Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Walkin' Wednesday 2016

 Lady PF was doing some sunning on the dekhk of her PF Palace ;-)

 Then she got up - and walked along - well maybe more like a hopped - 
 over the perch and off the other spot on her overlook -

 Our khonstant watchin' fur our walk!
 Then we feign disinterest - 
 BUT always ready in a blink!
 Mom took these on Monday's morning stroll - akhtually, she WISHED she had tried to get some shots from SUNday - 
 Whist she was chatting with Auntie Di, a Goldfinch/Evening Grosbeak type birdie was flitting from flower to flower to flower - Mom made all THOSE noises humans do!

 Originally Mom had insisted we wouldn't be walkin' Monday night - as it had been TOO h&h during Monday's morning version but.....

 Well, she khouldn't deny and disappoint THOSE looks we give her!
 Tuesday morning she met her dad fur her birthday breakfast - 
 She had eggs - and khandied BAKHON - and roasted asparagus - and hashbrowns and toast -
 eggs benedikht fur him!
 then she hit the Kohls on the other end of town - after all, she had gotten $10 from them fur her birthday month - and then they kindly sent a 30% off thingie - when she saw this vehikhle on her way in, she knew it was an omen!
 Did we mention she only ate one of whole wheat toast slices??? 

 It was toasty and tasty!
 Her purchase - thanks Kohls!
 From our walk - and yes, it was the khondo khomplex route! 
 our post walk khooldown -

Thanks Mom - we got a video fur this week's post - we hope all of woo will enjoy it - it is akhtually the stretch where the evening sun shots were taken on the Monday evening walk - nothing exciting but it kept her out of trouble!

Happy Last Day Of August EvFURRYone!

Sadly, we send her bakhk to The GKP - and start our khountdown to Saturday night!


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Telling

She showed up around 5pm - Mom and I had already staged our post without her - we knew we khount on her at some point!
 Now bakhk to telling about our SUNday - furst, some HOVER PAW!

 I told Mom not to turn the pikhture :-)

 Khome on Mom - woo promised!!! 

 THERE it is - but furst....
 Sheetz - BTW, the ga$ price was 2.079 on SUNday - and when we went fur Monday's walk - it was 2.199 - woo have to KNOW what words Mom said :-)
 We parked next to these horses whilst Mom went in fur the SUNday paper and her Sheetz birthday gift - she chose the PINEAPPLE khup!
 Here we khome - funny, usually the drive thru is like 87 deep but today -JUST US!

 The Khottage is akhtually just behind the house woo see - our Dobie pal's house is behind it THEN woo will find ours!
 We were just thru those trees!

 Someone poses better - I kept sliding on the floor!

 CB - KhatNuggets - CB!!!

 Slid right by Mom :-)

Mom didn't even attempt any pikhs of The Khrokhrodile Dogs snapping at The CB!

Mom tried to NOT feed us dinner BUT we insisted - so in a few hours, she did give us half of our usual kibble skhoop!

Happy Gotcha Day to ME!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!