Monday, June 19, 2023

Monday MOMday

Will today be HER day?
Or should I say was SUNday her time?
She was doing some wing work when I checked on her to start our day -

Perhaps The MomLady PF was sending her some messages -

Still sizing it all up -
Pep talk time!
Be sure to check out FalconWire - updates and pictures!
82 as we approach 7pm - it's been a nice weather day!
Last Thursday - the end of The GKP week for me, I decided to stop by PlantBoxCo to get some lunch to take along - and not have to worry about leash wranglin - this was a MangoLemonadeSpritzer -
I went with the TriostarTurkey one - tasty tasty - 
I also picked up a chocolatepeanutbutter cookie for Crystal - I might make this a regular Thursday 'detour' on the way to The GKP -
Saturday - after getting the CSA tucked away, we went up to MyGiant's parking lot - I had signed up for a ticket which reserved a meal - it smelled so good when we went by on our way to MadRadish - they start serving at 11am - until it's all gone - well, we hit that parking lot again a bit before 1pm and the tent was down - they were sold out -
Ribs - Baked Potato - Roll - Applesauce - I did use some of the baked potato skin to pay The Dog Tax -
The roll was dinner - along with LOTS of cherries!
Leaving the shopping center, we were behind this Honda -
Looks like a BEAGLE MOM!
The tongue says it all -
And YES - there were naps - one for the canine and one for the human -

Willow will tell all about her Saturday 'venture here tomorrow -

We had a good SofaShift - nothing too stressful nor time consuming!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

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Duke said...

The yummy foodables always leave us drooling. Mom has that same applesauce in our frig and we had one yesterday after our turkey meatloaf dindin☺