Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teusday Telling

 Cousin Harley here - I've got the ThinkPad teuday - first some of those birds - boy,  wish I could retrieve them!

 Now some of my 'khamp' fun - SUNday's first walk -
 More ME!

 My khrazy khousin Khyra

 Walk #1 for Monday -
 One of the afternoon naps
 Walk #2 - after dinner - 
 AND THE BIRTHDAY BOY giving US treats - Happy Happy Fred Day!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

Happy Teusday All!

I hope all of weu have a GReat day!

Harley and His Furry 'Special' Khousin Khyra
P.S.Weu: I think I'll be checking out of khamp teuday - we'll see!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday MOMSandMEandHIMday

 Khyra's Mom here  - Lady PF pictures first -

 The above were from during the day -
 This was from the early evening as I was uploading the pictures and videos from Sunday's transport - 
 7am and ready to roll -

 Harrisburg Pass One
 South towards TMI - which had an 'anniversary' this past Saturday - 

 Gil - this was HIS spot - barely moved from it - although he did know that exiting I78 at Route 100 meant TIME TO GET UP!
 I blindly shot this one hoping it would show where Paisley was - I knew she was THERE somewhere but I couldn't find her - I'll share below where she was!

 Our Sam Adams shot of the week!
 Harrisburg Pass Two

 THIS is where Paisley was - she had made a safe nest on the floor behind the passenger seat - I reached down from time to time - petting her and making sure she was safe!
 Mission Accomplished - Transport #4 for 2015 with Passengers #5 and #6 -

 Khyra gave their messages a FLUFFY TAIL UP!
 Now for the tough part of the day - actually, of the past week - 
 Some of may remember Holly and her favorite rocks - here is the link to her blog
 Puppy Holly -
 Another version of Khyra's bone rug - with Holly's khat at the time - you KNOW Khyra found that just wrong!
 Angel Debbie - and Lucy - the khat in need of a home AGAIN -
 And Angel Debbie and Trigger -
 Words to take to heart - 
Now for a few words about what prompted the pictures and comments above - two weeks ago, Holly's mom  Debbie posted on her FB page she had tripped over the baby gate she used to give Lucy the cat some space in the house away from Holly - she broke her hip - ended up in the hospital - and then off to rehab - well, my Monday FB feed brought a huge shock - a friend of Debbie's had commented about not believing she was gone - etc etc etc - and YES, it was TRUE - she had passed away Sunday March 22 - many of us are still numb - not believing it - waking up each day hoping it was not true - but sadly, it is - as the link to her obituary shows - over the years, we had become friendly with Holly and Debbie through blogging and FB - and shared my family memories of visiting Roanoke - and The Mill Mountain Zoo - with The Star on top - Debbie had indicated she lived but five or so minutes from there - 

We did the transport for her - she needs to know she has made a difference - and she has - in many ways - her passing points out the value of making sure there are plans in place for our furry kids - due to Debbie's injury - and lack of someone else to care for Holly and Lucy, Holly is in boarding at her vet; Lucy was returned to the shelter she had been adopted from - adopted by Debbie when Lucy lost her other owner due to death - somehow all so wrong on so many levels - so unless something changes in the upcoming week, we are prepared to bring Holly and HER fluffy tail to Pawsylvania - 

SO, please forgive me if the Photobucket is not quite the usual variety and such - same goes for the videos which had to be uploaded to WOO-Tube - Photobucket kept dumping out the one from Allentown - and the babbling rambling dedication one I did here was too big - 

Thanks to all the got Paisley from Greenville SC and Gil from Kingsport TN to Maine - Paisley is HOME and we are sure Gil will be quite soon - they were both great passengers and sweeties - in fact, although they did not have to, they chose to share the same crate Saturday night at their Etters Bed and Biscuit!

It has been an emotional week - I do believe it will be quite some time until we stop shaking our heads and uttering WTF happened?

ANGEL DEBBIE - please know you are missed - and are loved - and will not be forgotten -

Live in the moment - it may be the last one we have -

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner 

PeeEssWoo: If anyone would like information about Lucy or Holly, please feel free to contact us - AND we would like to thank anyone that did make donations for their interim care along with offers to help with rehoming -