Friday, August 31, 2018

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

 Auntie Di took this to show Venus - aka The Mama Star - wishing Mom a Happy Birthday -


Happy FrEYEday EvFURRYone!


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday Thinking

 Mom is thinking her timing was good to get these two as she got ready to leave The GKP -
 Fur a half shift day, it was beyond mind numbing - and I'll stop prior to using some of THOSE words!
 Auntie Di and Fred say CHEERS!
 Auntie Di's mid-fuel - 
 Her side salad -
 Mom's #1 - a takho meat melt - with her veggies -
 Fred also got a #1 and veggies; Auntie Di got a #1 well -
the pikh of hers was too blurry ;-) 
 Now fur our thinking!


Happy Thursday EvFURRYone!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Walkin' Wednesday 2018

 Morning Lady PF!

 What did Lord PF bring fur breakfast?
 From SUNday -

 And Monday -

Fur some reason, Mom has been walkin' us when the time is showing a 7 or 8 - AM - wonder why that is?

Mom didn't do a video this week - just wasn't anything going on - and we didn't really think woo needed to hear her GLOW ;-)

But since this is the THIRD Gotchaversary fur The Khottage, we hit WOOTUBE fur our FURST visit there!!!

Mom says it looks funny not seeing our STUFF there - no FURniture - nothing on the khounters - etc!

Sadly, it is that day again - we aren't ready fur the return to The GKP but green paper$ khall!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: Khome on Saturday night!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday Telling

 Lord PF watching over The Trains Monday -

 Lady PF on watch in the afternoon -
 Auntie Di sent Mom these shots on Saturday to let her know we were behaving!

 Sleeping off my 12th Gotcha Day!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Holly was worn out too!
Khousin Emmy was out of pikhture range ;-)
AND today is The THIRD Gotcha Day fur The Khottage!!!  

Mom pawed the papers and got the keys three years ago!
She's furever grateful to have found such a pawesome place when we needed it - the lokhation - the neighbors - the EVERYTHING is JUST what she needed after losing TADN -

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!