Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Telling

It was a frosty start on Monday - of khourse, no worries fur me!
Later it was time to give Mom the WALK ME PLEASE look - I was sukhcessful of khourse!
Now fur the special YELLOW FOR MURRAY pikhs Mom mentioned on yesterday's post

A 1952 Chevy Deluxe


Wouldn't that be a pawesome transport vehikhle? It belongs to a friend of The Nice Anita Lady - she had been thinking about Murray so she swung by her friend's place and snapped these shots!!!
Now to a string of exchanges from some of the nice humans associated with this past weekend's passengers

This was sent as a THANK WOO to all that helped ShaiTai

Mom is sharing these from The Nice Joy Lady's FB page - here is what she khalled The Cemetary Trio

Lucy - sadly, two days after this pikh was taken in December 2011, she was hit by a vehikhkle - so she's running with The Rainbow Bridge Pakhk - she's so beaWOOtiful!


ShyTai after she finally snagged him - lured in with khottage cheese and a khan of dog food! This was Christmas Day 2011 - what a pressie!
This note was from The Nice Susan Lady that helped Olivia

Thank you all so much for driving Ark dogs to rescue. Ark is a terrible place to be an animal. We get so discouraged sometimes, but a weekend like this is "a shot in the arm" for us, and we owe it to you who drive our dogs to safety.
And a huge thank you to PA rescues for taking our Southern furbabies!
Susan WootenForrest City, AR

This is from The Nice Joy Lady and The Special Angel to help The Trio

Hi All!

ShyTai (now LaMancha’s ShaiTai) isn’t sure if he is ready to thank any of us yet, so I’ll do it on his behalf. : - )

Thanks to all of you for making this transport a great success! I appreciate all of you stepping up to the plate, acting above and beyond as temporary guardians to Tai and giving Olivia safe passage to rescue. Special thanks to Ann Linton for making Olivia’s transition from boarding to transport a breeze, to Dru (as always!) for taking these babies in need in, and to Anita for forging forth on providing excellent leadership for all as the dogs made their way from south to northeast. I think I was supposed to be co-coordinating this one. ALL CREDIT goes to Ms. Anita. Admittedly, I was scrambling to make sure all bases were covered for the send off. I’m grateful beyond words that she’s a staple part of this transition process!

A lot of energy and time and money goes in to getting these dogs from point A to B. On some cases, the emotional investment is at a premium. For me, ShaiTai is one of those cases. I know he wasn’t overjoyed to see Luke, his long-term cemetery roving companion, but I was told Luke was beyond delighted to see him. I think that after a few days have passed and the dust settles, the ShaiTai I came to know will reveal himself again, and it will be a welcome transition for all!

Thanks again to everyone…and thanks for the great photos and videos!!!!!


This is the message TNJL sent Mom about seeing ShaTai's video

You made my day more than I can convey. I have spent quite a few evenings literally crawling in to ShyTai’s dogloo, sharing his space and affection while bringing him out of his shell. Your video of him revealed the boy I know – terrified yet moving forward! Loved it! If you are on Facebook, please friend me and go take a look at what was once the cemetery trio. Thank you again!

As woo khan see, Mom did find her on FB and furiend her there - quite the images of such special khanines AND a furry special human angel!

We'll be sure to share any more messages we get about these three special tails!

Thanks again fur the kind words on Monday's post - they make Mom smile - and that is furry furry good!

Happy Tuesday Telling EvFURRYone!




Suka said...

hey Khyra,

Have you ever not been successful when using that face?! ;-> I hope you had a furry fun walk!

How very sad about Lucy. She was beautiful, and so close to getting her chance at rescue. Luke is so adorable! I don't understand why ShaiTai was not happy about seeing Luke. Do you know why? I thought ShaiTai would be thrilled to find his long lost buddy. I hope they can bond again.

The Chevy is incredibly beautiful! Makes you really wonder why cars are not being made like that today. It is 2012 and yet every car, for the past 12 years, no matter what make and model, looks EXACTLY the same. Where is the innovation and personality of cars today? No where. *sigh...Those old cars were quality - both in mechanics and beauty. Thanks for sharing, and I am sure Murray will love the pictures!

Suka (and Km with her venting on the lame cars of today)

Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful yellow car! Mom says she remembers when cars used to look like that. My mom is very old, ya know.

Love ya lots,

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

BaaaaWaaaah MY mom remembers those cars too!!!! ANCIENT

HoundDogMom said...

Wow, that Chevy is awesome. Sorry we haven't been by for a while. We read your journeys and stuffs and we THANK YOU for all you do for RESCUE. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Remington said...


Two French Bulldogs said...

Cool car. Glad the wallow look and the transport was a success
Benny & Lily

The Meezers or Billy said...

our the mom wants that car!!!

The Websters said...

such a cool car! We want a ride!



Angel Ginger Jasper said...

yes the car is lovely but the traansport just rocked.. safe at last and will soon settle I am sure.. Awesome.. Hugs GJ xx

Redberry Cottage said...

The 1952 Chevy is beautiful! We are so glad to read that the little fellow was rescued. Our Betsy was rescued from beside the road last July. All of the rescues in our area were filled to capacity so instead of fostering Betsy with one of the rescues we kept her. She is amazing!

Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

How Sam Sees It said...

What a great car - I'm sure Murray will love it!


Stewey said...

Cool car!!!

JacksDad said...

Well, you wouldn't have any trouble seeing THAT car coming down the street on a dark moonless night! :)

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Cool car. But your mama is cooler--she's a rescuer, and that makes her very very special.
And of course, you are special.
So sad to hear about Lucy. What a nice woofie she would have been for some deserving family.

mayziegal said...

WHOA! LOOK at that pretty yellow car! WOW! Wouldn't it be fun to take a ROTE in that?

I'm sure sorry abouts Lucy but happy about the others who are safe and sound now.

Wiggles & Wags,

Clive said...

WOW!! What a fantastic yellow car - Murray really loved it!!

He, of course, wants to get one just like that when he grows up! Still trying to explain here how difficult that might be!!

Huge thanks to Anita for taking such great yellow photos for Murray!

He was so happy with them!!

- Clive, Murray and Fiona

BeadedTail said...

We're so sorry to hear about Lucy! That's so sad. We're glad the others are safe though.

Remi said...

It is crazy to me that you have no snow!!!! We got DUMPED on a few weeks ago. Maybe it's headed your way!

White Dog Blog said...

Dad's drooling over the car. New earbug: Fleetwood Mac Rumours...been down one time...afavorite among the rescue members of the White Dog Army! Thanks for the second chances you help conjure.