Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday Telling

The last - and only other time - we had been to Peaceful Pet Passage  - was bring NAK back to The Khottage -
SUNday's visit - for their Open House and Wall Unveiling - was nice khlosure for many many humans

This is the Memorial Urn stone for Little - Holly Milton - Wise 

This one caught my eye for Max's human(s) has/have left one of his balls -
This is NAK's spot on Wall 22 - Auntie Di found her name whilst I was locating NAL
I had shared NAL with her special furst mom Debbie - and that was also part of my decision to the Memorial Cremation for her - she wasn't 'mine' to keep - so this way she is always with other furiends at The Eternal Dog Park - 
As expected, it was about a ten minute trip to Wolf from PPP -

The brewery - I didn't get any pictures of them but they have some wooden tanks in addition to the others - the owner - and as we soon discovered BrewMASTER - was there - he is 32 and made Auntie Di feel old -
Auntie Di stuck to this amazinglytasty Kalamansi Kreamsicle - Just Tapped!
Fruited American Wheat Ale - 5.7% ABV
A light American Wheat Ale brewed with Kalamansi (a rare citrus fruit from the Philippines) and Madagascar Vanilla bean.  Like an orange creamsicle in a glass!
I 'hop'ped around - no pun intended - so I tried assorted pours - with the help of our server to suggest and direct - John had beer taste like mine - all kinds - so this was German Chocolate Cake Stout - I did the small one as I knew there were more to come
We got to enjoy some of #1's Olympic Horse Khoverage on the television too!
SUNdown Wheat - another spot on suggestion -
I got food - Auntie Di wasn't interested but this was to be my meal of and for the day - Croque Madame -YUM!
My side - spicy khole slaw - another YUM!
I could have kept going - and should have could have had more but this was my final beer choice - Lemon Hibiscus Saison - and as I continue to peruse their list - there are/were SO many more - 
Wall art in one of the other dining areas - they even have an outside area that is DOG friendly - where the humans can order at the window - I'm planning on going back sometime soon - and might just take Willow - but for the first visit, we kept it humans only!
VERY VERY happy and impressed with Wolf Brewing - of course, with WOLF in the name what's not to LOVE 
Do yourself a favor and take some time with their menu - both food AND beverage options - all winners!
They are not open on Monday and Tuesday at this point, so my return will be on a SUNday - although I do have some planned days off in August - 

And since I had 'gone out' on SUNday, Willow and I did NOT do The Hive on Monday - I did entertain her with a ride in The KhrossTrek - we'll share later this week - of course, the day did start on with The Khondo Route Walk - an hour later as my wake up caller was out of town - and then a fairly thorough vacuuming - THEN came The Willow Adventure time - and maybe some afternoon nappin' -

Today will be the standard Tuesday ROTE of CVS - MyGiant - AND a Bob Check!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

NAL looks to be in good company!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Ahh, memories of friends who have left us behind."
Chaplin: "We like to know that they are all together, wherever they are now."