Monday, November 26, 2007

How To Speak Khyraese!

It is soooo easy and fun too!

Woo just replace all the hard "C's" in a word with "KH" -

Allow me -


Okay - any questions? Please paw and khlaw 'em to me!

Woos and Wags!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Evil Khritters...

Well, there are some irresponsible khat owners in the neighbourhood - they have khats but keep 'em outside - seems like a funny way to love a 'pet'

But then again, I'd have my own way to love a 'pet khat' -

There is a nice woman next door - she has a reskhued Greyhound named Chloe - of khourse, I'd spell it Khloe but that is another issue - she feeds some of the strays and khaptures the ones she khan so she khan take them to the SPCA to get snipped and stuff as well as trying to lokhate homes -

The latest batch of khittens did have some khute ones in the bunch - but they love to torment me and walk along the brikhk ledge around my doggy nanny's porch - they stare - I stare - they stare - I stare -

My hu-mom grabbed the pawsital kham the other week when one was looking in on MY WORLD!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Here's To Good Friends!

Actually, I'm writing this one fur my hu-mom! She got a pakhage this week from my furry MALGALPAL Hbbb's hu-mom Jan!

Well, since they share a khommon love for adult grape juice, Holly's hu-mom sent my mom a very special khristmas ornament - my hu-mom now has it hanging from the kitchen khounter winerack - that is the small stash!

Thanks very much Hbbb's hu-mom!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fur My Pals Steve and K(h)at

As promised - albeit a bit delayed - here is a picture for the both of you to be inspired for your move!

Please furgive the quality - my hu-mom had to rough it and take it with that cell phone thing! It is in the khorner of her office where keeps photos of ME - and the shelf sitter khritter THE BUTTERS modeled for the TOTTSHR auction! It touched THE BUTTERS!

Bestest furry wishes as woo TWO get ready to head NorthWest Siberwoos!

Maybe Wilbur should stay with your hu-dad so he has some khatkhompany!