Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Happy Weekend Evfurryone!
Here is a pikh from our Friday afternoon was furry windy and chilly...these poor robins looked as if they would appreciate some Sibe Fur Khoats!
And here I am keeping an eye out fur The Snow/Ice Thief! He/she is not getting my fun khover on my watch!

One of my newest furiends


was tagged by one of her newest pals Mango to share what they were doing a year ago. Here is her post !

She then tagged me! So I chekhked my arkhives...I didn't have a post on January 30, but here is the one khlosest - January 29. It also makes me mentions Stormy in KholWOOrado who is still missing.

Maybe Stormy will surprise us and khome home this weekend! Wouldn't that be a great gift!?!

I hope all have a furry nice time with their peeps!



PeeEssWoo: Please stop over and leave a hug or two fur Thor and Markho Polo and their mom.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Free Fur All!

Have woo seen this pup???
The pretty girl above is missing. I saw the post about it on my furiend Indy's blog.
Please spread the word!!!
Mom and I got to enjoy a furry nice walk Thursday afternoon. I needed to keep myself under khontrol on/in the driveway since she doesn't have SibeWheelDrive. I was furry good!
My yard is still khrunchy khrispy! I'm having fun testing where I khan stand and where I'll sink! I probably sound like The Thundering Herd running akhross it!
Biloxi, Eduardo, and Kylie: Please fear not...your tags are on the list by the laptop. Please be patient...maybe have a nap or a snakkie!
YES, I have lots of toys. My toy box is akhtually a Mikhhael Graves khloset organizer/bin thing from Target! My Doggy Nanny says Mom should dump 'em out and reshuffle 'em.
Fred is my Doggy Nanny's BF!
The khats woo see outside are neighbourhood loose ones...we have akhtually tried to snag them but they run when anyone (human or khanine) approach them. The next door neighbour feeds them and we try to keep fresh water around fur them.
My yard is not all the property woo see...the house is on the edge of a golf khourse so that is much of the open space woo see!
Be safe out there!
PeeEssWoo: Let's h'ear' it fur The Boy! It is Brice, Duke of Destrukhtion's SEKHOND birthday today!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I was thankful I got to enjoy some khwality time in my SNOW on Tuesday night

Bekhause by the time Mom got home from work Wednesday afternoon, it had turned to khrunch khrunch khrusty stuff!
Please khlikhk H E R E to see some video proof!
I hope evfurryone had a safe day of it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009

We got some snow!
And we've got more on the way BUT here are some pikhs from Tuesday after work!

Now, time fur what woo've been waiting fur...but FURST, h e r e is a short snow video
and then the one I've been teasing woo with...well, it is two two two themes in one! I enjoyed all the guesses evfurryone made...I've already had two of us in a video when Khousin Merdie The GoldenDoofTriever has been here at Khamp Khyra!
Please khlihk H E R E
Suffice it to say, we won't be doing that one TOO often!
Mom and I are still snikhkering about the multiple khomments about her khrate training!
Furry funny!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Telling

Well, Mom is still trying to lokhate some pikhs of Frankie, her furst khanine BUT in the meantime, I thought it would be furry khute to share some pikhs of Auntie Di and my mom! Woo khan khlikhk on 'em to bigify them!
Auntie Di is the little bathing beaWOOty on the left. She was khlosing in on two...and the pikh on the right is my mom ON her sekhond birfday.
These pikhs are from 1991! HaRoooo!

I'm still trying furry hard to get khaught up on YOUR blogs! Please furgive me if I miss a khomment or two!
Please be sure to khome bakhk tomorrow fur a furry special Walkin' Wednesday. If woo khlikhk H E R E you'll find a hint!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday SUNday

Monday Again?

Well, here are some scenes from my SUNday...I was chekhking my furiends' blogs and saw this one from my furiends in Overland Park Kansas

SO I decided they had a grrrrrreat idea!

It was SO nice and restful!


I hope evfurryone had a fun weekend!
I'm sorry I did't get to evfurryone's blogs on Sunday. Today is Merdie's dad's birfday SO The Doggy Nanny took the furamily to dinner. Mom neglekhted to leave the laptop by my chair fur me to surf whilst she was gone.



PeeEssWoo: When woo and your peeps have a few minutes, please chekhk out the furry special post Destiny's mom published on Sunday. Please make sure your peeps have some tissues handy but please see they read it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scenes From My Saturday Fur Your Sunday!

Some assorted scenes from my Saturday:
I've rekhlaimed MY stuff from THE KHRITTER!
Making sure my rug is MINE!
Keeping an eye out in MY yard!
Looking fur attackhks from above:
And that way
Time to look khute
Stretched out! THEM AGAIN!!!
We went and visited my other SibeSisters. Here are two pikhs of Kyrye:
I hope evfurryone has had a grrrrreat time so far this weekend!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday - The Day After The Invasion

Yes...the day AFTER the invasion!
Whilst I was out enjoying some nature time, look at what Mom saw in MY CHAIR:
I mean MY CHAIR:
Then it settled down on MY rug with MY Wubba:
The evil khritter:
So, do woo like the new skhwirrel I got? KSB and the others in his royal family gave that to ME last Saturday when we went and visited The Kapp Khastle! It is furry soft and skhweaks - just as I'm sure skhwirrels are!
Here is a piece that aired on our lokhal news earlier this week. If woo khlikhk H E R E woo will find some more khool toys fur skhwirrel entertainment!
Part of the reason fur airring the story was to help celebrate a HOWLIDAY I didn't know existed...but now I do and will make SURE to mark it on my khalendar fur next year...and there are even KHARDS to mark the nutty event!
What will they think of next?
Happy Saturday Evfurrybuddy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Free Fur All!

It's Here!
It's Here!!
It's Here!!!
Friday Friday Friday
and that means TWO days with MOM!
SO, here was my yard on Monday...just a few days ago:
And here was my yard LAST NIGHT after our walk:
THAT is just wrong!
It was in the mid 40's! That is NOT a Siberian Snow Keeping Temperature!
Dear Abby tagged me for the Fifth Folder Fifth Pikhture game. Here is the fifth fifth from Mom's work pc:

I think woo khan khlikhk on the pikh and bigify it. It was from the night last May that some difFURent golfers decided to play the khourse - akhtually were doing the holes in reverse. Woo khan see THAT post and some more pikhs H E R E
My furiend Tibby ofFURed me the chance to be tagged SO we chose the fifth fifth from the laptop here at home. GEE, imagine THIS being a pikhture in the Khyra's Pikhs folder:
I think that will probably get some weekends started on the khorrekht paw!

If woo haven't done this one, why not 'give it a go'?!
Be safe all!
PeeEssWoo: Be your lady Mar-ma-Lade....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful AND Thoughtful Thursday!

This week's thanking for thoughtfulness will go to
He arranged fur me to receive this beaWOOtiful award:
Dennis is khwite the khlever chap...seems to get into all sorts of dynamikh adventures...there are SOOOOOO many I khould choose from to share with those of woo not familiar with him BUT this one is a khlassikh IMHO...
Tank woo to Dennis fur the flowers...they are furry pretty and I'm sure they would smell furry good if they were here!
I'm going to pass it along to the very special blossoms in our boukhwet of life:
One more more day...ONE MORE DAY!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Walkin' Wednesday 2009

...and a special 'IT SNOWED' edition

I'm going to be brief and get straight to it...we've got blogs to hit and some celebrating to do!

Please khlikhk H E R E to see me in my snowy wonderland!

Have a great rest of YOUR walkin' Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Telling

Lookie! We got some snow on Monday SOOOO the post I had been khontemplating will be shelved fur now!
Snootering fur something good!
I don't see woo Mom!
Happy! Oh wait, said that!
Kind of eeeerrrryyyy!
How do woo like my chin hairs?
Maybe I should switch shampoos?
Tire treat!
Snagged my treat!
Khrunch khrunch khrunch!
I hope woo got some too! Please khome bakhk tomorrow fur a special Walkin' Wednesday!
PeeEssWoo: Happy Inauguration Day Evfurrybuddy!