Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Tuesday Telling

When I checked first thing Monday morning, I was pretty sure what had happened  as none of the four cameras showed any PF Puppies!!!
In the afternoon, LadyMom PF took her post -

And Lord PF took his spot -
And enjoyed a snack -
LadyMom PF returned to her perch again - I bet 'she was checking the news on FalconWire - BLUE fledged but her second flight resulted in a rescue - and for safety;s sake, she's going for some Rehab as did BrotherGreen - there are some pictures on the page from their TwitterFeed -
84 here now - 7pm Monday -
NOW for Willow's Saturday morning 'venture -

As soon as I parked The KhrossTrek and went to collect our CSA box, The GReeter arrived - Auntie Di informs us it's BENNING!
I had paid Willow ONE treat as I took two to pay The CSA GuaRdian -
She meandered off with it - 

And returned for another - and disappeared with this one too - I traced her route - and found her -
Relaxing on her patio - which is just aside of the garage area used for the FarmStand -

Snapped these when I put our bag in The KhrossTrek -
We'll be heading back this Saturday too - the SPRING CSA is finished - but I signed up for the SUMMER one - and our bi-weekly will start this Saturday -
After filling The KhrossTrek at BJ's for 0.26 a gallon less than over at Sheetz, we went for a KhrossTrek bath -
I treated The WooBaru to the $20.00 package as it had been a month or so since its last washing - pleased with the finished product here - AND Willow got a biscuit -
Our bounty - the pint of sweet cherries disappeared by Saturday evening - and some of the other items were my GKP lunch on Monday - oh so good!
And MUSHROOMS - I have enjoyed their taste and quality so much, I added a mushroom share to our SUMMER CSA  -

Happy Last Day Of SPRING EvFURRYone - The SUMMER SOLSTICE starts 'here' Wednesday at 10:57am - 

Our KHANDLE will be lit Wednesday evening after 8pm -

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!


Molly the Airedale said...

Benning has the cutest water bowl and how nice that you shared cookies with her! The fresh fruits and veggies look soooooo yummy!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Sometimes kids need a little help leaving the nest, or so I've learned from various TV shows and movies that Mama and Dada have watched ..."