Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thinking and Thanking

How to open the window Oh HI MOM Just chekhking on woo
I'll go bakhk and just wait fur a walk - woo know where to find me
The sky when it was time fur our furst walk on Tuesday
I spent some time thinking about playing - I passed as I wasn't feeling it
I sat fur a bit
Then decided to watch Mom from here
Channeling my inner pointer!
Fred and The Doggy Nanny - Wednesday was Fred's 75th Gotcha Day - Mom khouldn't make his pawty SO they went to dinner Tuesday night
The sky khoming bakhk
Kind of khool - Mom said the western sky as they were returning from Harrisburg was really khool but she didn't have any khlear shots
Wednesday morning as Mom headed to work
I had an Eastern Bluebird of Happiness visit my tree
Mom tried fur a khloser shot but some of the tree's buds hid some of the bird
And speaking of birds, here is a shot from Wednesday evening - Mom wanted to share the pawesome news she saw on the PF site when she got home from work - one of our PFs has moved to oHIo ! It looks like she wants to bekhome a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

3/30/2011 :: Harrisburg Offspring Discovered at Nest! The green-banded female from the 2009 nesting season has claimed her own nesting territory. This female was the largest of four females and one male banded on May 27th 2009. Her band codes were confirmed by falcon watchers on March 6th. She displaced an established female at a bridge scrape near Rocky River Metro Parks in Brookpark, Ohio, a few miles south of Cleveland. The site is close to Cleveland Hopkins Airport and the entranceway to NASA. No reports yet of eggs in the nest but there have been many sightings of breeding activity. The Harrisburg watch and rescue crews should be commended here because if not for their efforts in rescuing this female from the street several days after fledging, she may not have survived.

It is always so khool to read about where our Peregrines have winged off to!!!



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walkin' Wednesday 2011

In the driveway ready to head out As you'll hear in this week's video, I chose the longest route which takes us along the street outside the development
Yes, I know she khut off the tip of my tail AND my nose but I like the paw work!
Oh so fokhused!
Bakhk home!
Here is this week's Walkin' Wednesday link - it is a windy one so keep your eyes on the tailometer!!!

Well, bakhk to napping as I wait fur Mom to return from work - is it 6pm Saturday yet?



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Telling

Sigh Double Sigh
Triple Sigh
Khrossed Paws Sigh
Woo getting the message Mom?
Much better!
Khrisp and Khool
I get my way eventually!
Nope Mom - woo didn't hear me think that
From our lunchtime walk - cherry trees are still fuzzing
The khool temps might hamper them a bit but we'll keep the flashie beastie ready fur 'em!

Mom and I were glad Sunday's passengers were such winners with all of woo! Mom is still smiling about Glenda!



Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday MOMday

Me Momma PF
I'm going to turn it ovFUR to Mom so she khan tell woo all about the furry furry special Sunday - please get khomfy fur she has lots of pikhs here and in the album from the day - she knows many of them are similar BUT she just khouldn't delete them - especially since there was something in each of them that tugged on her heartstrings as she looked at her three passengers - the other five went with the nice Peggy Lady - as she had khrates in her vehikhle fur the others - so take it away Mom!
****** Thanks Khyra! Furst off, here is a picture I've shared here before - something I had scanned together - one of my first Khyra pics and my family's second canine FLUFFY - she was a very special Schnauzer - my parents had learned of her - and went to see her - and she became a member of the family - of course, since this is civilised America, her tail had already been docked - grrrrrr - but her ears hadn't been done AND we chose NOT to - as you saw here on Sunday, this transport was in honour of JD and Max's FH's BARKDAY this past Wednesday - which is also my dad's birthday - he was 76 and Clare was so NOT 76!
JD and Max's message to their FH is at the end of the post - since this was the transport they had bid lots of their kibble monies on, I asked them if they had anything special they wanted me to say - they pawed it along! I figured my shotgun furiend should be consistent with JD and Max soooo one of the resident Schnauzer stuffies got to travel to Hagerstown and then to Harrisburg *
Of course, I have to include some ES3 - aka The Great Kibble Provider and Workplace - pics
The back corner of my part of the facility
Heading north on I83
As I was on Route 581 - the loop used to get from I83 to I81, I saw my odometer was at 109994 - I had to smile because I had a pretty good idea where it might turn the next milestone -
and it did - at almost the exact spot I had turned 100000 in August of last year - it truly was a day of deja vu for I had passed a Rohl Transport vehicle from Marshfield WI at almost the same spot I had last Sunday - just beyond ES3 -
Summer and Gator in Hagerstown
On the road back to Harrisburg - Peggy had departed a bit ahead of me but I soon passed her and then set the cruise on 69 mph - I'm so NOT getting a ticket - plus it helps me from hitting the speeds that do burn the juice at a higher rate - when the limit drops to 55, I set at 60 - especially since those stretches are favourite spots for the PA State Police!
I had Sherry the Shep X for shotgun - Romeo had been there first - and Sherry really wanted to be with me - I think they agreed to swap spots so he could watch out the windows from the lounge in the back AND snuggle with Glenda
One step closer and one step further away from those bad memories of Summerville and Rocky Face GA
Romeo and Glenda
Sherry settled in
Romeo keeping his eyes on me - Glenda was on snooze break
Until it was her turn to watch her new world zoom by!
And yes, she was hard to pass on - she was a giant cuddlebug of a sweetheart - she got along with all the others - even Garrett who had been a bit intimidated by her size on Saturday seemed drawn to her!
I think Sherry was comfy!
Yes! We so felt the love - from the three I had the honour of driving as well as the five others and ALL the humans that made it possible!
Glenda rested a good bit of the way - and it was so cute when we got off the interstate and we waiting at the light, she did a big DOGA stretch since she knew it was soon time to get out and get in another ride!
Sherry still being comfy!
I so had to catch myself - on several occassions I called Glenda 'Cricket' - because of a certain Great Pyr that lives in Canada with Khyra's role model the very famous Kara and the other pretty sleddogs - and curly tails as Bet calls them
Peggy commented when we were in Harrisburg she had enjoyed seeing Glenda watch out the back of The Xterra -
Garrett did some roaching whilst Willie watched Peggy
And Glenda watched me
Spud Glenda Romeo
I allowed my co-pilot to see the puppy in the window
Although I had to lift her up to do so
It wouldn't be a Monday post without a shot of Harrisburg
Back to co-pilot AND shotgun
Missions accomplished!!!

I can't say enough great things about this group of eight - as well as the drivers met in Hagerstown and Harrisburg - you'll see some drivers of the future in the pictures and videos as Molly brought along her two boys - they had a BLAST - especially her younger one and Gator The Beagle mix pup - at times, I wasn't sure who was walking and who was being walked! They

both loved the giant hugs Glenda was passing out to any that wanted them!

If you want to see more about them, please visit The Last Resort's Available Pets Page ! ! !
As I mentioned above, there are quite a lot of pictures and videos - since I was being roped by three different sized canines, pictures were a challenge - videos were much smarter to do - and of course can capture so much more than still shots -

Here is the link to the Photobucket Album with 11 videos and here is the link to just the slideshow -
I am looking forward to next Sunday's run for it will be Sally and The Puppies from Maya's Legacy and another handsome Husky fella!

As promised, here is what JD and Max wanted to say - I had sent them a preview of the passengers so they could see them:

As far as comments go we know that FH would be tickled pink if you could wish her a yappy barkday when you do the dedication post. And if you could pawsibly add the following comment we’d be very happy – “The rescue of all these 8 cuties is dedicated to Richie and Ronnii and their wonderful mama Tea – we know that Angel Mollie was looking out for all these doggies which is why they have all been led to promise of a brighter future thanks to the kindness of Khyra and her mom.”

It was our honour and pleasure!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

PeeEssWoo: Khyra and I would also like to give a giant WOOOOOOF to our favourite anonymous benefactor for PAWing us some green paper$ to our PAWpal account - Khyra wants to give you a giant smack with her fluffy tail and I just want to make you SQUEEEEEEEEEE!