Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walkin' Wednesday 2010

But furst,Merdie wanted me to share this pawesome news about her elder bean Brandon - she sent the pikh above with her iPhone Monday evening with this pawed message
Our superstar Brandon finished second place out of 75 kids at school in a math competition. He now goes to York College in a couple weeks to compete against other 3rd graders from other schools in York county
I think Merdie must be have done a pawesome job helping khoach Brandon!
Whilst Mom poured water to make the magikh brown juice I had my DN massage
Then some 'pre out the door' Doga
So I khould go sit in the rain (the shot shows the flash but it also shows the raindrops)
Princess RainKhloud
Yes, I know woo think I'm silly
But it is windy and evFURRYthing smells SOOOO good!
Ahhhhhhhhhh! it is...this week's Walkin' Wednesday video

We hope all are having a GReat day!

We'll be keeping our eyes on the PFs and trying to snag any shots we khan. As I prep this post fur Wednesday (and as woo saw in my pikhs above), it is a dampkhoolbreezy one here and the pawrents will be staying hunkered down on their April/May eggs!


3/30/2010 :: Egg Number Five!Shortly after noon today, March 30th, the fifth egg arrived. This is probably the full clutch. From this point until the eggs hatch around the end of April, the male will be the primary hunter, providing food for the female. He will also incubate the eggs about 30% of the incubation period. After hatching, up until the eyases fledge in the middle of June, both of the adults will rely on their hunting skills to provide for a rapidly growing family. The abundance of migrating and resident birds in the area will be key to the success of the falcon nesting season here at the Rachel Carson State Office Building.

Mom was watching about that time - akhtually just after it - she thought something looked difFURent!

Remember, at any time woo khan visit the site too and see w h a t's g o i n g o n w h a t's g o i n g o n

(Sing it MG!)


Khyra & Khousin Merdie By Proxy

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Telling

Sometime after nightfall on Saturday, March 27th and 11:20 AM on the 28th the fourth egg arrived. This could be the full clutch or as in the past three years, the full clutch may end up numbering five.
I had to help Mom with an EMERGENCY ROTE ON MONDAY
As we were leaving BJ's
Taking my pawsition
Assorted stuffs...khan o'khoffee fur The Doggy Nanny (and Mom's lazy times)...a new bag of beans is on the floor along with some little cinnamon rolls...filters...a bag of KettleKhorn in khase a certain handsome furiend from MN khomes to visit...and the most important item is now in its spot
A new khrakhkberry
It is a furry lovely (or so Mom tells me) Smoky Violet - Mom like FREAKED fur three hours and 87 minutes when she tried to chekhk her phone Monday AM - the trakhkball had khrapped out - and at some point took out the keyboard - she khould receive khalls with her Bluetooth but that was about it - SOOOOO off to BJ's we went to see if it was able to be revived - NOPE - oh well - c'est la vie!
Then when we returned, Mom tried to put my post together and Blogger was being stoopid - it would upload a pikh but NOT upload it - it finally khame bakhk later in the day - I had already told her what I wanted the post to be about today but she said we'll do that another time - we are still SOOOOOOOO far behind in blogs that we'll KISS it fur Tuesday
Here is a pikh she took whilst she was downloading Sunday's pikhs to upload to Photobukhket - SOOOO I said why don't woo share THIS VIDEO from the other week where I turned a modeling session into playing SRF!

AND now fur your Merdie Moment
This pikh was from the night she chekhked out from her most recent stay at Khamp Khyra

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

Please remember to chekhk out Twinkie's PAWESOME GABE event - we've decided we'll have to sit it out this year as Mom has too much going on to pawmit me to do it justice BUT I have been in touch with Twinkie to ofFUR a prize fur her to use as she sees fit!


Khyra & Khousin Merdie By Proxy

PeeEssWoo: WOEFULLY behind in The Blogs - please furgive us - we are not resorting to the M-A-A-R button but it is tempting! Please be patient!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday With Three M's

Merdie (sent from her iPhone on Saturday)

Mom's Turn Now! Thanks Khyra!

What a weekend! Let's get right to it and get started with Saturday's passengersIvoryIvoryOur Lucky Travel CharmSilverIvorySilverIvorySilver, his floofy fluffy tail, and his pantyloons!

They were excellent passengers - Silver was so handsome and so sweet! I was kissed multiple times. I don't think he ever stopped smiling. Ivory was a bit overwhelmed by her day and was a bit stressed by the time she met her furever furamily Saturday evening. They already have a Great Pyrenees and knew THAT was consistent with the breed. Here is a portion of a note we got Sunday AM:

She was totally shut down by the time she arrived last night but had a good night's sleep and woke up this morning happy, waggin her tail, ate , went for a walk in the woods with her new family and is doing just fine !!!

Here is the Photobucket Album link to the photos and three videos; here is the link to just the slideshow. You will see the run was done FOR BEN BECAUSE BEN AND RESCUES ROCK!!!

Now for Sunday's passengersMisha The Puppy dumped by some pitiful excuse of a person in a hospital parking lot in AtlantaMisha and Elvira whose Petfinder link you saw here on SundayGretchen giving us some FROOT BATGretchen had also been dumped near a shelter but the unhumans couldn't even bring her the rest of the way - thank dog she wasn't hit by a vehicleYou'll see LOTS of this in the PhotobucketSee?Gretchen road shotgun - I did lots of tummy petting - and was repaid with little Chi-Weenie kissesMisha tunneling under ElviraElvira enjoying a cool beverage prior to heading to Allentown Misha looking beaWOOtiful and regalElvira thanking all of The Guardian Angels that helped her get 'here' from 'there'

Here is their Photobucket link for pictures and videos; here is the link for the slideshow. You will see this run says HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBI - well, Debi and her husband provide a great overnight spot whenever transports pass thru their part of Virginia. She is associated with DALMATION RESCUE OF SW VA - unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Dottie #2 that made the trip from their part of VA to Hagerstown BUT you will see her in the videos!

Here is a portion of a note we got from Debi Sunday evening about THIS Dottie:

I asked Mary (the new mom) if they liked Dottie, and she said, NO, WE LOVE HER ALREADY! Thanks to all of you for your help in Dottie’s transport, and for the other three sweeties, Gretchen, Elvira and Misha. Because of volunteers like you guys, these four girls are headed for wonderful new lives.

She even offered to take Misha since she was black and white like the Dals....

This same family adopted another Dottie a month or so ago - they wanted her to be able to spend time with the Dalmatian they had at the time who was getting close to making a trip across The Rainbow Bridge. That Dottie did get to meet and spend time with her prior to her crossing. Now THAT Dottie has a 'new' Dottie as a playmate!

Happy Birthday Debi! Thanks for providing a great B&B at Casa Dal!

Another transport was also meeting at McD's SO one of the videos is a BONUS video!

Once again, thanks to all the help support rescues whether it be by foster funds fuel or just kind words of support!

Hugz&Khysse from Khyra's Khorner

P.S. I don't know how many eggs are under there - The PFs have been pretty close to nest whenever I had the opportunity to look at the scrape - plus, our weather has been cool and damp - I'll keep checking and sharing any shots worth posting!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Sharing

Gretchen - you'll see more about her below
Again, more Gretchen - one of the drivers from Saturday sent those two pikhs to replace the 'pound mugshot' you'll see below. Mom already had this post together when the pikhs arrived and woo know the drill/deal!
Whilst Mom grinds the beans fur the AM khoffee, my normal routine is some khwality time with The Doggy Nanny!
Just about ready to park it
So I khan watch things
A breezy nap - notice my skharf and tail
No skharf here but nice tail!
(As of this pikh Sat AM, still just three eggs)

Here are Mom's three passengers fur Sunday afternoon's trip from Hagerstown MD to Harrisburg PA
Elvira - who has khwite the story - here is what Amy shared when she sent out the run sheet fur the transport - please read it and be ready to give all of those that helped Elvira a virtual hug:

"I’m not sure any dog has ever touched me quite like Elvira. My stomach still drops when I see photos of that first day…visit her Petfinder to find out more. I knew we had to help Elvira just to be able to hold her in our arms for a few moments and tell this sweet girl that there is love in the world. Elvira is traveling to a foster home in New York"

Gretchen The Chi-Weenie is khoming to Pawsylvania fur her furever home - she's listed on the runsheet as a 'cuddle bug' - What a difFURence better pikhs make! Khan woo believe that is the same khutie that started this post?
Misha - she's approximately 14 weeks old - and was FOUND AS A STRAY -grrrrrrrrr! Sorry the pikh turned out small - Mom will have bigger ones fur tomorrow!

Originally Jiggles was to be on this transport but there isn't a foster home yet fur her SO Misha took her place - Jiggles is safe - and she'll be up at some point!

This tranport is fur Rotts 'n Pups - the nice Irina Lady already told the transport list they were NOT to pupnap Misha - Misha is going to foster in NYC until a furever home khan be found fur her WHICH MIGHT ALREADY BE IN THE WORKS! Amy got an amazing applikhation fur her and those people will have the chance to see her as she passes throught the Allentown area on her way to NYC! The skhreening process involved a home visit/etc which will be done so PAWS KHROSSED Misha will only be in foster fur a short time!

Gretchen's reskhue is through Schultz Senior Dachshund Sanctuary. Also along fur part of the transport will be Dottie #2. She joined the transport in VA so she khan ride along to Hagerstown where she'll join another transport that heads to Western PA. She's joining the OTHER Dottie that khame North last month!

Mom will have her usual souvenirs from her transports and will share them tomorrow!


******The cherry trees are starting to fuzzAnd hint at the beaWOOtiful blossoms on the waySorry it is a bit blurred - it was breezy and the limbs were swaying slightly as Mom took the pikh



PeeEssWoo: With Mom being gone a good bit of Saturday and Sunday, I might be behind in my blog visits - please be patient fur I'll get there when I khan - I might not khomment on all but I'll read 'em! PLUS, to make matters worse, we were without internet for about three hours Saturday night!