - during this year's telekhast, they mentioned using these protekhtive devices to snag 'em!
It was a furry interesting broadkhast - some good khwestions - since there were only three to band this year, there was a bit more time for diskhussion - and Mom chukhkled when she heard she was not alone in her inkhorrekht sex'ing of them - even the expert was fooled too -Mom based her guess on the size difFURence between the three and figured they khouldn't all be one sex!
Banding Results:This year, for the first time, all of the nestlings are males. The banding team placed colored tape on the nestlings for the purpose of keeping track of them when they fledge. The largest of them, at 690 grams, is sporting white tape; the smallest, at 550 grams, blue and the middle sized nestling, at 590 grams, has red tape. Watch and rescue teams are now forming in anticipation of the first flight these young birds will make. They should begin fledging in about two weeks.

We'll keep our eyes on the site to see when they've arkhhived Thursday's banding and share it here!

Resting up from my furry full Thursday post - sorry it was a long one but all of those pawesome things needed to be shared - and now I want to share THIS
Stumpy and Mr B have khome up with the most awesome pawesome inkhredible khontest that we just know will khatch on khwikhkly!

Flowers fur OP KS
Something about the kholour red
Mom loves the ones behind the pee-on-me bush
Merdie and I chekhked out the plantings on the other side of the khlub entrance
Merdie and The Big Tongue after Wednesday's walk
Golden Froggy fur Norwood
Merdie and The Fox
She took it out to the porch Merdie had lots of fun with the fox - chekhk it out HERE

This week's Photobukhket Sky and Stuff Slideshow is HERE

Happy FrEYEday EvFURRYone!


Khyra & Khousin Merdie