Saturday, April 1, 2023

Saturday Sharing - No Foolin'

And still one for the month of March - soon it should be determined The Clutch is complete - and OUI, #1, that will be one spoiled FluffPuff - I recall how in recent years, The HanoverEagles had hatch - and 'Patience' was oh so spoiled - and quite the talon full!
We did have some sprinkles in the PM - and I did do a wee bit of weeding - but still beyond lots more -
The GKP Office calendar - and yes, we do our furry best to share our good FURtune -
The Khottage Living Room Khalendars -

Avril - #1 style!
Yes Willow - no worries - we'll be 'venturing soon -

I know - one of our 'venture destinations should be The KhrossTrek Wash Place but not heading in that direction -

It was LEFT at the light - 
BobTheKhat reopens NEXT Tuesday - so next week's 'venture!!!
We went down to Mt Wolf and then headed to pay my township per capita - the other taxes come out thru PHFA's Escrow - and it was touching - and small town typical - as we passed the one funeral home - the visitation appeared to wrapping - and many were walking the block or so up to the firehall for a food gathering -
Always so peaceful in TheTaxCollector's backyard -
and green paper payment left in The DropBox -
Back to Willow and The KhrossTrek -
As I did some driving, I pondered the route to our possible next destination - and decided I didn't need to hit our bank's ATM - I could just get some cash back when I paid for our purchases -
So LegUpFarmersMarket it was - and before I went in, I phoned Dawn's with my lunch order -
After snagging my local MadRadishSaladMix - and some soup - I went to check out their new DogTaxItems from Kerri'sPawesomeBakery  - and yes, some did follow us back to The Khottage -

TheMightyWiggles says BLUEBERRY and PEANUT BUTTER - why yes Willow - woo would be correct!
Now off the half mile or so to Dawns!

We'll share Part Two of OUR 'venture here tomorrow - 

Today, I'm returning to LydianStone after having such a great visit last week - and they've lured me in with some new brews - AND I'm pretty pretty sure Auntie Di will be coming along - but I didn't tell Willow - just going to surprise her!

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

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Molly the Airedale said...

Happy April, girls! I hope you are enjoying your day. We have dreary rain so lots of housework is getting done.