Monday, June 30, 2008

Musikh Monday - The B's

Khyra's Mom 'hear' since it 'B' Musikh Monday! I've been kikhking around the many choices that impakhted me growing up. I khould inkhlude Bread, or The Babys but I've decided to touch on two other B groups.

Please don't laugh BUT The Bee Gees certainly had a strong influence on the musikh of 'my generation' - they really were talented songwriters with this song never failing to raise goosebumps for me. During the past few years, there have been several mining 'disasters' that made that song so appropriate. Of course, The Bee Gees will be forever tied to Saturday Night Fever - yes, a movie that kind of captures 'my' era.

Another B group that khame to mind is Bad Khompany - and in partikhular "Run with the Pakhk" . Paul Rogers voice is just - well - JUST! And of khourse, being owned by a Siberian surely involves lots of running with the pakhk!

My NEW era B is Bakhk Door Slam - and of khourse, another Siberian themed song - Baby Khome Home!

I also khould have inkhluded two other B's that I've really gotten into within the past five or ten years: Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. I was never much into them bakhk 'then' BUT I've soooo developed an appreciation for them!

Well, there you have it! Another Musikh Monday!!

Khyra rekhwested I pass along her usual hugz&khysses and tell woo she's resting up fur tuemorrow!

Khyra's Mom

PeeEssWoo: Silly me! I furgot a VERY important B artist responsible for a very special song and video: Bright Eyes 'First Day of my Life' and lyrikhs. This is fur Khyra and for another special person in my life.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

SUNday Steamy Sunday

Still khatching my breath after all the excitement 'round here -and wondering if I'll ever meet one of MY boyfriends?
ANYWAY, please chekhk out Part II of The AO4 meet Eva and Brice - THEN chekhk out Eva and Brice meet some of my furiends! This inkhludes a great video of Princess Eva and Young Prince Brice The Handsome playing! But be warned: it might make woo dizzy!
PeeEssWoo: Earworm alert - It's making me dizzy - my head is spinnin'
Just a shameless plug for Mom's Musikh Monday!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Worn Out!

It has been a busy busy week fur me with lots of visitors, toys, and treats. PLUS, my doggy nanny was away so I had to pupsit fur myself!
Auntie Di and Jim have returned to The Land of Joe (Sweat) Stains I had tried to get him to khome along - I told him to look for the blonde at the airport the other Friday night - I mean, he khould have eskhaped from the heat AND The Doofus fur a bit BUT he must have missed finding her!
I have been sooooo very happy with the reports and pikhs Mom and I have "HERD" and seen about Princess Eva meeting her Khrown Prince Brother "Ammy says he's sooooo handsome" Brice!
My MalGalPal "I'm a princess too" Holly met them AS did MY MalMale SUMMI! I am sooooo furry jealous fur they all got to meet each other!!! Lukhkily fur me, their moms khalled my mom and told of how all did!
Well, bakhk to my nap AND to dreaming of my OWN Handsome Princes - Steve and *SIGH* Summi
PeeEssWoo: SOOOOO, Ammy - is Brice HANDSOME???

Friday, June 27, 2008

Breed Tag!

Well, furst off, I must thank all of woo that went to visit Baby Love's blog and left her family such kind khomments!

NOW, as I had pawed yesterday, I've decided what breed I'd like to be if I wasn't ME! I know, the thought of ME not being ME is khompletely almost unthinkable BUT, my beeWOOOtiful pal Frankie Girrrrrrrl did tag me!

Here are the Rules Issued By Khommander Storms

The rules of the tag game are:

1. Copy the question above and paste it into your post.

2. Answer it - and give a few reasons for why you think you'd be that breed or breeds.

3. Post these rules!

4. Tag ONE other blogger. If there are multiple pups within the same pack/blog, each pup should only respond when he or she is tagged. One at a time!

5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

When I furst was pawed about this exercise in khanine pondering, I wasn't sure what I'd be. After all, being a Siberian is lots of fun. We khan ignore the humans when they khall us and it gets written off to our 'just being a Siberian' - we are beeWOOtiful and turn heads wherever we go - we have beeWOOOOtiful khoats of kholoured hair that is just soooooo well suited for weaving into everything we enkhounter. I mean, khan it possibly get better than this?

WELL, I've decided that if I khouldn't be a Siberian Husky, I would go fur something from a khountry with great food and beverage offerings (fur my mom!) as well as something as beeWOOOOtiful and regal as a Belgian Tervuren . They share many of our kharakhteristikhs BUT are wwwwaaaayyyy more trustworthy off leash - something I'll never get to do - short of a trip to the doggy park OR The Kapp Pakhk's house!

I've recently been pawesponding with a furry special Terv - as I paw this, she is enroute to meet her new khrown prince of a brother Brice!

Princess Eva At The Khrown Plaza in Omaha

Thanks for the tag Frankie! As soon as the game got introduced, I knew who I'd tag! I want to know what Mango would be if he was not one big honkin' mastiff!

Have a great Friday all! Fuzz yer folks!!



Thursday, June 26, 2008

MidDay Sadness

The AO4 mom just let my mom and the other SMS khrazy khanine (and K**t) moms know some furry sad news. Baby Love khrossed this morning.
Please go visit her blog and leave some words fur her mom. Tank woo LOTS. We have to stop now. I'm leaking bekhause my mom is leaking.

Rompin' 'round

Well, I'm bakhk in the PA, bakhk in the PA, bakhk in the PA USA! I so enjoyed my trip to Kansas and the opportunity to visit with the bestest instrukhtor Storms of The AO4!

It was sooo much fun to akhkhomplish our khommon goal - wooing to the world about Khyraese!

To reward all of you fur your patience and understanding with my NOT being 'here' on Wednesday, here is a Khyra akhtion flikhk for your viewing pleasure. It is a bit dark bekhause my silly mom got the idea to film me when there was not an abundance of interior light. I've made her promise to get her akht together and do better NEXT time. Anyway, woo know 'the drill' - please khlikhk where it says khlikhk here

Have a great Thursday! Please keep Princess Eva in your thoughts as she's headed to get her new bro!



PeeEssWoo: I'm expekhting to have my breed tag post ready fur Friday! My SiberPal Frankie tagged ME!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Storm Wednesday

No khute pikhs of me today fur I had to hurry up and get to Kansas so I khould be a guest lekhturer!
See woo there!
PeeEssWoo: I took these pikhs last night so I khould share them with The Nice Lady That Takes Khare Of The AO6!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Old Wubba meets new Wubba
More old and new
The one Sitka sent me - aka The Old One On The Left!

I'm bakhk! My mom says thanks to all that khommented about our Musikh Monday!

Enough from her - let's get to MY stuff!

My BFF Sitka sent me one of her toys that she just never wanted to play with BUT thought I might like.

Well, I began to love my Wubba too much. As woo khan see, it was khoming apart at the seams - just like some humans do! My Auntie Di, her friend Jim, and my khousin Abby wanted to buy me a new toy, so Mom said another Wubba might be a good idea!

SO, a new Wubba it was! Here is video of me waiting whilst they prepped it fur me. Please khlikh where it says please khlikhk here

I so love my Wubba! PLUS, I saw my furiend Khanyon of The Kapp Pakhk and his little biped liked the Wubba too!

Summi's mummi and PHBbbbbb's mom have heard me in all my WubbaWubbaSkhweaky glory!!!

Thanks to Sitka for turning me on to the wonders of The Wubba and to my khousin Abby for my NEW ONE!



PeeEssWoo: To all who have inkhwired as to what WAS in the pakhkage I inspekhted, we aren't khompletely sure BUT I think it is some kind of rice/seaweed khake.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Musikh Monday

Khyra's Mom 'hear' mentioned in Sunday's bad kharma post, a new feature will be added to Khyra's Khorner on Mondays.

The title should give a hint of what to expekht!

Musikh is a big part of my life - my drive time to and from work is ALWAYS NPR but aside from that, almost any other time my head is filled with various types of musikh -
I'm going to work my way thru the alphabet and feature an artist that I've loved in the 'past' AND one I want to try and introduce to those that stop by Khyra's Khorner.

Furst up is Ambrosia - I khan listen to this tune - and their Anthology CD - and never get tired of it! It is the song I have on Khyra's myspace page - bekhause she is the biggest part of me!

A new artist I would love to introduce is Amy Speace - and I would suggest you hit her myspace page - and I REALLY rekhommend 'Make Me Lonely Again' - THAT song gets looped over and over and over!

SO, I hope you like this new feature. You will have Miss Khoy and Khute bakhk tuemorrow ;-)

Happy listening!
Khyra's Mom

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bad Karma Fur Zenbusters!

So yesterday, visitors to my blog got to see my moment of Zen disrupted by my mom

Many of you had some EXCELLENT ideas as to how to get even with her fur doing that - most inkhluded some kind of 'sitting on her whilst she slept and/or waking HER up SUDDENLY'.

Since I akhtually like my sleep as much OR more than she does, that would have been toooo disruptive to my skhhedule.

SO, whilst they were at dinner last evening, I performed a bit of destrukhtive khwuality khontrol testing.

Saved Fur Later!

They knew something was up when they khame in and I greeted them with 'that look about me' like I had done SOMETHING.

The furst thing she noticed was how I had opened the khool napkins sent to us by The Forget Sit and Stay Gang! But then she went to let me out - found SOMETHING else by the bakhk door - which I had attempted to bury under a mat. She let me out and then she saw my UnZenLike display in the furamily room! I was busted!

SOOOO fur the rest of the evening, the game was 'where else did I have them hidden' My Auntie Di found most of them - about eight or so I think. I had one hidden in my toybox - Fred saw me take THAT one out. The last of them (maybe) was the one Mom saw me with when 'we' went to bed but one of 'us' didn't khome up. This prompted 'her' to khome down and khatch me in the akht!

This bag of treasures had been on the floor since my Unkhle Steve arrived from China on Thursday. There were three of them BUT he took two of them to OBX on Saturday. We've saved evfurrything fur them!

Let's hope he and Xiao-Li have a sense of humour AND weren't really hungry for whatever 'delikhacies' they USED to be!

I think she learned her lesson. I made her promise NOT to unzen my zen time again. Here is some dark proof of that. She pawmitted me to do some serious napping Saturday night - after all, I had ONE furry busy day! If woo khlikhk on the serious napping Saturday night, you'll see some of it BUT it is a bit dark - she's still learning the limits and abilities of the khamera AND her skills with it!

Happy Sunday All!



PeeEssWoo: She's got a new feature in mind for my Monday posts - akhtually, I think Monday's are going to bekhome hers - be sure to 'listen in hear' tomorrow!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your Moment of Zen, Zim

I noticed on my furiends Lola, Rosemary, Journey, Heidi, Witty Kitty, AND SPECIAL GUEST Sparta's post they had some skhwirrely visitors. Here is pikhture from earlier this year watching one of MY skhwirrel pals.
ANYWAY, since one round of visitors has left AND the next guests have arrived, I've been khatching all the beeWOOOOty sleep Ikhan.
Mom khaptured me during a moment of Zen, Zim
SOOO, if woo want to see me Zen'ing, please khlikhk where is says khlikhk here - you'll be able to see me doing some of the furry important things that make up MY day!
Have a great weekend!
PeeEssWoo: Please khross your paws fur Aja, Flurry, and their mom. Aja & Flurry's mom's brother and his wife need to be kept in our thoughts.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Happy Friday All!

There is a lot of excitement at my doggy nanny's house. One of my mom's brothers lives in China. He khomes home to visit about once a year. This time, his wife khame along too. PLUS, when he khomes to visit, his two sons that live in the town I live in khome to be with their dad. Here is his khanine Wolfie - he had to stay behind. Travelling with khanines/felines from Mainland China is NOT easy - or should I paw NOT EASY! It was khwite the fun to get him from Taiwan to Shanghai. Since setting paws on The Mainland, he's moved north - near The Gobi Desert.

SO, I have all kind of folks to fuzz and stuff!

Plus, my Auntie Di and her BF Jim are khoming from Phoenix. Mom will pick them up tomorrow morning. As woo would expekht, they are looking furward to seeing ME again! Auntie Di is a special mom to my khousin Abby .

Unkhle Steve and his bunch are heading to The Outer Banks Saturday AM. Auntie Di, Jim and my Doggy Nanny and Fred are heading there on Monday AM. So I will be keeping an eye on Mom next week!

Please stop on over at Baby Love's blog and leave some good wishes. She had her surgery on Thursday and things seemed to go furry well fur her!

I'll leave woo with some of my khuteness If you khlick 'some of my khuteness' woo will get to see ME just being ME!
PeeEssWoo: Please stop over to Turbo's Blog One of his furry special roommates khrossed yesterday. SOOO, please go paw some wishes fur Tubey's human on the lost of Niki.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Help Khure Biloxi's Blues

Take a look at Biloxi! Now that you are wooing 'oh my dog what a khutie' please go read about Biloxi's situation at my furiends The Kapp Pakhk's Blog
Whilst there, please snag your humans' green paper and/or plastikh thingy. Any little bit woo khan paw out of them will be appreciated!

Khyra at your service here! We are getting out the word so we khan help khure Biloxi's Blues. PLUS, once he gets to PA AND heals from his surgery, I khan go play with him AND Khanyon. I'm sure Khween KA, Sky Boy, and The Little Bi-Ped will keep their eyes on us!



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PF Update

Well, I haven't updated woo all with the latest news from The Ledge.
Here is a pikh from Monday - for some reason, the khamera has khrapped out SO the last image khaptured is still there! You can still watch the khomings and goings via the live feed! I have the link on my page if woo wish to view it!
Here is the latest update from The Falkhon Wire:
6/17/2008 : Fledgling Update All four of the fledglings have returned to the ledge. They all took their first flight at various times last week. As usual there were situations where the fledglings found themselves in trouble on the street or on partially enclosed low roofs. There were six rescues this year. In each case the fledglings were examined and placed on the roof of the Rachel Carson Building. They will spend the next eight weeks getting flight and hunting lessons from the adult peregrines. The ledge will still be home base for a while so Web cam viewing will continue to be interesting.
Have a great Wednesday one and all!
PeeEssWoo: Please go see Eva's BIG announcement

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Princess Has Ruled!

A royal ruling and prokhlamation was recently made by Princess Eva

She dekhlared I, humble Khyra, was worthy of receiving this honour:

It is awarded to those that blog at least three times a week. I'll admit, there are days when my staff doesn't think they'll make the press deadline. SOOO, I'm forced to give them 'the look' and they khwikhkly skhramble to attention and show off my khreative skills.

I am supposed to pass this along to others - so THEY will also feel pawinspired to share the love.
I'll honour Gus&Louie -they've helped me meet some khool furiends; Turbo - after all, I am his Khampaign Khoordinator; and FINALLY, the one that got me blogging in the furst place. She used to always woooo to me that I should blog since I had SO much to say. That would be PrincessHollyBollyBananaBooBooBoo - her pawsisstant seems to be slakhing a bit -maybe THIS will be the bum kikhk she needs!

Another shot of Princess Eva waiting fur her peasants to attend to her and bring her snakhks and such!

Of khourse, since my publikh has rekhwested I khontinue to show my khute self, here's a shot of me.

Some of you've seen it befur, but I thought a khool snow scene might be a nice change!



Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

I hope my khanine and k**t pals had a great day!
Some of you asked why I don't eat my biskhuit and save them for later - well, it is just something I do from time to time. Mom puts the three of them in the same spot each morning - you khan see a few of them in the pikh above - but I just like to hide them for later. One nevfur knows where you'll find 'em!
Mom khaught me burying one in the khorner last Friday - she posted that pikh on Friday - well, she managed to khatch a brief video of it. She would have khaptured more of it BUT she's still getting used to the on/off button khoncept - and she ended up turning it off when she went to start shooting!
Khlikhk where it says here it is
I hope woo enjoy some of my patented trademarked khuteness too!
Thanks fur hoping I got some of the yummi salad she made - I got a few bits of things BUT she's usually pretty mean about giving me human food.
PeeEssWoo: My royal furiend Princess Eva nominated me fur an award! I'll post about that in the khoming days! I need to get my assistant to put it together and help me selekht my honourees!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

D-Day Sunday

I even khross my paws when I'm in the huzzy pawsition!
Sunday's Biskhuit Saving Spot
Mom's dinner! It was made from a shredded beef in the khrokhkpot recipe Mom got from The AO4's mom!
Mom made it in the takho salad style - lettuce mix, blakhk bean and khorn salsa, sour khream, mexiblend CHEESE over some white khorn tortilla chips!

She khalled her dad whilst we were on our walk. He wasn't home so we left a message that we'll try khalling again. We did make him a khard and inkhluded a special gift for him.

Our thoughts are with a special friend of Mom's that lost his dad on May 1.

Hugz&Khysses to all dads and the khanines that fuzz them!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fur Star The Khute

My furiend Star posted some furry lovely pikhs of her khuteness In them, I noticed one of MY toys so I had my photographer (she is also my agent Tukhker) The shots above were just khaptured fur my fans to see!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Patio Visitor

Yesterday morning, whilst khatching up on her SMS messages and enjoying her khoffee, Mom looked out and saw me wagging my beeWOOOOtiful plume de tail! She noticed I kept switching lokhations as I attempted to get SOMETHING. She khame out and saw 'the something'. She diverted my attention just long enough fur it to skhamper to the safety of an old pikhnikh bench.

She was mean mom and put me inside BUT got her khamera.

Here was my little buddy! I just wanted to say hello mousie!! What do woo taste like???

Hope all evfurryone has a nice and SAFE weekend!



PeeEssWoo: Be khareful! It is Friday The 13th!!

One just nevfur knows where I'll leave a snakhk for later!

Had to inkhlude a shot fur my publikh

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Khandid Khamera

Khute?!? Sentry Duty
Is FURRY tiring!
Okay, my publikh has been rekhwesting more pikhs of ME!
I aim to please!!
I hope these will hold woo over until I khan skhhedule another photo shoot!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thank You Thank You!!!

Well, I asked for good thoughts for my mom's furiend and her husband - and WOOOO khame through fur us! His surgery appears to have taken khare of the khonditions that were khausing him the diskhomfort.

Woo all ROKHK!!!

And to show MY appreciation, here is some Khyra paw-age fur your viewing pleasure! After all, SOMEBUDDY (PHBbbbbbb) wanted to see some of ME since the falkhons were making her hungry!

Here woo go Please khlikhk on the here woo go to see me! Please bear with my mom - she's still working on operating the khamera AND keeping me in the frame whilst we walk!




Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes Mango!

My VERY large furiend Mango khommented about the PF's! And I want to tell him that his mom was khorrekht! It was Silver Girl to furst make the leap of falkhon faith today!
If anyone would like to see more pikhks and khommentary of how the day went, please khlikhk here.
It will take you to the message board for June 10th - those that watch AND live khlose by have way more info than I khan khommunikhate!
Paws khrossed for safe flights!
PeeEssWoo: Please also khross your paws for a furiend of my mom. Her husband is having some surgery on Wednesday and we need it to go well for him! SibeVibes going out to OP, Kansas. She was the nice lady that sent me my newest khuz and the new brush that has made me even more beeWOOtiful than I already was!