Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday MOMday

No PF in the AM -
and no PF in the PM -
Double digits to start our day!
Now to share last week's me stuff - 

Auntie Di was going to meet me after she was done work and wait for me to arrive - but the heat broke at her GKP, so she went home early - and it was too early to wait for me - but since this was a reschedule from earlier, I decided to go - the drink just looked TOO good to pass up - and it was!
I had a bowl of John Wright Restauramt's signatire Cream of Crab & Asparagus soup -

And  one of their small plate offerings - Coconut Curry Shrimp - so good and just the right portion -
I enjoyed a Lancaster Brewing favorite of mine - their Winter Warmer -
I wonder why it is a favorite - HOWLING OUT LOUD!

I chose this cheesekhake from their dessert sampler - take away of course -
And enjoyed it on FrEYEday -
A very nice evening - Auntie Di and I will have to get there again soon - great food and drinkables - great staff and service - friendly crowd-

My favorite SNOW DOG!

Willow and I enjoyed our SUNday even if it was a work day for the one with opposable thumbs - she did a great job supervising - I'll allow her to share later this week - 

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

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Molly the Airedale said...

That soup looks soooooooo yummy! Hi Khyra♥

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Mmmm, cheeseca—oh wait is that chocolate? Bummer. Khyra looks very at home in the snow there!"