Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walkin' Wednesday 2012

A furry special LEAP Year Day Edition in honour of a special Froggeh kindeh FURiend
Lets get the PAWty started at Froggeh Island

Let's get hoppin' Mom!


Time fur some funballz and khonga kikhks!




Bakhk to my PADio!

Sorry - the photographer's framing leaves a wee bit to be desired but she works fur cheap!

The scent of FROGGEH!

Happy FebWOOary 29th EvFURRYone!

Have a LEAPIN' Funballz Kindah Day!



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Telling

Oh no - here khomes the flashie beast!
Khan't a pup enjoy a beaWOOtiful FebWOOary day without intrusion?

Oh, she just khame fur some khatbush shots




Purrrrrrrfekht Mom!!!!


We even sent one like this from the khrakhkberry to Auntie Di - she misses her khatbush - it was planted from a twig way bakhk when she was a younger pup!

I'm taking good khare of it Auntie Di!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

Khome by tomorrow fur a special Walkin' Wednesday!

The kind of WW that only khomes evFURRY FoUR years!



Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday MOMday

Even the khatbush is starting to bloom!

Yes, Khyra - just wrong!


The only YELLOW for MURRAY I could snag - I saw SOOOOO many others but they were always on the OTHER side of the highway!

Here are the two pups I'm going to get - Ricoh and Ditto - GSDLab siblings

This Great Pyr was our Canine Guardian Angel for the day - his picture was included with the runsheet

This is Sarge - I didn't get to meet him - and for a great reason too! He met his dad at The WV Welcome Center enroute to Merryland - he was on the original passenger list but someone knew of someone looking for just a furiend like this - he applied - was approved and WOOF! Those that met him said how sweet he was - much like the very awesome Olivia I had several weeks ago

When Anita went to spring Sarge from the shelter, she saw this little fella - Gator - she called Julie from Greenmore Farm to ask if she could bail him out for she just couldn't leave him there - unfortunately, he's come down with a cough and didn't make the trek THIS time!

So, PAWSylvania welcomed Ditto and Ricoh

Ditto on the left with the orange collar - Ricoh is on the right

He loved to vulture over my shoulder for the first part of the ride - with me scratching under his chin - if I should DARE stop, he'd whine AND follow with a kiss!

He tried out most of the spots in The Xterra - both tailgunner spots - and where you see him here - they had both started out in the front seat in Merryland but decided to settle in the back -although a few times along the route North he considered becoming my shotgun BUT I really think he wanted to be with his sister - they are quite the bonded pair - I would so love to hear at one point they've been adopted together!

Our exit is just ahead - for our meeting place at a Turkey Hill convenience station in the Mechanicsburg area of PA - I had met their next driver there several times in the past so we went for that one again!

The eye on me

Ricoh planning something?



Funny - furry funny!

I think this picture will stay in my head for sometime - I so didn't try to capture the looks I did BUT wow - it really took my breath away as I sorted through the shots from the day - she seemed to be looking back as he looked ahead to what was out there waiting for them

This week's shot of Harrisburg

Still as blue as I headed back to Khyra

Mission Accomplished!

Here is what we received shortly before I started to put this post in place from Anita

Good Evening! Sarge is with his adopter and Ricoh and Ditto are safely delivered to Greenmore Farm. Thank you, thank you for taking your time and gas to drive them today. Mark, Sarge's adopter, is taking the day off from work tomorrow to spend some time to get to know Sarge. He thinks Sarge is beautiful, and he is looking forward to having a companion. Ricoh and Ditto are warming up and getting settled in. Hopefully the grass at Greenmore will be a little more appealing to them than the grass at the transfer locations!! Surely a forever home is right around the corner for these funny, gorgeous siblings, and I will keep you posted!! Many thanks to Julie and Lewis at Greenmore Farm for changing the luck of these great dogs, and for finding the home that is a perfect fit just for them.

With MUCH appreciation, and wishes for a wonderful week,




Here is the link to the Photobucket - five videos and the usual assortment of pictures - blurry and furry and such!

Thanks again for the support and kind words - it DOES make a difference!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Sharing


I dekhlare this weekend to be started - and whilst she went to refill her glass with some AGJ, I DID use my FT to MAAR in The Googlie Readerie - I wonder if she'll notice?



PeeEssWoo: Yes, The Xterra is bakhk on the road today - she tried NOT to but The Nice Anita Lady needed one of the legs through here filled!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Sharing

Woo were khorrekht!
But I knew woo would know it was one of THEM!

I was looking towards one of their usual hangouts - of khourse Mom noticed Butterskhotch there and had the flashie beastie ready

And I was ready too!


Move along Butterskhotch!

But later than afternoon look what Mom spotted!

The look said SO WHAT!?!

My iPAWd has been khorrupted again!

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!

I hope woo get to share some khat stuffs - and stuffins - too!



PeeEssWoo: Once again, I must paw our visits are way behind - might have to engage THE MAAR funkhtion - I'm going to keep Mom busy taking khare of me once 6pm arrives! She's had a furry stressful week - so I KNOW she REALLY needs ME!