Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Tuesday Telling

Yes Lady PF - we are back to look again!
She was pretty helpful with sharing the fluffssss - and the egg -

Heading out for Fluff Puff food -
#5 is showing signs of pipping - so hopefully soon!
Lord PF catching his breath -
Going on 8pm - 82 and SUNny - and it was icky - I got home from the store and broke a proverbial sweat -
Now to continue with Saturday's 'venture - having left Dawn's, we headed out Route 30 -
My traffic watcher -
For TSC!
Daisy had been in for a bath - and her mom was taking her to the toy aisle to pick out something - and one of the reasons for our stop was to use some di$count$ on our TSC card/app was to get Willow a new bag of 4Health -
I could have taken loads of pictures but managed to control myself with just these two -

As I loaded in her food she did some posing -
Then back to Route 30/462 -
New Salem it shall be -
The Christmas Tree Hill Shop just beyond the light has started carrying the TREATS we were going to snag!
Thru New Salem and heading towards Stoverstown -
In one of Kerri's Barking Spaces - the side of The Expedition -
The back window -
I didn't need to crop this time -

Willow heard Kerri say treat -
They were too quick for me to capture -
NAH's corner -
Pet time!
She found the spot!
Tucked back in her KhrossTrek - 
The pretzel twists were treats for Khousin Emmy!  
When got home, I took a shot of our May treats - and Wiggles will get the pink flower one tomorrow -

Watching Kerri's husband go in the store -
Watching again as we waited at the light in New Salem to get back over to Route 30/462 -
And then we were off - heading to Dover so we can get to Mad Radish for our CSA! 
We'll probably finish the last stops of our day here tomorrow - again, already lots of pictures here - eh?

Happy Last Day Of April - how did THAT happen?

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

Monday, April 29, 2024

Monday MOMSday

The Royal PF couple had quite the photoshoot today -

She so teased me but I did catch a glimpse!

Photobomb courtesy of another species!

New born under there -
Lots of this to come -
Hey Lord PF - get hunting - the kidSSSSS and Lady PF will be hungry!
The latest posts on Falcon Wire - check 'em out!
Going on 8pm - 76 and SUNny - make those '8's go away -
Now to catch on other moms - our FrEYEday lunch destination - ROCOTO -
Peruvian Mexican -

Empanadas - my cheese on the left - chicken on the right - Auntie Di got a beef one -
I got the Hibachi Burrito special - I chose Shrimp!
Auntie Di got a Shrimp Burrito - they must have weighed over a pound!
Blurry shot of Di's - she chose black beans -
Mine had Peruvian Fried Rice - with grilled broccoli zucchini onion -
I sacrificed some of my oh so tasty cheese empanada to pay The Tax -
My half burrito take home - as The Judge evaluates the payment -

Eagerly accepted -
And since we were out in that part of town, sweet Willow visited SWEET WILLOWS -

A kid size ice cream truck for playtime -
Double Chocolate for Auntie Di -
I struggled with my choice but settled on the Cherry Chocolate Chip -

Willow's Pup Cup of course -

Nom Nom Nom - three very happy customers!

Sorry the post was long but I had SO much to share - tomorrow's may be the same 'full one' -

Our SUNday GKP was smooth and painless - so it was a GOOD day!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!