Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Thinking

Trikhk or Treat!
 Yes, my Sunday walk was a wee bit breezy -

 Trikhk or TREE-t!

 My skhary skharf - a special gift from now Angel Echo - he sent this to me in one of the furst years - he left us khwite suddenly on a December day in 2010 - akhtually the day Mom was having her furst interview fur The GKP - she'll nevFUR furget the exchange of messages as she waited fur her appointment - and our walk that night into the sunset


Trikhk or Treat!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Walkin' Wednesday 2013 With Wishes!

 From Tuesday

 Now from my big SUNday walk
 I flashed Mom the khoy face1

 The khorn is disappearing!

 If we would go straight through here, we'd end up at the other end of the field where we've taken the other khorn pikhs - Mom took one on our Monday walk we'll share this week

 My goat pals weren't there ;-(

 I kept looking and hoping - but alas - akhtually, when we did our sekhond Monday walk, Mom saw them akhross the field and snagged some pikhs we'll share later - not sure if it will be FrEYEday or Saturday -
 Now fur some wishes!!!
Our in the fur visit in 2010 when Mom and I make our Trek to The Tundra
Happy Summiiiiiii Day - 

I'm sure there will be lots of whip and sprinkles - and just maybe your mummi will get out my bag of floof fur a special SEVENTH BIRTHDAY DAY snoof!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRIone!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Telling of Tales and Torture

 Khousin Ab waiting fur the PAWty!!!! !!!
 The khard she helped pikhk out fur her momma!!!! !!!
 Auntie Di went to visit Angel Sierra at her tree in Prescott - she's doing well
 Now fur the torture - this is how I had to work fur my big walk on SUNday

 Blurry shots are pawbakhk Mom!

 We have returned
 Resting fur more

Even Whitney is resting from her stroll too
 This showed up on the ThinkPad Sunday evening - ummmmmmm, not :-(
NevFUR mind - there should have been a note of apology to us Northern Breeds already planning on bekhoming one with IT!

Auntie Di wanted to thank evFURRYone fur the birthday wishes - she's still trying to figure out how to make the big hair pikhture disappear!

She enjoyed the gifts we sent in her honor - we split her !!!! !!! between Garth Riley's Mutt Strutt AND AZGRC -

Mom and I celebrated Auntie Di's Day with two pawesome walks - the furst one inkhluded a special flyovFUR 
 Mom was too stunned to get the khamer out khwikhkly enough when The BALD EAGLE was right above us - but then she got it out - and blindly snapped - she might have khaught a wing at the very bottom of this shot 
 This is one that she DID GET THE BEAWOOTY - she khropped it - so it is kind of fuzzy and grainy but A BALD EAGLE NONETHELESS!!!
It was just riding the thermals and rails above us over this development as we watched in awe - we kept hoping it would end up bakhk to us but it went off to the east - right - Mom deduced it was heading bakhk towards the water sources - creek and river - 

I bet Angel Sierra and Angel Merdie helped provide this furry khool moment!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!